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The City of Torrance offers unique opportunities for current students and graduates to gain exposure and experience in city government. With the City of Torrance, you can develop valuable skills, develop a professional network, build your resume and establish your career foundation. Check out the city’s internship programs below, to find the experience that’s right for you!

The purpose of the Summer Internship Program is to provide current students or graduates with the opportunity to gain relevant work experience, develop skills, explore future career paths and build a professional network of mentors and peers. This unpaid 8-week program is a unique opportunity to go “behind the scenes” to the city of Torrance to see how things are done. Explore the many departments and services in the city while participating in career building workshops and an exciting calendar of events that will enhance the trainer’s professional and personal development.

Public Administration Summer Internships

The purpose of the Administrative Assistant program is to provide current graduate students or graduates with the opportunity to complete coursework, gain work experience and skills, and develop a work environment to prepare them for entry-level professional positions in government. Administrative assistants provide support to managers, performing tasks that range from routine administrative tasks to more complex professional, personal and special tasks. This is a paid position where qualifications, responsibilities and commitment vary according to the host’s department.

Public Service Internships & Careers

The goal of the Administrative Assistant program is to provide current Administrative Assistants (Intern II) who successfully complete the program with significant assignments, rotations, and career development and personal development opportunities. Administrative assistants will work on specific tasks, depending on the department they are assigned to, and support administrators. The purpose of this program is for administrative assistants to rotate between different parts of the city to provide meaningful opportunities to explore different career opportunities. The DOT is uniquely positioned to give you an in-depth understanding of what working for a government agency entails. With more than 3,600 employees across Diana, our team is made up of people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

DOT is responsible for more than 11,000 miles of roads and nearly 6,000 bridges across the state. Whether we’re building new roads or working to improve what we have, balancing all of this requires skilled workers. that they continued.

We have several summer scholarships available through the Governor’s Summer Scholarship Program, cludg operations management, communications, finance, human resources, creative arts, legal and land services, in addition to our career development and pipeline programs. for civil and architectural students. A full list of summer residences for 2020 can be found here.

If you are thinking about working in the public sector, DOT has positions that will help you develop your professional skills. Come work for an agency whose work affects almost every day. Our terns are valuable members of our team, and we want you to join us.

Top 20 Internships In Healthcare Management

No de-staplg documents here. Forget it monotonous. You are expected to work on real projects that make a difference. terner will spend at least 50 percent of their time on a specific project that will improve skills and abilities at the college level. Examples of dice activities from summer 2018 are included below.

Technical Services Tern: Complete collision analysis for the traffic lane, complete signal validation analysis, left turn signal analysis and make recommendations to Traffic PE.

“The community I retired from was all I could think about. I was given the proper pastoral responsibility and was treated like everyone else in the unit. I am surrounded by people who really want to work for the state, and that makes me want to work for the DOT in the future. ” – Calv, Hydraulics dice, dianapolis

“The staff stopped and talked to me and offered to show me what they were working on. They always seem to want to teach me new things.” – Aubrea, Trafikktern, Fort Wayne

Indot: Careers With Indot: Governor’s Summer Internship Program At Indot

“I built GIS maps, did field research and even had a group of terns that came to lunch together every week. I had a professional experience and the program exceeded my expectations.” Tahirah, Technical Services Tern, LaPorte

“My time with the talent management department taught me a lot about DOT, government agencies and workforce development. My team made me feel welcome and included, and I feel like I can contribute valuable work.” to the agency. I would highly recommend considering the DOT. for the summer session if you are tested in public service.” Faith, Talent Management Tern, Indianapolis

Candidates must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student with an accredited high school and have completed at least one year of undergraduate study. Students graduating in May 2020 are eligible to apply.

Yes, the 2019 wage rate is $11.30 per hour, and college credit may be given to students if approved by their colleges and universities. Acquiring a first-class training or PhD position in Health Care Administration and Management is an important step towards a rewarding and successful career in the health care system. A well-respected internship or experience is a great way to gain hands-on experience that will help you gain a position in the field. We’ve created this list to showcase some of the best of the best. Professional internships and scholarships in Healthcare Administration and Management in USA. Many of these training opportunities are offered by leading universities, hospitals and health organizations. We have included internships and scholarships from all over the country. We also believe that it is important to have the best training and scholarships that accept students at many educational levels, from recent high school graduates to future scholarships. Our best practice and scholarships provide students with quality training, guidance and world-class experience. Certifying one of these specialties is a great way to start a professional career in the Healthcare industry.

Csms Summer Internships

The American College of Health Sciences (ACHE) Diversity Internship is a unique program that complements a bachelor’s degree in either health care or organizational management. This three-month training program gives students experience in all of ACHE’s key areas, including:

Inters will participate in the Center of Excellence in Modern Health Care and will complete a final project as part of the program. Eligible students must have completed their first year of study from an accredited university in the region.

Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has both an Executive Fellow program and an Executive Associate program. The Management Fellow Program is a 13-month continuing education program for students who have completed the second year of the MHA program. The program is designed for students at the beginning of their career and prepares them to become leaders of health institutions. The Management Intern Program is a 10-week program for students who have completed the first year of the MHA program. Students will complete a major in one of four different areas, including:

Baker Tilly is a leading consulting, tax and insurance company whose professionals help their clients through the dynamic world of business. They offer exceptional work experience in health counseling. Interns have the opportunity to work in three small groups:

Nasa Summer Internship Program 2022

Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student in an area of ​​business (including healthcare administration) or a related program and have good academic performance. They must be ready to start full-time work a year after graduation.

The David A. Gee Executive Program at Barnes-Jewish Hospital is a two-year program for graduates from health-related professional programs, including an MHA or MBA. The fellowship program at Barnes Jewish Hospital provides a meaningful opportunity to interact, coordinate and manage projects that are important to the hospital. During the first year, fellows rotate through various departments, including:

The second year of the program allows students to gain experience in an area of ​​the hospital or health system based on the needs of family members and the needs of the organization.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been providing patient care, medical education and research for over a century. They have unpaid internships for people who need experience in health care. An internship can provide students with the required number of hours of supervised field experience or it can be personal development. This training emphasizes leadership qualities. Students at Brigham are students who do not yet have the skills necessary to work as full-time employees in their chosen field. This program allows students to gain practical experience and develop relevant skills in health care or clinical care.

Fellowships, Internships & Trainings

Indiana University Health has great administrative support for future health leaders. This two-year master’s program promotes professional development and personal growth through a balance between structure and flexibility that transforms fellows into future healthcare leaders. In the second year of the program, Fellows rotate with the management team in specific business areas of interest. All PhD students receive a competitive salary and benefits and are reimbursed for the cost of attending medical conferences each year.

The Institute for Diversity and Healthcare Summer Development Program (SEP) is an internship designed to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders. The program is designed to support ethnically underrepresented first and second year or recently graduated MHA/MBA/MPH students. Paid 10 week training program

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