New York Artist Residency Programs

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All over the world, art residencies are available to artists in all fields. They provide artists with a varied environment conducive to formulating a practice, ranging from a quiet escape to the forest to the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Artists have taken advantage of the many artist residencies the United States has to offer. From residencies in the Grand Canyon that cater to outdoor sculptors, to the quiet land of Marfa, Texas, where minimalist artist Donald Judd started his museum, to the Woodstock Guild that Bob Dylan attended, there’s something for every type of artist. time pursue their careers in America.

New York Artist Residency Programs

Artling brings you this comprehensive list of over 100 art residencies in the United States – with more available to artists from around the world. Check out some of these stunning sites, maybe one will inspire you to take on your next artistic adventure:

Artist In Residence Spaces Where Creatives Can Live And Work For Free

How it works: There are 4 live/work artist studios where artists live for 1 to 3 months at a time, sometimes longer. This residency program consists of invited artists and artists selected through an open application process. Funding on a case-by-case basis.

How it works: Various residency program structures provide artists with a range of support, including workspace, production support, in-progress exhibitions and performance opportunities, placement of funds, monetary awards, and opportunities for collaboration on projects with surrounding communities. Guest artist residencies.

How it works: The residency gives three artists the opportunity to use the museum’s professional facilities to create new work. A stipend will be given to the selected artists.

How it works: The Anderson Center offers two four-week retreats each year from May to October. The center is involved in artist exchange programs with the city of Salzburg, Austria and Red Wing’s sister city, Quzhou, China.

The Ultimate Guide To Art Residencies In The United States 2022

How it works: The residency is offered for 2 terms each year, October to December (10 weeks) and March to April (5 weeks). Ranch settings are specially created to assist artists in the production of their work. The residency is designed to allow artists to take risks and pursue new projects and ideas.

How it works: Residencies range from a few months (short-term and summer) to two years (long-term). New residents will be selected in March by a rotating jury of director Bray and two other ceramic artists.

How it works: Each year, five artists working in different media are selected to participate in the 11-month program, which begins in mid-June and continues until the end of May the following year. The program encourages early career artists who embrace the community and work in a team environment to apply.

How it works: Apply for permanent residence; There are no deadlines. The residency program allows literary and visual artists an environment for creative work, with minimal disruption. Up to 5 artists can be accommodated at a time.

Artist Opportunities With Upcoming Deadlines In January And February 2022

How it works: Residencies are available between June 1 and November 1 (residencies can be any length of time during this month), housing up to twelve residents at a time. The art farm operates on a labor intensive principle and requests labor contributions of 12 hours per week.

How it works: Residencies are offered from May to November. All 2019 residencies are 4-weeks and consist of 6-7 artists, all arriving and departing at the same time, ensuring a very shared experience.

How it works: ArtPace San Antonio is a non-profit residency that supports regional, national and international artists in new art creations, engaging with local communities toward global art practice and experience. Each year, the International Artist-in-Residence Program invites nine artists to design and create major art projects.

How it works: Art Omi has five different residency programs. Residents are selected through a competitive judging process and selected artists are invited to visit the residency at no cost other than travel.

Les Studio Program

How it works: 3 North Brooklyn artists are provided free studio space for 4 months. In addition to being evaluated individually, each group of artists is considered as a whole to ensure they represent the economic and ethnic diversity of the environment.

How it works: A three-week residency program brings together three “master artists” from different disciplines. Each master artist determines the basic requirements and structure of the residency, and through an online application process, each selects eight “association artists” to participate in the three-week program.

How it works: An independently driven environment and communal environment encourages creative development, experimentation, facing challenges and planting new ideas. To date, nearly 900 artists have participated in the residency program.

How it works: The Bernheim Artist in Residence is awarded to four artists per year who choose to work in a forest and/or arboretum that is inspired by and potentially founded on the natural world.

Chautauqua School Of Art Residency Program

For: Residencies open to US and internationally-based artists in any discipline, as well as creative thinkers in the culinary arts, design and sciences.

How it works: Each season from January to March, creative individuals, collaborations and exhibitions are given the gift of time and space for 3.5-week residencies at the Arts Center in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near Sisters, Oregon.

How it works: There are two occupants at a time. Residencies last from one to two years, starting on September 1 and ending on August 31 each year. Selection is based on the quality and artistic merit of the work and the diversity of the prospective group in terms of commitment, occupation, background and career development stages.

How it works: 1 to 3 month residencies, featuring artists working in a variety of materials and techniques. Residencies at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center offer sculptors the opportunity to inspire and create new work in Vermont’s former marble mines and manufacturing areas.

The Definitive Guide To Art Residencies In Southeast Asia 2022

For: CPW Artist-in-Residence Program U.S. Open to original artists and critics, scholars and curators of color working in photography or a related media genre; However, special consideration will be given to artists or writers of any race/ethnicity who critically engage issues of diversity, race, and identity.

How it works: CPW’s one-of-a-kind artist-in-residence program, Woodstock AIR, was created to support color photography-based artists and expand dialogue on diversity, race, and identity in the context of social justice. Last residencies of 4-6 weeks and applications are accepted from October.

For: All categories and levels of artists. Writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, dancers, theater groups, scholars, curators, arts professionals and interdisciplinary thinkers are all encouraged to apply.

How it works: Residencies are application-based and scheduled in weekly increments between mid-August and early June. Centrum artist residencies can be arranged in one- to six-week blocks between mid-August and mid-June.

Ny / Vt Artist Residency — Salem Art Works

How it works: The Chinati Foundation provides furnished apartments in the courtyard of the museum and studio in Marfa. Resident artists have unlimited access to Chinati’s collections and archives, and museum staff and interns are willing to help secure materials and prepare exhibits. A $1,000 stipend is provided to assist with travel and art supplies.

How it works: One of the world’s longest-running ceramic residencies, The Clay Studio Resident Artist Program enables artists to become successful members of The Clay Studio community and the Philadelphia art community, as well as make national and international connections.

How it works: Several residencies are available at the Corning Museum of Glass, including Artists-in-Residence The Studio, The David Whitehouse Research Residency for Artists, the Artist Research Residency, and the Specialty Glass Residency. This all-expense paid residency gives you access to all the resources the museum has to offer.

How it works: The place-based and community-program focus is aimed at emerging artists, who are encouraged to explore ways to apply their work to the community and how the Lanesboro rural community can inform their work. Citizen artists use a variety of dynamic and engaging community assets as a catalytic vehicle for engagement and artistic experimentation, as well as dedicated live/work space and ample time to create.

Mad’s Artist Studios Is The Only Residency Program Of Its Kind In New York City—and A Unique Museum Experience

How it works: The residency program accommodates up to eight resident artists or groups of artists, for one to three years in each studio. It is intended for emerging artists and mid-career artists whose goal is to strengthen their work in an intense creative environment.

How it works: The main focus of the Cub Creek Residency is to assist budding clay artists in the development and progression of their careers. Residencies range from a 3-month to a 9-month summer residency to a 1-year residency.

How it works: Two residencies are available at the Dieu Donne – Lab Grant Residency and Workspace Program Residency. The program encourages budding artists to explore the creative possibilities inherent in the process of hand papering and develop this medium as a contemporary art form.

How it works: There are 6 residency sessions each year: 5 consisting of 4 weeks and 1 Open House / Open Studios consisting of 5 weeks. Each year, 70+ writers, artists, composers, choreographers, filmmakers and scientists are awarded.

Alone With Their Muses, Artists In Retreat Wonder If It’s Too Much

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