Apply Australia Tourist Visa

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Before I start let me tell you that Indians can get an Australian tourist visa without having to go through VFS or any other travel agent. All you need is a computer, internet and a scanner. Of course you need a passport and other supporting documents !!

While planning my trip to Australia, I started researching information available on the internet to get a visa. Srinidhi’s posts (here and here) provide great details to start with. It looks like I have to go through VFS like many other Schengen countries to get a tourist visa. When I was browsing the official Australian Visa website for the required documents, I saw a ‘Apply Now’ button. I thought at first it was only available in some western countries but India is also on the list !! Upon further inspection I saw that this was a recent change in policy from Australia. The rest of the post explains the process of getting a visa.

Apply Australia Tourist Visa

Apply Australia Tourist Visa

The first step is to set up an account with the Australian Home Office. Their website is It asks for basic information such as name, email and phone number. Once you have created the account, you can start applying for a visa. The nice thing is you can also apply for others from the same account.

Australian Tourist Visa Application And Requirements

Passport copy is a complicated process. First you need to get the printout of the passport pages, get the stamp and signature from the notary and then scan to get the digital copy. In my case, it was a big inconvenience because I had to do it for the four of us. The number of notarized passport pages is huge !!

Each application has to be made separately, even if we travel together as a family. But just like I said before, the same account can be used. To ensure that all applications are processed together, there is the option to create a “group ID” during the application. Great help for people traveling together.

The application asks for a lot of details. Be patient and answer correctly to the best of your knowledge. The application can be saved and updated at any time. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete an application and upload the documents if all the required documents are ready and available to you. This cannot be done quickly. I filled out the application for our 4 and submitted it together at the end. I paid for all the treatments at once.

Once the application has been submitted, the rest will wait. The website mentioned that the application will take between 18 and 29 days to process. It may even be delayed when they return for clarification. Therefore, it is very important to get the information provided and upload the documents correctly. In my case we got the visa after 23 days. It is best to apply at least 1.5 months before the trip to avoid any tension at the end. My friend’s parent got his visa a few hours before the flight !! Imagine the tension they felt before their journey.

Australian Tourist Visa

This is a paper visa valid for one year with multiple entries. The visa fee is 140 AUD. If you travel via VFS you will also need to pay VFS charges. Do you dream of seeing the famous Sydney Opera House? What if exploring the Great Ocean Road? Surely Land Down Under gives you so many reasons to visit. Where do you really start? For some people, this should be the Australian visa application.

First, you must know the type of visa you need. If you are not sure which one to get, you can use the Visa Finder tool from the Australian Government – Department of Home Affairs website.

This guide covers Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) – Tourist Stream. You can apply for this stream if you meet any of the following criteria:

Apply Australia Tourist Visa

Many Filipinos who have obtained an Australian tourist visa will say that it is not that difficult compared to other visas such as the Canadian or Schengen visa. I can confirm that personally from experience. Just make sure you submit all the requirements, especially the documents proving that you will be going home after your intended visit (e.g. COE, business registration) and that you will not be working in Australia. Despite this, a smaller percentage of applicants were rejected (true story, I know pretty much).

Australia Tourist Visa For Indians

The online Australian visa application is one of the most effective and convenient visa applications you can find. There is no need to go to the Australian Embassy or any authorized body to make your requirements. No need to print tons of documents. You do not have to show your passport.

First you need to register for an ImmiAccount here. Be sure to create and manage your account properly (enter the correct email address, remember the password) because everything you need to do for your Australian tourist visa application is done here.

After your ImmiAccount is set up and confirmed, you can proceed with filling out the online application form. Click New Application and select Guest> Visitor Visa (600).

You can choose not to complete everything at once. You can just save and update later. When everything is complete, you can submit your form. Note that once you decide to finally submit your form, the stream type you selected will no longer be changed (e.g. change from a tourist stream to a Family Sponsored stream).

Australia Visitor Visa Apply Now

Depending on the visa stream you are applying for and the answers you previously provided on the application form, you will be given a list of documents to submit. Therefore, the documents differ from one applicant to another.

The documents are divided into two groups – Required and Recommended. Although it’s only recommended, it’s a good idea to just submit them (especially if you already have them). Make sure you clearly scan all your documents and attach them one at a time.

You can submit visas from other countries that you have (both valid and expired). You can also attach stamped entry/exit pages (even from expired passports). Scan all your visas together. Scan all your passport stamps together. Visa and passport stamps must be affixed separately.

Apply Australia Tourist Visa

You may consider submitting any of the following proof of financial status. Give all you can (include others you already have that are not on the list).

How To Apply Australia Visitor Visa / Tourist Visa

My application took over 2 weeks. Based on my research, some applicants receive them in a week or less. While others wait a month or more. Make sure you provide enough time for processing time.

This is the longest visa wait I’ve experienced so far, so you can imagine how anxious I am (and having a confirmed flight soon). My heart almost dropped when I finally received the email notification for my visa issuance.

Australia no longer issues sticker visas. What they provide is a Visa Grant Letter to email to you. You can also download it from your ImmiAcount.

Make sure you print it out and take it with you on your trip (on my visit, the immigration officer didn’t ask me for a paper copy of the visa grant letter, better bring one with you).

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There is a Suggested Period of Stay section of the application form which asks: Does the applicant intend to enter Australia more than once?

I answered ‘no’ because it may be more difficult to justify the intention of multiple entries. Since I already have flight tickets, I indicated my planned arrival and departure dates according to my flight schedule on the application form. Don’t worry if you don’t have plane tickets yet, just add your arrival and departure destination dates.

If you are still unsure of your schedule, it is also better to choose a shorter stay, as longer stays will require you to present a larger amount of money to prove that you can fund your holiday (remember, Australia is dear Target). So instead of specifying 2 weeks, you can just specify 1 week. Based on personal experience and research, the Australian Embassy does not usually provide a very short visa validity period.

Apply Australia Tourist Visa

Hi! My name is Arrianne and I’m from Manila. My goal is to visit the 81 provinces of the Philippines and the seven continents of the world. Join me! COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA 2014 1419 Design date 07/14 – Page 1 You may NOT stay in Australia for more than 12 months in any 18 months. Visa Application Fee Refer to Part L, Payment Details of this form to calculate the correct fee and pay. Immi. Who should use this form? Use this form to apply for a visitor visa. Tourists flock to visit or stay in Australia for tourism or other leisure activities, holiday outings for social or leisure reasons or to …

How To Apply For Parent Visa To Australia?

. Visa Application Fee For most guests, this fee is AUD $ 135.00. Please note that this fee must be refunded to the Australian Government upon successful visa application and issuance. Payment must be made in advance

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