Template Character Reference Letter For Court

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A character reference for the court is to provide the Judge with a family member, friend or colleague with a written statement of the Defendant’s moral or mental quality. The letter is normally given in child custody and/or DUI cases, but can be used in any necessary situation where the court must hear about the Defendant’s personality and reputation in order for the case to be processed in your favor.

When choosing an individual to write a character reference, it is important to choose someone who has known them for a long time and also someone who is respected by the court. For example, it would be better if you could get someone from the community as a teacher who has seen you grow as a person to write a good reference to the courtroom.

Template Character Reference Letter For Court

Drunk Driving (DUI) – If you need a reference for a drunk driving (DUI) incident, it may be best to have someone, such as an employer or immediate family, express how important you are to them. Also, ask them to write down how needed you are and that any time in jail or suspension of your license will put more weight on other people’s shoulders.

Free Character Reference Letter (for Court) Template

Child Custody – If you are in the midst of a custody battle or general family hearing, it is wise to choose someone who has seen you with your children. In recent years, it has become more common to have a psychiatrist supervise the child around the parents and have them write a formal recommendation to the court. In family cases, a letter from a psychiatrist has tremendous appeal when it comes to court decisions in the best interest of the child.

The letter should be a brief 1-page document stating your experience with the recommended individual, as well as why you feel the need to provide this reference. Depending on who you are and how the court views you in considering the case, it may or may not influence the Judge to use the letter in his final assessment.

The introduction should state who you are, how long you have known the individual, and why you feel the need to make this recommendation to the court.

The body paragraph becomes your main argument why the recommended individual is a person of high morals. For example, if you are the individual’s employer, you must state how important they are to the workplace and appeal to the Judge to show leniency in this case. Or if it is a child custody request, the family member must write down how much the children mean to the recommended individual.

Character Reference Letters For Court Sentencing Template

The conclusion should summarize the purpose of the letter and he should write his contact information (phone and email) in case the court wants to follow up on any of the information suggested in the letter.

It is important to remember that a letter of summons for a DUI defendant will be an official document in a court of law. So make sure it looks professional and the content is what you believe to be true.

First, you need to identify yourself. This should be done in the upper left corner of the page. Enter your name and home address on the first three lines of this page.

It is also important that you indicate when this letter was written and sent. Skip the two lines after your name and address, then enter the current date. Generally writing the name of the month and entering the date and numeric calendar year is the default.

Awesome Personal / Character Reference Letter Templates [free]

In some cases, the defendant’s DUI attorney may want to include a subject line with the case number or exclude the subject altogether. In this example, we’ll consider a relatively informal subject line. Enter the subject two lines below the date. If you are using this form as a template, enter the Defendant’s Name on the blank line.

The salutation will begin your actual letter. Again, you should consult the Defendant or your Attorney. In this example, we will use Formal Speech. The speech must be placed two lines below the Subject Line above. If there is no Subject Line, it must be placed two lines below the Date.

The introduction should consist of one or two statements. This statement must contain, Purpose of this document, Name of the DUI Defendant, Your relationship to the DUI Defendant and how long you have known such DUI Defendant. You might want to include a declaration that declares the character in some way.

Body content will act in support of the DUI Defendant. After all, the recipient of this letter likely only knows Defendant DUI as a result of and related to the DUI Offense. It is up to the content of this letter to expand this perception and express some positive qualities to the Defendant. Due to the nature of DUI offenses, you may want to discuss the observed cause and effect of the Defendant’s behavior and what he will do about it. For example, the Defendant may have gone through some very challenging difficulties in his professional or personal life, such as the death of a close family member. If the DUI defendant mentioned seeking help for a substance abuse problem, be sure to state that intent. Also be sure to express your confidence in the DUI Defendant’s ability to overcome this event.

Character Reference Letter For Court

The last paragraph of this letter should repeat the Introduction with a more personal touch. Be sure to mention (in some way) how you want the Recipient to respond to this letter. Remember, ultimately you will want to end the letter with the Defendant’s endorsement.

You need to identify yourself using your full name and home address in the upper left corner of the document you are working on. This area must be laid out exactly as it appears on the envelope and must include your home address. Put your full name on the first line, your address on the second line, and your city/state/postal code on the third line

In some cases, it’s a good idea to include a subject line. A simple one stating the Parents/Guardians Name and/or Case Number will suffice.

The introductory paragraph of this Letter of Recommendation will serve a specific purpose. Say who you are writing this letter to, how you know the person you are recommending, and how long you have known that person. When this task is complete, make a statement to recommend that this individual have custody of the Minor or Child in question.

Character Reference Letter (30+ Samples For Court, Immigration, Job, Etc.)

The next paragraph will be the core of your letter. You should be sure to include any observations you have made that suggest that a hopeful parent/guardian will be a positive factor in a young child’s life. If there is anything the Parent/Guardian knows in their community that demonstrates their effectiveness as a positive force (ie volunteer work, associations, etc.), mention that as well. There must be at least two to three statements here. Keep in mind that this part of the letter can be as long as you like. If there is any doubt about this content and its duration, you can consult the parent/guardian or attorney.

This will be considered official correspondence, regardless of the circumstances that led you to write this letter. It is important to remember that you may need to sign other documents or provide physical evidence in court about the validity of this letter. As a result, there will be several requirements that must be met. The first is a positive and clear introduction by the author. This task must be completed in the upper left corner of the first page. Provide your full name, your home address, and your city, state, and zip code. This should appear as the mailing address on the envelope. Note: Do not use P.O. Box number, this must be the physical address.

The recipient of this letter needs to know when the letter was written. If this letter is written to a Defendant who is awaiting sentencing, this is especially important. Enter the Current Date by writing the Month, then enter the two-digit calendar day and four-digit year.

It is generally a good idea to note the subject of this letter immediately in the Subject. The attorney representing the subject of this letter may have preferences on this matter, so be sure to contact him. In some cases the format may be Last Name, First Name, Case Number while in other cases it may be Case Number first, and still others just Case Number or First Name. In our example, we will use Full Name.

Character Reference Letters For Court Example Template

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