Early Intervention Preschool Near Me

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Kindergarten near me has meaning for words placed in the search browser. Busy parents want a preschool close to home or close to work. However, did you know that not all preschools are the same and the type of preschool you choose for your child has a significant impact on their academic success? It has been proven through many studies that a quality kindergarten has many positive benefits for a child’s future.

Adams Traditional Beginnings (ATB) is a north Phoenix preschool just north of the intersection of I-17 and Loop 101 with easy on/off freeway access. If you want to use the term preschool near me and you live or work in the north Phoenix area, we want to tell you what is different about our preschool and why it is so important to your child’s academic future.

Early Intervention Preschool Near Me

Early Intervention Preschool Near Me

Every parent wants their child to have the best chance for future success. Adams Traditional Beginnings is an academic preschool, which ranges from preschool to daycare for 3-5 year olds. Academic kindergarten prepares children to excel in kindergarten. Academic benefits for children who attend quality preschools include long-term benefits such as lower grade retention and higher college attendance rates. Who would have thought that what kind of preschool you choose could have an impact on your higher education? However, it is proof. A quality academic preschool can lead to outstanding academic achievement.

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Believe it or not, quality academic programs also have many social and emotional benefits, such as increased attention, engagement and creativity. It also helps children learn self-control and sharing. And yes, we do all this in a fun environment where children’s curiosity begins and their love for learning begins to grow.

Now, you understand why search terms for preschool near me do not include what is most important – your child’s future academic success! Download more information about the benefits of enrolling your child in Adams Traditional Beginnings HERE. Plus, we invite you to come and see for yourself why children thrive at Adams Traditional Beginnings. You can schedule a tour to see the beautiful campus and facilities here (so scroll to the bottom of the page).

Adams Traditional Beginnings is a proud member of the Choice Academies family of schools. Choice Academies also offers a high-quality K-8 charter school at Adams Traditional Academy, as well as a high-quality middle school charter school at Jefferson Preparatory High School. The Choice Academies family of schools is committed to providing a traditional, core education within a framework of high standards and high expectations in a safe environment. The aim is to provide a strong knowledge base, teach critical thinking and develop good citizenship and leadership skills.

At Adams Traditional Beginnings (ATB), parents play an important role in students’ learning progress. Parents tell us that good preschools in North Phoenix are hard to find, and one of the things that makes preschool such a great experience for young children is the strong parent-teacher partnership at Adams Traditional Beginnings. Our parent partnership includes an open door policy where parent input is highly valued. Because parent/teacher communication is so strong and parent involvement is so active, it creates a truly rewarding positive environment that children, parents and staff can enjoy. Many thanks to our wonderful and supportive parents!

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You may already know that extensive research shows that the more involved parents are in their children’s schooling and education, the more successful students will be in school. Mothers and fathers play an important role in their child’s education and success in school. Countless studies have shown that parental involvement not only leads to learning, but can have a positive impact on children’s attitudes and behavior in the classroom. When parents show an interest in a student’s education, they have a positive effect on their child’s attitude, confidence, and motivation in preschool.

The partnership between parents and teachers makes our school a rewarding and positive environment for all. Parent involvement in supporting their child’s learning journey includes tasks such as checking students’ backpacks and communication folders for projects and assignments sent home, along with daily teacher feedback on the student’s day. Active involvement can also include volunteer opportunities that fit anyone’s schedule, from donating to and attending classroom parties, the annual teacher appreciation week, attending preschool programs, and volunteering in your child’s classroom. See parenting resources here.

Parental involvement is important at all ages, and building a strong foundation in preschool is a great way to start your child’s academic journey. Adams Traditional Beginnings Academic Preschool prepares our students through real academic preparation giving students an academic edge for the future. Adams Traditional Beginnings students thrive because a high-quality preschool prepares students academically, socially, and emotionally for academic kindergarten. Learn why our students are successful at Adams Traditional Beginnings Kindergarten here.

Early Intervention Preschool Near Me

The staff at Adams Traditional Beginnings is committed to excellence in education. We work hard to provide quality early childhood education with research-proven curriculum, personal attention, caring relationships, and fun! Children love to learn here.

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Are you ready to start your child on the path to academic success? If so, we will be happy to serve you, your family and your child. Download the Adams Traditional Beginnings Information Kit here, email us at [email protected] or call us at 602-938-5517. We also invite you to visit our campus. Go here to schedule a tour. We offer an outstanding early childhood program, we support students and families, and students succeed! Learn more about Adams Traditional Beginnings preschool here or learn more about our other Choice Academies schools here.

Adams Traditional Beginnings is part of the Choice Academies family of schools. Learn more about the Choice Academies family of schools here. All Choice Academies schools are committed to providing a traditional, core education within a framework of high standards and high expectations. Our school provides a safe learning environment where students develop the foundations of knowledge, critical thinking, good citizenship and leadership skills.

So many families in north Phoenix need an affordable preschool. Whether you are enrolling your child in kindergarten because you work during the day, because you know how important kindergarten is, or both, we invite you to learn about Adams Traditional Beginnings (ATB). We offer more than convenient, affordable preschool in north Phoenix.

Our unique and affordable preschool offers a traditional 2-year Kindergarten Readiness Program that prepares your child academically, socially, and emotionally for Kindergarten. Our high-quality preschools offer meaningful educational benefits that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond. We use a proven curriculum that sparks curiosity and a love of learning, including the Spalding curriculum to teach pre-reading and writing skills and a math program that prepares children for higher grades in elementary school.

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It’s amazing what kind of effect preschool really has on your child’s academic success. According to a study from Rutgers University, the benefits of attending high-quality preschool can last a lifetime! According to Rutgers, students who attend high-quality preschools and then high-quality schools and high schools typically have higher educational attainment, higher income levels and fewer chronic health problems. Who knows the decision you make about your child’s preschool could have a long lasting impact!

Our proven academic preschool program includes instruction in pre-reading and writing skills, math and cognitive development, language and literacy. A fun approach to learning and a positive and safe environment help children develop socially and emotionally, improve civic skills and self-control. We include creative play, physical education, health and wellness as we help develop children who love to learn! Learn more about our high-quality academic preschool program here.

Now you know why finding an affordable preschool takes more than price and location – your child’s academic success can benefit from the right choice! Download more information about the benefits of enrolling your child in Adams Traditional Beginnings HERE. Plus, we invite you to come and see for yourself why children thrive at Adams Traditional Beginnings. You can schedule a tour to see the beautiful campus and early childhood facilities here (so scroll to the bottom of the page).

Early Intervention Preschool Near Me

You already know the benefits of high-quality preschool if you search online for the best preschool programs for your child. However, finding the best preschool program for your child can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Did you know that there are 71 private preschool programs in Phoenix serving nearly 15,000 children? How do you know who offers the best preschool programs?

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From a practical point of view, the time it takes to get to kindergarten is significant. If you’re on the north side of Phoenix, Adams Traditional Beginnings (ATB) is just north of the intersection of the 101 Loop and 1-17, with easy access on and off the freeway. Another concern is the cost of preschool. The best preschool programs don’t have to be expensive, and ATB is

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