Executive Masters In Business Administration

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His research interests include the use of strategic tools to manage a world of discord. as well as driving strategic success in turbulent environments. and creating and maintaining competitive advantages in a changing world.

Find and describe major change management cases (e.g. Apple under Job’s return, Tesla, Rimac, Microsoft under Nadella, Shell under Watts, etc.).

Executive Masters In Business Administration

Reserve your seat by paying the registration deposit to register for the program. Access course materials and begin your journey to professional expertise.

Executive Masters Of Business Administration (emba)

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent Applicants must be familiar with English as a means of communication. Because the class will be conducted in English

1. You can request a refund of the amount paid to the program at any time. before the program start date By accessing and submitting your refund form through the “My Requests” section of your profile. You can ask your admissions advisor to help apply and withdraw your money by sending an email with your reasons. No refunds will be issued once the program has started. This applies even to students who are unable to pay and are unable to enroll in their chosen bundle. However, students can take advantage of the preceding deferrals in accordance with the policies set out below.

2. Students must pay the full fee within seven (7) days of the payment of the security amount or the start date of the series. whichever comes first, otherwise the acknowledgment letter will be cancelled.

3. In case the university selection process extends beyond the start date of the batch Temporary program admissions will be arranged. If your application is subsequently rejected You will be refunded the amount paid as the program fee without any deductions. related

Executive Master Of Business Administration (emba) Information Request

4. Refund request in accordance with clause 1 of the Refund Policy. It should be sent via email in the designated refund request form. Refunds will be processed within 30 business days of the presentation of a duly signed refund form. After being approved by the academic committee Adapt to the tight schedule of business executives. This program is designed for business executives with at least five years of experience in leadership positions. It is taught in five-day modules for each course, offered in conjunction with Washington State University (USA). Students complete an EMBA degree from Al Yamamah University. Students also receive a graduate certificate from Washington State University.

MGT 525: The main objective of this course is to provide students with practical knowledge of organizational behavior and leadership. It also aims to examine psychological and sociological variables important to understanding personal motivation. group work change creativity and leadership in the organization It also incorporates a strong practical and experiential component based on the recognition that leadership qualities and skills are linked to self-awareness. The ability to manage in different situations and high-level interpersonal skills that can eventually be developed into leadership in the organization.

HRM 510: This course provides an overview of the human resource systems and processes needed to achieve organizational effectiveness and strategic success. All important functional areas are discussed. including human resource planning staffing performance management It also provides in-depth analysis of selected topics in human resource management. including current research studies and literature.

BUS 540: This course offers students the opportunity to build or develop a research understanding through the exploration of key research languages ​​and approaches. This course introduces the language of research and the challenges and elements of the research process through a quantitative approach. qualitative and mixed Students will use these theoretical foundations to begin a critical review of the literature relevant to their field of interest. and consider how the findings are useful in understanding work, society, local and global environments.

Executive Masters In Business Administration Program (emba)

MKT 515: This course focuses on identifying and solving marketing problems through advanced case analysis and discussion. application of marketing principles and techniques including the use of information systems, databases, behavioral theory Financial and technical analysis of management. In addition, applying marketing techniques to problems and cases. focus on identifying problems alternative assessment and develop suggestions

BUS 536: This course develops students’ ability to study complex possibilities. Students will learn how to determine if a project or initiative is worth the investment of time and money needed to get started. This includes the cost of developing the initiative. but also considering the availability of funds Both in project start-up and maintenance. Feasibility studies also consider the evidence of need. Potential uses and limitations such as building capacity, people, and communities. This course also uses real-world situations. Using analytics and evaluation tools such as spreadsheets and web analytics, critical paths, program evaluations and reviews.

ECO 504: This course introduces students to international economic theory and its real-world application. Present an analysis of international economic relations. It covers both commercial and financial issues. This course focuses on international trade in goods and services. Topics covered include the theoretical basis of international trade. Profit from international trade and distribution Effects of Government Intervention on Economic Relations the flow of labor and capital process of integration and analysis of the position of various countries international economic sphere

To fill out the application file Please follow the steps below: You can contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at [email protected] for further information and advice.

Executive Mba Programs From Ssbm

Step 3: The Office of Graduate Admissions will review all applications. Acceptance letters will be sent to applicants who have been accepted for admission to graduate studies.

Step 4: After receiving the acceptance letter You must go to the university and pay the registration fee to reserve your seat. Get your student card and email account.

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