Paid Public Policy Internships

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The PPP Public Policy Internship Program gives you the opportunity to raise your professional profile, while gaining valuable insight into what a career in policy is all about.

The Public Policy Project (PPP) is an independent policy institute that provides practical analysis and development in a variety of sectors including health, social security, life sciences, net zero and climate change.

Paid Public Policy Internships

As a young scale, PPP gives you the opportunity to experience the growing startup industry. Gain valuable work experience with our friendly team in central London, and start building your network while getting paid. A PPP internship will help you develop and refine your skills and give you a valuable edge in the job market when securing your future career in policy.

Louisiana Department Of Health Announces Student Internship Opportunities

After completing her internship, Anna joined the People’s Party full-time. During 2021, Anna published two policy reports – Global Genomics, and Advanced Therapy for Gene and Cell Therapy, and co-authored the Global Genomics Report. Anna has since taken on the role of Parliamentary Researcher in the House of Lords alongside her work at the PPP.

Upon completing his internship, Elliott joined the People’s Party full-time. Elliott has developed expertise in net zero industries and in January 2021 released a report on achieving net zero in the rail industry.

Upon completing his internship, Bell went on to get an internship at the United Nations Environment Agency and was awarded a scholarship to study at Harvard.

Charlotte joined PPP for her third year of work at Bournemouth University. During her time at PPP, Charlotte developed core business skills in HR, marketing, website development and operations. The Charlotte Project hosted the PPP 2022 Genomics Conference, returning to the university in September 2022 to complete a degree in biological sciences.

Remote Public Policy Internships

PPP makes policy that affects everyone, so we need a team that represents our diverse communities and offers different perspectives. PPP is committed to ensuring the diversity of our workforce. Our friendly, approachable team is very inclusive and welcoming to all and all internships are paid to ensure diversity barriers are minimized. Applications are reviewed without names or personal identifiers and we encourage you to submit additional information or examples of past work to ensure that all appointments are based on merit.

I would like to thank the entire PPP team for their inspiring work, kindness and support during my internship. From hosting a conference at the National Portrait Gallery, to writing articles for the Hospital Times, PPP offers countless opportunities and no two days are the same.

While initially unsure of my career plans at the start of the internship, I am now looking forward to enrolling in a Masters in Public Health and hoping to connect with the PPP team. I plan to use my new knowledge of government processes and policies and the communication skills I learned during my internship to advance my work in health policy in the future.

I gained a lot of knowledge about the opportunities and challenges facing the life sciences sector. Being given responsibilities for research and organization was a learning point for me.

The Walker Institute At Weber State University

Completing this internship with my Master’s greatly improved my time management skills and the quality of my work in both areas.

Register Register your details here to receive invitations to our online and in-person events as well as updates on public policy projects and our publications Hospital Times and the Journal of Integrated Care. You can unsubscribe at any time. Looking for highly motivated individuals, including undergraduate and graduate students, and all for full-time (up to 40 hours/week) and part-time (minimum 15-24 hours/week) internship. (paid), mentoring (unpaid), and volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

Matching available opportunities for interns and students based on the needs of the school, the student’s skills, knowledge and abilities, and career interests. We will share a form with all applicants where they can share their interests and goals.

Volunteers of all ages with special talents in these areas are invited to let us know of your interest in supporting our work.

The Ohio Secretary Of State Internship Program

To expand the diversity of voices speaking with authority on electoral reform, our training, mentoring and volunteer programs promote representation of diverse communities. Our program supports inspiring individuals, candidate career development, and responsive candidates from underrepresented communities in the field of electoral reform – with passion and passion for public policy, promote fair elections, and better government. We also want participants to bring a whole political network to our work.

Due to COVID 19, most interns and mentees will be working remotely until further notice. Hours of operation are generally expected to be during Eastern Standard Time business hours.

Our internship program offers a form of experiential learning that combines knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting. Internships allow early career students and graduates to gain valuable, applicable experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths.

Interns are assigned to a supervisor and specific program area with defined job descriptions that outline performance expectations and key deliverables, including training, and post-internship evaluations.

Internships: Applications, Interviews, And Other Tips

Provides options for mentoring as an extension of our paid internship program. The main goal of the mentoring program is to expand the opportunity for interested students and young professionals to gain new experiences to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting. Participant selection and placement follows a carefully developed and supervised mentoring project plan based on opportunity and career interest, educational program, and student expertise.

Each mentee is paired with an internal mentor, whose primary role is supervision and coaching. Although the instructor moves to different departments to gain broad-based experience, there is a general instructor who oversees the instruction as a whole. Teachers are selected based on subject-matter-expertise, interest, available time, and patience. Tutoring can also be part of an educational program where students earn academic credit from their college.

Internship and mentorship applications are accepted on a rolling basis and sometimes take participants outside of the three main internship periods identified below. Applications for all paid internships and most internships will follow the schedule below.

If you are interested in contributing to other missions to advance democracy through electoral reform, we want to hear from you. We match volunteers’ interests and skills with applicable projects or initiatives. Please contact [email protected]

Internship Statistics For 2022: Pay, Benefits & Trends

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