Why Family Planning Is Important

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In December 2016, Sekuru Tauzeni Mujaji (86), a traditional healer from Chipinge, Manicaland, shared her story with the world and pleaded for help as she was unable to feed her 100 children and 10 wives. a man with enough to feed his hungry mouth, a desperate man explained that life is getting harder day by day. In a desperate plea, he explained that the El Niño drought had stripped him of his “maho man” status and turned him into a beggar.

As if the El Nino drought wasn’t punishing enough, the number of clients seeking his services dropped and he was unable to support his family as a result.

Why Family Planning Is Important

Why Family Planning Is Important

Half of their 100 children, mostly girls, dropped out of school due to unpaid fees. Uneducated women now beg on the Mutare-Chiping road.

Family Planning Services

All the women drop out of school, so they have few opportunities and no means of production and are unable to support themselves and their children financially.

With more education, Sekuru Mujaji women can take control of their lives and successfully reduce the number of children they have, as they have more say in family planning, maternal health and child nutrition.

However, it does not prevent pregnancy due to women’s lack of education and paternity. Studies have shown that in patriarchal societies, childbearing is essential to the survival of marriage.

While many couples find it easier to manage small, planned families, the traditional idea of ​​having children is automatically embedded in the psyche of many people like Sekuru Mujaji.

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Unfortunately, the consequences for him are many. 10 women had unintended pregnancies. Some pregnancies have occurred before the women’s safe reproductive age, which is 35 years of age, resulting in complications from childbirth.

Sekuru Mujaji’s eldest wife is 60 years old and the youngest is 30, but still wants to have more children. He did not know that his family’s problems with them would be better if his wives avoided pregnancy and kept their children between them as other women do.

According to recent Zimbabwe Demographic Health Survey 2015 data, the need for family planning among married women declined from 15 percent in 2010-11 to 10 percent in 2015.

Why Family Planning Is Important

If all unplanned married women used contraception, the contraceptive rate in Zimbabwe would increase from 67 percent to 77 percent.

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The report says knowledge about modern contraception is universal: 99 percent of women and 100 percent of men report knowing at least one method of contraception.

At least 77 percent of married women use a family planning method, and 66 percent use a modern method. The most common method of birth control is the pill, used by 41 percent of married women.

Modern family planning has its advantages in that it allows young, professional women to keep their children away so that childbearing does not affect their professional responsibilities and ambitions.

According to the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC), another advantage of modern family planning methods is to protect elderly women who no longer need to conceive children, thereby reducing maternal and child mortality. .

Family Planning During Covid 19 Social Media Cards

According to the ZNFPC, among the most common myths and misconceptions are the following: Family planning is not just about reducing the number of children per person.

The primary goal of family planning is not necessarily to reduce the number of children per capita. In contrast, child spacing is intended to ensure the health of the mother and child, especially during childbirth.

It also provides what every birthday wants. People do not want to have many children because of the health and social welfare of their family. They should want to have children when they want and are ready.

Why Family Planning Is Important

According to the ZNFPC, this misconception stems from the observation that some women experience negative side effects when using family planning methods. For example, birth control pills can cause weight gain, headaches, nausea, or mood changes in some women.

Benefits And Methods Of Nfp

“However, these side effects do not happen to every woman. If someone experiences side effects, they may be asked to switch to another form of family planning. You can get more information from your nearest clinic or hospital.

The ZNFPC also notes that family planning is beneficial to women’s health because it ensures that each pregnancy is desired (thus reducing the incidence of pregnancy, especially miscarriage).

It also allows children to space out, thus reducing the mortality rate. Without proper spacing, the mother or baby is more likely to die during or after childbirth. Some modern family planning methods, such as condoms, reduce sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. The ZNFPC dispels fears that family planning is a negative strategy to limit population growth and reduce economic growth.

Family planning is actually a choice. There are scientifically proven ways to allow for voluntary child spacing, giving couples the opportunity and flexibility to have children at a time that suits their financial, health and professional circumstances.

Family Planning Month

“The goals of family planning are not only to limit the size of families, but also to help them have children when they want,” the ZNFPC said.

The ZNFPC explains: “Contraceptives that plan pregnancy cause women to be unprotected, and women often do not become pregnant after using family planning contraceptives.”

However, the short-term delay (usually 3 months or less) that results in delayed conception occurs as a result of a hormonal reset when the human body flushes out the system. This usually clears up in three months or less, and then you can get pregnant again. Some women do not experience these delays at all.

Why Family Planning Is Important

It is not true that family planning is culturally abhorrent and a religious artefact. The ZNFPC also says that family planning does not reduce libido, as only a small number of women experience this problem.

Why Family Planning Is Important

Other reasons for low libido can be family instability and fear of AIDS or HIV. Conversely, libido can actually increase when family planning is used because couples are protecting themselves during sex. Without family planning protection, fear of getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV can reduce sexual activity.

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