Research Opportunities For Masters Students

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As a Hispanic woman from Southern California, Alexandra Malena wondered how happy she would feel on Washington State University’s Pullman campus.

“Being a freshman and in a STEM field, I always had these doubts in the back of my mind,” Malena said. “But I quickly found a group of people here who helped me feel accepted and comfortable.”

Research Opportunities For Masters Students

This group, a collection of undergraduate and graduate students from Assistant Professor Ryan McLaughlin’s lab, eventually led him to another network of support – the new Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) program. ) from the WSU.

Research Opportunities For Graduate Students: Research: College Of Arts & Sciences: Indiana University Bloomington

Funded by the National Institutes for Health, the two-year program provides undergraduate STEM students with opportunities to explore their backgrounds during their junior and senior years, including a 10-week research assignment at a university in research and invitations to numerous national research conferences.

The program — one of several at WSU aimed at underrepresented students — covers 60% of tuition and offers more than $13,000 in stipends.

“The financial aspect is huge, but I think being able to build my network through MARC is my favorite part,” Malena said. “I go to conferences and I say, ‘I’m a MARC student’ and someone says, ‘I’m also a MARC student. An immediate connection. »

In addition to the money and peer support through the program, Malena, whose father is Argentinian and whose mother is Mexican, said the program helped her believe in herself when Down Syndrome the impostor struck.

Graduate Stem Internships And Fellowships

He was also encouraged to explore his passion for the brain and to add neuroscience as a second field, in addition to psychology.

“My favorite part of psychology is learning about the brain, so I thought I should study neuroscience as well,” he said. “My time in the lab is set in stone. Research is what I want to do, and neuroscience is the path I want to follow.”

His conviction has also been reinforced by two awards, the WSU Showcase Award for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities and an award from the WSU Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP).

He now knows he wants to study a disease that runs in his family – Alzheimer’s. Two of his uncles on his father’s side suffer from the disease, and it’s common on his mother’s side.

Fellowships: Fueling Mit’s Research Engine

“I’ve seen a lot of family members fall into Alzheimer’s and lose the battle, so it’s just something that was instilled in me since I was young,” Malena said. “One of my mother’s sisters, she had it eight years ago; It’s not good.”

The experience was not something he would want anyone to experience, and it led him to pursue his “biggest dream” – to cure a brain disease.

Since joining WSU in 2019, Malena has co-authored a prenatal cannabis project, measuring emotional expression, anxiety-like behavior, and cannabis exploration behavior in the offspring of exposed mother rats. to cannabis. .

He directs his own research project. This summer, he will conduct a second phase to study cannabis-seeking behavior in rats using cannabis inhalants.

Research Experiences For Graduate And Medical Students

“This science that we are doing will be published and will stay in the scientific world forever. I think it’s very interesting, especially because cannabis research is very new,” Malena said.

Malena is on track to graduate in May. He plans to go to college this summer, and he won’t allow his stay at Pullman to be extended.

Regents will meet by teleconference beginning at 3 p.m. They are expected to vote on an action after a special meeting.

On September 30, Information Technology Services is moving WSU’s student information system, MyWSU, from its current hosting provider, Oracle, to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Research Opportunities For Underrepresented Students

Reanne Cunningham Chilton, a medical student who has worked with the population from childhood through retirement, is the new student representative to the WSU Board of Trustees.

Online registration is now open for WSU’s inaugural annual conference to help faculty and graduate students engage learners, improve their voices, and advance educational excellence.

Anyone in the United States can now call or text 9-8-8, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if they know or know someone who has complications, especially suicide .

Student Affairs is taking new steps to increase students’ access to the health services they need by expanding resources, making the process easier, and creating a new leadership position.

How Much Do Graduate Students Benefit From Studying Abroad?

Elders and seniors participating in the Dare to Dream program are always members of farming families. The program provides students with an education in science, math, engineering, and personal development. Whatever your interests, as an arts and science graduate student, you’ll find the resources and support you need to pursue them. The three schools, more than 70 departments and more than 50 research centers and institutes provide opportunities for conducting research and creative activities in the university community.

Here, you’ll work with world-renowned teachers who do everything from creating machines that think like little children to improving the general understanding of Muslims and their faith. You will have the opportunity to work in world-class facilities such as the Grunwald Art Gallery, the Nanoscale Characterization Facility, and the Social Science Research Commons. And you will have all the resources of a university study at your fingertips.

The best way to find out more about research and creative work opportunities for graduate students is to visit the university department in your preferred area. If you are currently a graduate student, your academic advisor can help you find opportunities in your field of study.

Betsy Jose had a successful media career in her native India, where she worked as a TV host and producer, radio DJ, journalist and voice-over artist. But her dream is to make films about gender and sexuality. So when IU Bloomington began offering a doctoral program in gender studies in 2006—the first US university to do so—she jumped at the chance to pursue her passion.

Seeking Graduate Students To Join Our Team

“I chose IU because of its commitment to the study of gender and sexuality, as well as the unique multidisciplinary education that I can learn from and work with,” she said.

Betsy’s research combines her background in the media with her research on gender and sexuality. He researches the experiences of queer people in India with Section 377, a colonial law that criminalized same-sex relations. It focuses on independent films dealing with India-specific issues and viewers’ reactions to these films.

, which focuses on women, homosexuality and sexuality in the United States. The film airs regularly on WTIU, Bloomington’s PBS affiliate, and has been seen and nominated for awards at several film festivals. He has also created two short films which are featured on the Kinsey Institute website.

Betsy is also active on campus. He is a co-founder of Resonate, a support group for international students who identify as gay on the Bloomington campus, and has volunteered with GLBT Student Support Services. A guitarist and singer, he performed in Indian music performances on campus and in the Bloomington community.

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I chose IU because of its commitment to the study of gender and sexuality, as well as its outstanding academic excellence.

After completing her doctorate, Betsy hopes to work in a career that will allow her to combine her skills as a creative artist with her education on gender and sex issues.

“I don’t want to limit myself to just one career path,” he said. “Issues of gender and sexuality are everywhere, but unfortunately most of them are ignored. The world is so big and there is so much to do. Good graduate students are a major force in the development of Institute research.Scholarship support raised at the Convocation gives MIT the strength to maintain its competitive position by attracting the most talented, creative, and diverse graduate students from around the world, providing incredible young minds with the confidence and the freedom to pursue big ideas in pursuit of a better world.

Elba Alonso-Monsalve likes black holes. “We don’t know the laws of physics inside black holes,” he said. “We won’t know how to intervene until we have new and improved rules.”

Summer Research Internships (suri)

In particular, Alonso-Monsalve is motivated by a famous phenomenon known as the “black hole information paradox”, which pits what is known about quantum mechanics against the theory of general relativity. The problem, he explained, is that while quantum information should last forever, it seems to disappear without a trace as black holes shrink and disappear emitting radiation.

MIT’s Center for Theoretical Physics is the best place to study such uncertain behavior, said Frances and Arthur Peskoff Physics Fellow Alonso-Monsalve. “Having a relationship really helps because I’m not limited to funding a specific professor,” he said. “I’m really interested in interdisciplinary research, in how people can learn from each other.”

Alonso-Monsalve is very excited about future research opportunities at MIT, which has long been considered a world leader.

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