Liberty Early Childhood Education

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When Liberty ECS sophomore Brogan Huckel heard about the tornado that hit Dawson Springs, Kentucky last month, he was immediately reminded of the questions his advisor, Dana Hallgarth, asked him and his fellow Liberty leaders in their preparations for Sunday’s act of kindness collectively. random. “What does it mean to be nice?” he asked, challenging the group to run a project at their school.

What do police detectives have in common with champions? They are looking for clues. This is what Janet Alsip’s class at Liberty Early Childhood School learned during a recent reading lesson.

Liberty Early Childhood Education

Liberty Early Childhood Education

Just this school year, parents and guardians will be asked to fill out school forms online via FinalForms. FinalForms can be accessed via OneLogin.

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We are excited to welcome our students to the start of the 2022-2023 school year! As the new year approaches, we know your questions are piling up, which is why we want to help you find answers and stay at the top of your schoolwork list.

The USDA free meal waiver for public school food service programs has expired. Families who qualify for free or reduced meals must reapply.

At Lakota, personalized learning is about adapting the learning environment to meet the individual needs, skills and interests of all children, while developing deep personal relationships to maximize student ownership of learning. Our students grow academically, socially, emotionally and culturally while learning critical life skills. We provide a safe and comfortable environment where our students can build character and develop their unique strengths as a foundation for their future success.

Through innovative and engaging learning, enhanced by cutting-edge technology, Lakota maximizes student readiness for the four ices: employment, enlistment in higher education, enlistment in the military and entrepreneurship.

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As we continue to expand our learning opportunities to prepare our students to successfully meet the demands of life after graduation, we are committed to aligning our resources with Lakota’s educational priorities while ensuring financial stability.

At Lakota, we forge strong partnerships with our stakeholders—students, staff, parents and community members—to meet high expectations and encourage teamwork for student success.

With 38% of students celebrating their multicultural background, Lakota provides a diverse cultural experience where respect and inclusion are taught as core values.

Liberty Early Childhood Education

Less than 5% of all entities audited annually receive the “Outstanding State Auditor” award – and Lakota has received the award for eight consecutive years.

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Through Lakota’s VE are Empowered initiative, 100 percent of all students in grades 3-12 have access to their own Chromebook for daily learning.

A growing group of nine Lakota therapy dogs wagging their tails throughout the district, providing therapy and emotional support to even our youngest students.

We believe in preparing every student for success upon graduation in one of the 4Es: Enrollment in higher education; Recruitment for military service; Work as a contributing member of society; or Entrepreneurship.

We are excited to share our new site with you! Here’s a short video to get you started. Plus, don’t forget to send us your feedback as we are constantly improving the visitor experience.

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