Education A Human Right

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On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the Global Partnership for Education is working to make education a fundamental human right, not a privilege.

“Education is a human right with tremendous transformative power. Its foundations are the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.”

Education A Human Right

Education A Human Right

Today is World Human Rights Day. Education is a right like the right to have food or a roof over your head. Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to an education”. But 61 million children do not attend school, and more than half of them are women. Education is also a gateway to human development. It opens doors and expands opportunities and freedom. According to the World Bank, income increases by 10% for each additional year of school. It contributes to greater peace, democracy and economic growth, as well as improved health and reduced poverty. According to UNESCO, if all children in low-income countries could read, the poverty rate would decrease by 12%, bringing a total of 171 million people out of it by just learning to read.

Right To Education

The Global Partnership for Education is the only multi-stakeholder partnership dedicated to ensuring that all these children have access to a quality education in school. To make this happen, we work with various government groups, civil society/NGOs, international organizations, the private sector and educators. Our work is based on the goal of “Education for All”. We focus on:

Support our work and take action to ensure that all children have a quality education. Going to school shouldn’t just be a privilege. Children have a basic right to go to school.

Digitize the processes associated with national exams and competitions to discover how innovative digital platforms can help solve many of the challenges associated with organizations.

In Mauritania, citizens and civil society groups are working together to ensure the effective implementation and effectiveness of policies to address the country’s learning challenges.

Human Rights Education Teaching About, Through And For Rights.

Two of the 300 GPE youth leaders attending the LEGO Ideas Conference in June thought about ‘learning through games’ outside the classroom. They share four reasons why the education system has been transformed. Edward Waller is the co-founder of RealizingRights. He previously led UNICEF’s education team in the UK, which developed and expanded the Human Rights School Award competition. Contact: [email protected]

In this article, Edward Waller outlines the rationale and goals of a new campaign to make human rights education a right for all youth. We encourage our readers to consider his arguments and respond to calls to action at the end.

In short, human rights are universal principles necessary for a life of dignity. Their implementation is the key to genuine human progress in the context of the global challenges of the 21st century.

Education A Human Right

Human Rights Education (HRE) promotes critical thinking and well-being in an inclusive, fair and secure world. In many countries, including this one, there is evidence that a human rights/child rights-based approach has a positive impact on children and adults at multiple levels (see assessment at the end of this article). HRE builds on this approach as described below and can make a difference.

Education Is A Human Right!

By ratifying the 1991 Convention on the Rights of the Child, Congress effectively agreed that human rights should be part of the education of all children. While some progress has been made in the other three UK jurisdictions, the Ministry of Education has done little to translate this into UK policies and practices, even in the areas of citizenship, RE and PSHE where opportunities are most obvious.

Therefore, we must build broad coalitions for the campaign to place human rights education at the center of the purpose and spirit of all schools.

Weather change? There are many people in Westminster’s current government who wish to move further away from human rights-based thinking. For example, when the current Prime Minister was Minister of the Interior in 2011, he said:

Many in the current administration want to ignore the European Convention on Human Rights (British lawyers have done a lot for the better and should not be confused with the European Court of Justice).

Education As Human Rights

This trend arises in the context of widespread and persistent misinformation and cynicism about human rights in this country among most media and politicians, which has been going on for more than 30 years. This is typical of propaganda. “So human rights law invades every sphere of our lives by greedy lawyers and politically correct judges who are increasingly seizing power. In four short years, this law undermined the British common law that has dominated our lives for 800 years.”

Our views on human rights remain vulnerable to manipulation because the majority of us know little or nothing about human rights, including those who mistrust them.

In this volatile environment, it is time for schools and many other organizations and individuals to benefit from a greater human rights culture to take the lead in campaigning for factual, evidence-based understanding of human rights and how we should live. Implementation is guaranteed. Human rights education as a right is necessary.

Education A Human Right

Despite hostility in some regions, the human rights education campaign will not receive support in the National Assembly. For example, Attorney General Rod said, “That’s why I stick to the opinion that the human rights law should be repealed. (October 2, 2011 Teresa at the Conservative Party Congress)

Understanding Education As A Right

On 24 March 2011 McNally, on behalf of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government, spoke of Britain’s support of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training:

“Everyone agrees on the importance of complying with human rights. The Coalition’s government program outlines our commitment to promote a better understanding of the true scope of these rights so that the UK is an inspiring example of a society that supports human rights and democracy. In this context, I am delighted that the UK has endorsed the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training… Now events around the world have shown that a strong understanding and commitment to inalienable rights can bring about any power that can bring human beings. It shows more than ever.”

Unfortunately nothing came out. ..yet. Shortly after the March 2017 attacks on Westminster, Theresa May, who voiced hostility to the 2011 Human Rights Act, said:

“…the values ​​that our Congress represents – democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law – are respected and respected by free people around the world.” So she, like many others, may have a more ambiguous understanding of her human rights than she wants to show.

The Maiden Factor

Another light came this year with the release of Bright Blue’s report. Bright Blue describes itself as “an independent think tank and pressure group supporting liberal conservatism”. In the book, the authors claim:

“The UK is the birthplace of human rights. But for large parts of the population, “human rights” now have a bad reputation, especially among conservative voters. A small survey of conservative voter attitudes towards human rights found that 37% of conservative voters “Human rights don’t really exist. We believe that not everyone should always be granted certain rights.” Even conservative decision-makers and opinion-makers are disillusioned with human rights law, especially the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.”

(Even in the same survey, only 58% of the total sample answered that ‘human rights exist.’) Human rights education given the evidence of confusion/ignorance about human rights. Their absence would undermine the support they seek to implement their recommendations to promote human rights. Also, simply knowing human rights is not enough. The Ministry needs to ensure that it has a duty to put into practice the UK’s written support for human rights, which requires all schools to model human rights education and provide the necessary professional development, including ministers, civil servants, principals and Ofsted. . Although this affects curriculum planning, it is not a curriculum-oriented requirement. This requires schools to demonstrate how their vision, moral purpose and ethos reflect human rights principles. In the UK, for example, schools may be required to demonstrate (in age and ability commensurate manner) mental, moral, social and cultural development. You know little or nothing about them, including those who despise them. Peace in my pocket, photo courtesy of Danny Hammontree on flickr

Education A Human Right | Winter 2017 | Issue 46 Citizenship Education | 11 (SMSC) is integrated into the school psychiatry curriculum to promote understanding of human rights.

Human Rights Education And Career Opportunities For Scientists Could Foster Systemic Change

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