Best Universities To Study Nursing

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To become one, students must complete a state-approved program and become a registered nurse (RN). But to find the best position in school—and to prepare for a successful, high-paying career—you should pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Earning a BSN in Minnesota fulfills the requirements to sit for the NCLEX-RN (the exam required to become an RN) and the requirements to become licensed in Minnesota.

Best Universities To Study Nursing

Best Universities To Study Nursing

Fortunately, Minnesota is a great place to work as one, and there are many great nursing schools to choose from.

Best Us Universities For Studying Nursing In 2022

With over 21,000 students enrolled, Saint John’s University is among the largest private schools you’ll find in the area. With a large student body comes an even larger alumni network, and nursing students can use these connections when applying for a position. The four-year BSN is offered by both Saint John and the College of Saint Benedict. This unique degree combines the quality of both private schools, although students can choose which one they attend. Please note that this program only accepts 54 students each year.

With 9 campuses spread across several states, Herzing University is truly unique. One of Herzing’s campuses is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the main location is also home to Herzing’s innovative three-year BSN program. Designed to prepare students for a career in any state, the BSN accelerates every aspect of nursing without skipping on-site clinicals. With a perfect NCLEX score for the most recent grades, this three-year degree is worth looking into. A 12-month online RN-BSN and 16-month accelerated second degree options are also available.

Founded over 100 years ago in the Benedictine tradition, the College of Saint Scholastica has nearly doubled its student body in the past decade—however, St. Scholastica currently only 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Despite the low attendance, 188 students recently graduated from the traditional BSN program. St. Scholastica School of Nursing also has an online RN-BSN and other degree options, along with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and a BSN-DNP.

The University of Minnesota is one of the top graduate schools in the country, a popular school for graduate students. But in recent years, UMN has emphasized its undergraduate program, doubling the percentage of students who graduate in four years or less. The four-year BSN program recently graduated 128 students, making it one of the largest nursing programs in Minnesota. Of course, graduate education is also an area of ​​emphasis for UMN, and they offer an MSN, DNP, and Ph.D. in nursing. The low in-state tuition and high NCLEX pass rate should attract many Minnesotans.

Best Nursing Schools

Not to be confused with the University of Minnesota of the same name, Concordia College is a four-year liberal arts school with over 120 fields of study, including nursing. The two main programs offered by the nursing program, the traditional BSN and accelerated second degree program, have excellent results. Nursing students also have the opportunity to participate in internships and clinical experience abroad, both of which count toward credit and/or mandatory clinical hours.

Located just outside the Twin Cities area, Saint Olaf College was founded by Lutherans nearly 150 years ago. Students interested in nursing may be quick to notice the perfect NCLEX pass for recent graduates—or the high tuition associated with a private school. Additionally, Saint Olaf only offers a traditional BSN, and BSN students have access to unique opportunities such as study abroad and a double major. Students may also apply for Direct Admission which guarantees acceptance to the BSN before committing to Saint Olaf.

With both Lutheran and Swedish heritage, Gustavus Adolphus College is representative of the settlers who came to Minnesota years ago. Before applying to Gustavus, applicants should note that Gustavus describes itself as a “highly selective” liberal arts college. Once accepted, students must apply to the nursing program. Only one nursing option – a traditional BSN – if offered by Gustavus, but the results for the program are amazing. Gustavus only graduated in their 30s in 2018, so if the nursing school meets your requirements, you may have some competition when applying.

Best Universities To Study Nursing

The College of Saint Benedict is a small, private college located in St. Joseph. As previously mentioned, the BSN is offered jointly by Saint Benedict and Saint John’s, although students can choose which school they attend. In addition to different campuses for non-nursing courses, Saint Benedict also has a higher tuition rate than Saint John—albeit by a few hundred dollars. The program accepts only 54 students annually, so you may have to compete with Saint Benedict and Saint John students.

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In New Jersey 2022

With a low student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, Northwestern University should appeal to students interested in a small school. Anyone interested in nursing should note that the only degree option available is a traditional four-year BSN. But nursing students do well on the NCLEX after graduation, and the graduating class of 2018 all passed the exam on their first try. The nursing program also grew – 52 graduated in 2018, compared to just 20 in 2016.

In addition to in-state tuition for Minnesota residents, 94% of freshmen at Winona State University receive financial aid. Although in-state tuition is low, all nursing students must pay an additional $38.77 per credit regardless of how many credits they take per semester. Nursing students have three main degree options: a traditional BSN, RN-BSN, or a degree. Graduate students can choose either MSN or DNP and can specialize their education with a program of study. Winona State also has a close relationship with the Mayo Clinic, which is considered the best hospital in the world. Students may be able to complete their clinical hours at the Mayo Clinic.

Keep in mind that colleges and universities reserve the right to change tuition rates at any time. The annual tuition rates listed here will vary for each student depending on various factors including,

In addition to the high rate, Minnesota does an excellent job of using s. The BLS gives Minnesota a job ratio of 1.18, meaning Minnesota hires more workers for every 1,000 workers than the national average.

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Minnesota 2022

After looking at different nursing programs, it’s time to begin the application process. Keep track of each school’s application deadlines and try to finish applications in time for early admissions if you can—it will save a lot of stress when deadlines approach!

Contact each school’s admissions office. Each school has an admissions office to help you understand the application process. They can answer any questions about required materials, minimum test scores, and potential scholarships.

Check if you meet the requirements for nursing school. In addition to the school application, nursing programs have their own application requirements. Nursing programs often require more prerequisite courses, a higher GPA, and other additional materials.

Best Universities To Study Nursing

Submit your application(s). Once you’ve gathered your materials, the final step is to apply to each school. To increase your chances of getting into a nursing program, be sure to apply to more than one school.

Best Online Nursing Degrees 2022

When you start receiving acceptance letters, your next task is to choose the school you want to attend. No pressure! To make the selection process easier, try to choose the school that ticks the most boxes on your list of wants and needs.

Choosing an accredited school and nursing program ensures that you deserve a quality education. In addition to choosing a school with regional accreditation, make sure the nursing program is also accredited.

If you graduate from an unaccredited school, you may have trouble getting federal financial aid and finding employment after graduation.

Although Minnesota is not part of the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC), the licensing process is simple and can be completed almost entirely online.

Best Nursing Schools In The Us

Completing a BSN or similar program from an accredited program in Minnesota meets the requirements to sit for the NCLEX and apply for a license.

With a combination of above-average wages and above-average employment, Minnesota has an abundance of high-paying jobs. Minnesota also has an excellent mix of private and public schools, many of which score well for S. After completing a BSN, the process to become an RN is easy, so you’ll be well on your way to a long, successful career as RN! Planning to do a nursing course from USA In this article you can find out what U. It. The universities offer the best nursing courses with the eligibility criteria, scope of study nursing in USA. The. And more.

When it comes to choosing a career as a nurse, the first and foremost step is to take a relevant course from a good university. As the role of a nurse is crucial, every person who chooses this career must be well educated and should have relevant knowledge, soft skills and abilities to deal with patients on an emotional and professional level.

Best Universities To Study Nursing

Nowadays, many students travel abroad to pursue a nursing course for the best educational experiences, standard training and job opportunities

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