Research Opportunities For International Students

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There are many opportunities for faculty teaching students at Temple to gain real-world experience by conducting their own research or assisting professors in their field of study. Many international students seek such experiences to prepare them for future careers, help them figure out what they want to do, and ultimately stand out among applicants for jobs and graduate school. Here are the stories of some Temple International students doing research.

Aina sees the future of medicine in the fields of biotechnology and bioengineering. That’s why he chose to work in the lab of Dr. Parkson Lee-Gao Chong, a professor of medical genetics and molecular biology at Temple School of Medicine. Chong researches how nanocarriers can deliver and release drugs into cells.

Research Opportunities For International Students

“I started researching to see if I liked it, and if so, what topics I liked, what techniques I wanted to learn, and what kind of research environment would work for me,” she said.

International Students Get Real World Experience Doing Research

In the lab, Aina investigates the biophysical properties of ancient lipid delivery systems (derived from unicellular organisms) that are used to design new and more efficient nanocarriers. Aina found that the knowledge she gained about how to do this research and what steps are needed to develop a product is very useful to her.

He began looking for opportunities in his freshman year, but as a first-year student with no experience, he found it difficult to find research projects.

During her sophomore year, she found a solution—she applied to Temple’s College of Science and Technology’s Science Scholar Program for students who want to do research during their years at Temple. . Aina was one of the few sophomores selected. Once accepted, he began contacting professors and looking for labs that fit his interests.

Professors provide CST with a detailed list describing all research projects available to undergraduate and/or graduate students. Aina says that at first it was difficult to get the teachers’ attention about the projects she was interested in, because busy teachers don’t always give the right answers. But he persisted until he got to the lab he wanted.

What Are Some International Research/internship Opportunities For International Students?

He discovered his game in the spring of 2021 in Professor Chong’s research and has been working in his lab ever since. During the summer, when he was able to spend more time there, he met with Professor Chong almost every day.

Regarding her future, Aina plans to pursue a PhD and eventually move into industrial research instead of academic research, but wants to gain more experience before making a decision.

“I’m enjoying it so far. I think it’s a great preparation for graduation because I can put it into my bio and put it into my essays,” she said.

“I started researching to find out if I liked it, and if so, what topics I liked, what techniques I wanted to learn, and what kind of research environment would work for me.” – Aina Mamedova, biochemistry ’23

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Accepted into the prestigious Diamond Research Scholars program during his sophomore year, Yash must develop his own research project and choose a faculty mentor to guide him. His history professor, Alan McPherson, helped him brainstorm and develop the questions that formed the basis of his research.

Eight semesters of classes with Professor McPherson helped Yash decide on his major. It was one of the books the class read

About how the United States supported the genocide in Bangladesh made a big impression on him. Although Yash found the subject emotionally difficult, he wanted to learn more about US actions in Third World countries.

So he decided to study US foreign policy in response to two different genocides—one in Nigeria in 1969 and the other in Bangladesh in 1971. His comparative analysis examines what motivated the United States to respond differently to each of these genocides.

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Accepting his research project proposal, he officially began his research in the summer of 2021. Since then, he has been using it as an option for academic credit.

“If you decide to act in two different ways with two different people, there has to be some kind of variable that affects [your action],” he said.

To find the motivation behind this apparent contradiction, Yash works to identify the missing variable, taking into account economics, international politics, and public opinion and influence. To do this, he analyzed secret intelligence reports, foreign ministry memos, Pakistan’s five-year financial plans and more.

One of his findings was that in the late 1960s and early 1980s, Nigeria’s oil economy was booming while Bangladesh, which was still part of Pakistan, was in ruins. Yash explained that the United States has always been interested in the world’s resources, which gave the United States an economic incentive to differentiate resource-rich Nigeria from resource-starved Bangladesh at the time.

International Research Opportunities Programme (irop)

His research also covers the socio-political context of the time, the Cold War, and the importance of these countries’ geographical location and political alliances. Considering the tensions of the time, Pakistan was not well placed geographically. The country was divided into two parts: the West and the East. The eastern part later became Bangladesh in 1971. East and West Pakistan were separated by India, a country with which Pakistan had historically not had good relations. At that time, this country was an area of ​​hostility due to many political and historical events during the formation of Pakistan and India.

Yash explained that the United States supported the power behind the genocide: West Pakistan, while East Pakistan wanted independence. Yash explained that given the Cold War environment, the US government sees it as an opportunity to integrate in the region. A diplomatic channel was opened first with Pakistan and then with China, with which Pakistan maintains good relations. “The US wanted to open a corridor between West Pakistan and China that would benefit the Soviet Union,” he said.

Yash’s deep interest in this subject is evident. At the same time, he does not hide how much time it can be wasted. “The problem with my project is that if we find a phenomenon in one country, it should be reflected in another country,” he said with a laugh.

After her first year, Tanishta tried a few research opportunities with different professors, but did not enjoy the initial projects. He found that he had no interest in computers. Then the CST Office of Student Professional Development approached him, highlighting a research opportunity with physics professor Maria Avarone.

International Summer Undergraduate Research Program (iu Isurp): Academics & Research: The University Graduate School: Indiana University Bloomington

The experimental nature of Iavarone’s research, which uses scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs) to produce atomic-level resolution images of metal surfaces at very low temperatures (around 300 mK), appeals to Tannishta. Funded by various opportunities, Tanishta spent 21 summers at Iavarone’s lab through a Frances Valais Science Fellowship, and 21 fall as part of an Underground Research Program (URP) fellowship.

In the laboratory, Tanishta studies the atomic and electronic properties of materials and analyzes their properties and uses. It is now part of a project to build a quantum computer.

This past summer, Tanishta worked in the lab every day. He now works two days a week during the semester and maintains a close relationship with Professor Avaron.

In the future, he wants to continue his research, but has not yet decided on the exact focus. His general aim is to deal with astrophysics, but he is open to other fields and is particularly interested in experimental physics. Whatever you decide, the skills you learn at Temple provide a great foundation.

Student International Research Experiences

“I feel like what I’m doing now, even if I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the future, is helping me find a different path, or at least what I really want to do,” Tanishta said. ” .The United States of America is home to some of the best universities in the world. Their world-class education system, teaching and research are second to none. They are known for their comprehensive education system and academic flexibility. Today, about 30% of all international students in the world, including graduates from Nepal, pursue higher education in the United States.

The United States is a leader in technology, business, the arts and beyond. Thousands of students choose the United States as their place of study every year because of scholarship opportunities, academic excellence, modern technology, and internship/work opportunities for international students.

In addition to technological advancements, his cultural footprint has expanded globally, with his music, movies, and television shows distributed worldwide. Another good reason to make it to this list is that the United States is a veritable mecca for international students who are interested in pursuing academic and research studies.

Home to Harvard, MIT, and Yale, 16 of the world’s top 20 colleges are located in the United States. The American education system is known for its unique and practical curriculum. It is home to some of the world’s best universities, such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offering excellent programs in almost every discipline.

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Both at graduate and university level,

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