Best Degrees For Mature Students

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If you are aged 21 or over at the start of your course, you will automatically be considered a mature applicant. In general, the Ford application process is the same regardless of your age; However, we recognize that some aspects of the application process may be too complex for mature applicants.

Ford is looking for well-educated candidates, regardless of their age or background. Like all applicants, mature students must demonstrate academic ability and commitment to their studies.

Best Degrees For Mature Students

Best Degrees For Mature Students

Life experience and study skills – We recognize that mature applicants may have a range of experience beyond formal education, including work and volunteer experience. Ford faculty will consider your work experience and life skills when you apply. These are particularly important when they relate to the course you are applying for and help to demonstrate independent spirit and academic interest.

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While demonstrating these skills adds to your resume, work experience does not replace direct evidence of your ability to succeed in a formal learning environment. Mature applicants must meet the standard formal entry criteria (which they can meet in a variety of ways), so we still need to look at academic qualifications in the last 3 years.

Qualifications – To apply for the competition you will need to demonstrate that you have the skills required to undertake serious and independent academic study in your subject. This means we will look for evidence of recent success in formal education, usually within three years of your application.

This could be A levels or a higher academic qualification, an open university course, a foundation degree or equivalent. If you haven’t studied formally for more than three years, it’s a good idea to get another qualification to refresh your reading skills. Please note that depending on the course you choose, you may need to have A-levels or equivalent qualifications in certain subjects. See our admissions requirements for more information.

Don’t worry if your school results don’t reflect your best work. We understand that education is a continuous journey and a lot may have changed since you left school. We are more interested in your academic ability to graduate now, not your skills at 18.

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The application process for mature students is the same as for other students and you can find step-by-step guidance in our application guide.

College Selection – When applying, you will be asked to select a specific Ford College, otherwise you will be asked to do an ‘Open Application’. As a mature applicant, you can choose any Ford College that offers your course. You can also go to Harris Manchester College (which accepts a range of courses) or Wycliffe Hall (where you can study Theology and Religion or Philosophy and Theology), both of which are for mature students only. Whether you choose an adult college or apply for a student college is a personal choice. Whichever college you attend, you’ll receive personalized academic support and a variety of college and university events and communities, including the chance to join the mature student community. For more information about the Ford college system, see What are Ford Colleges?

References – The UCAS application form requires an academic reference, which is usually completed by a school or college teacher. Depending on your academic background, we understand that it can be difficult for mature applicants to find a teacher who can speak to their academic abilities. We encourage you to ask a teacher who is familiar with your recent work in a formal educational setting, and if this is not possible, you should ask someone who knows you from an academic, work or volunteer setting, who can give you specific details. . Academic ability and not a friend or relative.

Best Degrees For Mature Students

Admission Test – Applicants to most courses at Ford University are required to complete an admission test, which you must register for by September 30 (note: LNAT for law applicants has a different deadline). Although most applicants take the entrance exam at their school, you can also register through the Open Examination Center. For details, check the specific admission test required for your course.

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Written work – Many courses require you to submit a written work as part of your application. We understand that there is not always a suitable writing assignment for mature applicants. Contact the college you are considering to discuss your options.

If you previously graduated at the bachelor’s level, you can still apply to Ford for a second bachelor’s degree. Before considering a second bachelor’s degree, you should review your funding options, as you may not be eligible for the funding available for first bachelor’s degrees.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, you can choose to apply for “Senior Status”. This option allows you to start your second undergraduate degree directly in the second year of the degree. The application process for a master’s degree program, with or without an upper-level option, is generally the same as the regular application process, although you may want to note that not all colleges offer an upper-level option. above and that this condition exists. College Wise.

Ford University does not offer part-time or distance learning options for our undergraduate programs. All of our undergraduate courses are offered full-time, and students must live at Ford during the semester to fully participate in both the short and intensive degree teaching sessions. If you are interested in part-time or distance learning options, you may want to consider one of the many certificate, diploma and graduate courses offered by the university’s continuing education department.

Guidance For Mature Students

Given the short, intensive nature of the teaching conditions at Ford, there are restrictions around students working part-time. However, many students pursue internships or work experience opportunities between terms. Help with training and placement is available through Career Services.

The Crankstart Scholarship is available to all UK residents with a household income of £27,500 or less per year who are studying their first undergraduate degree. The scholarship provides an annual stipend of up to £5,000, as well as extensive support for personal work and volunteering and volunteering opportunities. If you have spent time in care or have been separated from your family, you may be eligible for additional grant support.

If you are not eligible for a Crankstart Scholarship, or choose not to receive a Crankstart Scholarship, you may be eligible for the Ford Bursary, an annual, non-repayable bursary to help with your living costs available to first-class UK students with family income. . Up to £42,875.

Best Degrees For Mature Students

Scholarships can be awarded to applicants for a second undergraduate degree at Harris College Manchester. These are awarded on the basis of academic merit, and all second BA students are eligible, including overseas students from outside the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

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Mature students from the UK may be eligible for additional government support to support them during their studies, including:

Yes, all Ford students must live in or near the Port City. All of our undergraduate degrees involve extensive study and a high level of commitment. The time you spend studying per week is a full-time job. Most students study about 40 hours a week. All undergraduate students must live in the city during the semester in college hostels, other hostels within six miles of the city center, or within 25 miles if your family is at home. All first-year undergraduate students are offered accommodation in their college and for the first time you should discuss your accommodation with the college you have been allocated to. You can also get guidance from our hostel office.

“After three years before I got to university, I was worried that I might be in a bad situation. However, being a mature student broadens your perspective on your subject because you can relate it to your life experiences. I found myself constantly surrounded by inspiration. , hardworking people and an interesting story.”

“My recruitment experience at ford was very good. They reviewed my application thoroughly and gave me the opportunity to defend my personal profile in an interview.”

Best Online Degrees For Seniors

“When I turned 60, my family was nagging me about retiring, but I realized I needed to do something that would involve me. So I applied to Ford. I got the job in January, finally retired in July, and arrived at Freshers’ Week in October. I settled into life at college quickly. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to return to a Ford education, study a course that fully engages me, and join a college full of like-minded people.

“Studying here opened my eyes and gave me opportunities personally and academically

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