Graduate Scholarships For Teachers

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With his largest gift to date, H will deepen his commitment to the teaching profession and provide significant training funding to ease the debt burden of beginning and experienced teachers.

Read more about interviews with faculty leaders, profiles of H students and faculty alumni, and how H has invested in the teaching profession.

Graduate Scholarships For Teachers

Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education today announced a major investment in the teaching profession, with a $40 million gift to support scholarships for students in the school’s new Master’s in Teaching and Teacher Leadership (TTL) program.

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The gift—H’s largest ever—will greatly enhance the school’s ability to prepare teachers to address the challenges students and schools face as they are disrupted by a pandemic that exacerbates current inequities. It will provide support for 40 Masters candidates each year on an ongoing basis, enabling ongoing mentoring and training for educators who will enter the teaching profession without the burden of significant debt. The gift, made anonymously by two Harvard Business School alumni, is part of a broader range of H initiatives to address student access issues and strengthen ties between Harvard and schools and the community, especially those with special needs.

“This is a landmark gift that underscores not only the central importance of teachers in our communities, but also Harvard’s long-standing commitment to learning and education,” said Dean Bridget Long. “Right now, our education system is facing the brunt of a two-year-old global pandemic—a pandemic that has exposed many persistent inequities that have long blocked opportunities for many students. This gift allows H to build on our history of innovative programs that strive to prepare our graduates for transformative learning experiences that empower, support student achievement, and transform lives and communities. This allows us not only to prepare the just, effective teachers that all students need and deserve, but also to develop and share knowledge about how to prepare and sustain high-quality teaching in the complex world of the 21st century.

As part of this historic gift, donors have provided $10 million in funding for the initiative, encouraging other donors at Harvard and beyond to join them in providing financial assistance to graduate candidates in the Teaching and Teacher Leadership Program. Donors match, dollar for dollar up to $10 million, donations from other donors to create scholarships to support TTL students. H has two years (until 31 December 2023) to comply. Contact Tara Karianis to learn more and get involved.

The Teaching and Teacher Leadership program, which will welcome its first cohort of students this fall, creates pathways for success in the classroom and in school leadership positions, enabling graduates to develop as effective practitioners, partners, and mentors in their communities. The TTL program emerged from a seven-year effort to focus and redesign all of H’s master’s programs on foundational knowledge and evidence-based practice to emphasize, analyze, and strengthen the critical role of teachers in the broader educational ecosystem. . The program also builds on the legacy of the H Master’s Program in Teacher Education and the Harvard University Teaching Fellows Program.

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The TTL program welcomes a combination of students learning to teach and advancing in their teaching roles as learning leaders in school settings. Combining levels of experience and perspectives is one of the program’s key strengths, with an established H core curriculum for education professionals, a focus on discipline- and content-focused teaching practices, specialized fieldwork in innovative schools, and ongoing training and mentoring. incubation of successful practices. TTL students also have the opportunity to participate in research into the effectiveness of different approaches to teacher education and seek to continually improve their training and teaching as reflective practitioners—an advantage afforded by the delivery of a teacher education program at a leading research university. .

“One of my goals in this program is to build an evidence base that can inform the practice of teacher education around the world,” says Heather Hill, professor of teacher education and leadership, co-chair of the TTL program, and director of teacher effectiveness policy research. and programs. “There is rarely the time and resources to determine the impact of different approaches to teacher education. This gift creates this time and those resources. We will establish a teacher research lab to generate new evidence on the best ways to effectively prepare and support teachers to address the many challenges facing our K–12 students today.

Another feature of the TTL program is its emphasis on developing teacher communities that provide ongoing support, learning and collaboration. “What I believe our graduates are uniquely prepared to do as teachers and leaders in our K–12 schools is our deep focus on cohort-based teacher training,” said Victor Pereira, faculty co-chair of the TTL program and longtime teacher, mentor, and mentor. “The relationships between beginning teachers and leaders in our program and their relationships with instructors and mentors are the dynamics that create a powerful network of supported and trusted learning. Our program nurtures the whole person, leading to highly skilled and well-structured training in the classroom.”

The recently announced gift consists of $30 million for scholarships and an additional $10 million to encourage other donors to provide financial assistance to H.E. education faculty, including Harvard University President Lawrence Beckow, former President Drew Faust and three HBS deans—Kathleen McCartney, James Ryan, and now Bridget Long—an outstanding collaboration with former HBS dean Nitin Norria.

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Donors’ giving is motivated by their deep belief in the centrality of teachers to our society—and the critical role that effective teachers can play in creating opportunities, raising achievement, and ensuring successful outcomes for students. Donors supported the evolution of teacher education at H University with its first-in-class Educational Leadership Doctorate (Ed.L.D.) program; create an innovative learning path for Harvard College students through the Harvard University Teacher Program; to a professorship focused on effective teaching practice. The TTL program leverages and builds on the innovations of this rich heritage. He also maintains a deep commitment to creating a well-supported pipeline for Harvard College students from the HTF program to transition into teaching.

This gift is the result of the school’s ongoing commitment to making H available and accessible to all students. The goal is to support all H students who participate in a variety of roles in the educational ecosystem, from teachers, school or district leaders, to policy makers, entrepreneurs, instructional designers, and nonprofit leaders working to improve education. .Higher education has never been more confusing or more expensive. Our goal is to help you make important college decisions with objective information and expert advice. Every piece of content on the site is original, based on extensive research, and reviewed by multiple editors, including subject matter experts. This ensures that all our content is relevant, useful, accurate and complete.

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Top 25 Education Scholarships

Although teaching is one of the most important professions, there can be many financial obstacles to becoming a teacher in the US. Earning a master’s degree or other teaching-related degree can be very expensive, and many entry-level teaching positions do not pay enough to earn these degrees.

Fortunately, there are programs that can ease this burden, such as teacher scholarships and teacher loan forgiveness. Whether you’re a teacher looking to further your education or a recent graduate looking for a scholarship for another educational program, we’ve rounded up the best teacher scholarships to help you make your teaching dreams a reality!

There are many other federal and private scholarships available for teachers. The federal TEACH grant is a great example of a federal grant for teachers, and the Voya Unsung Heroes Award is a great individual grant for teachers.


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