Private Public Speaking Lessons

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Private Public Speaking Mastery, one-on-one mentoring designed to help you master your presentation and speaking skills. Worried about presenting at work or leading your team meeting? Maybe you want to launch your own product or idea? Or maybe you need help with a speech at special events, for example a wedding, funeral or party? for a special event or general skills development.

Our sessions can cover many different tracks and are entirely up to you and your first session. A variety of techniques can be used including public speaking techniques, the stress system, breath work, voice influence, presentation skills, counseling and even self-hypnosis. We will use whatever suits you during your lesson. Lessons are online or can be face to face (if based in Edinburgh or Glasgow) for an additional cost. They are designed to accommodate busy schedules and stressful events. Please note that for face-to-face sessions based in Edinburgh or Glasgow, there will be additional costs for hall or room hire and if applicable for travel, for which you will pay directly to your trainer. , including actors, sportsmen, politicians and TV presenters. We respect the wishes and privacy of our customers. If you suffer from anxiety or feel you need help with relaxation or stress management, you may want to make an appointment with our hypnotherapist. Click here for more information.

Private Public Speaking Lessons

Here’s exactly what you get… ✅ Personalized private training in one-hour sessions (you can order a block to save money or pay as you go) ✅ A dedicated, fully qualified, experienced and passionate trainer ✅ Personalized coaching and training can reach your public speaking goals ✅ TAKE-AWAY EXERCISES AFTER YOUR SESSIONS ✅ Expert knowledge, stellar confidence and the confident attitude you need to stand out ✅ All your questions about speaking and presenting answered ✅ Access to any program or content made for you we feel will help your progress now ✅ H- Everything that you need to succeed as a speaker today and overcome your fears of appearing on camera or speaking in person Coaches usually book about 2-3 weeks in advance.

Public Speaking Class New York City

Do you want to get off to a good start in your training, gain more confidence and learn a lot more about public speaking? Get the book today, written by your course manager, Claire Cairns. Kindle and paperback available!

Outdoor Acting Drama School – A directed drama school in Scotland teaching specialist acting, public speaking and singing. Train in a relaxed, fun and challenging environment

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