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The reason that made me ask this question is the following paragraph I found on this page (some instructions written by a STEM subject professor at CMU to enroll in grad school), he says:

Graduate Program For International Students

I’m not a US citizen – how will this affect my chances? Unfortunately, if you are not a US citizen and do not have a green card, your chances of admission are severely limited. One simple reason is that we receive an overwhelming number of applications from abroad. The extra work and time we invest in these students’ cultural acclimatization and language skills means we can only accept a few, and of course that’s just a small part of a huge pool of applications. If you already have a degree from a US institution, it will help a lot with this problem. Additionally, non-US students have a harder time obtaining grants, further adding to the hassle of getting them here. Historically, about half of the graduate students in our department are non-US, although in my research group that percentage is closer to a quarter.

International Graduate Programs

The bold italics are mine. Personally, I think the topic of “cultural adjustment” is nonsense, and “language skills” makes even more sense since almost all programs require pretty good TOEFL/GRE test scores. So I assume my question really has two components and is specific to PhD programs:

Edit: Given the new stats I found, it seems absurd to say that international students (i.e. non-US citizens) have a hard time being accepted, especially in ECE. I think the professor’s remark above does not reflect the broader trend (he is in the ECE department at CMU), and his research group (where the proportion of international students is around 25%) is rather an exception to the “rule “. .

Since you can’t change that and suddenly discover your US parents, all you can do is apply for jobs and do your best. As I said in the comments, the quotes are from a person clearly expressing an opinion, not from the research.

Yes, you’ll find people who score a little or a lot depending on your circumstances, but you’ll also find people who have a broader view (and wiser, I think) that applicants are people who are judged on a relatively fair basis should be.

International Recruitment For Master’s Programs

But you will find that in some fields and at some universities the competition is intense and you will need to prove that you are a great candidate with a great chance of success.

Note that some parts of the article that you didn’t quote are more general. The author is correct that funding a PhD in the US is not usually a problem as almost everyone holds a position such as AT (more common) or RA. This provides enough money to live on (albeit a bit modestly) and pays all tuition and fees. While funding may not come from the professor, it is almost always available to anyone who is admitted and applies for it.

Visa issues can be as intense as travel difficulties at this time, but these are beyond what can be recommended here.

Much more important than trends, however, is what it means for you as an individual. If you have an excellent application, a history of hard work and achievements, and people willing to write you good (great) testimonials, you have a chance.

Recruiting Best Fit International Students To Graduate Business Programs

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By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. There are two very different images of the students wandering the corridors and labs of New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering.

At the university level, 80% live in the United States. At graduate level, the number is reversed: around 80% come from India, China, Korea, Turkey and other countries.

For graduate students far from home, the maelstrom of cultures is both soothing and invigorating. “You feel comfortable that everyone is going through the same struggles and journeys as you are,” said Vibhati Joshi, from Mumbai, India, who is in his final semester of a Masters in Financial Engineering. “It’s pretty exciting.”

Graduate Programs In International Affairs

The Tandon School — an amalgamation of New York University’s science, technology, engineering, and math programs on its Brooklyn campus — is an extreme example of just how scarce Americans are in STEM graduate programs. Overall, these programs have the highest proportion of international students from any broad academic field. According to a survey by the Council of Graduate Schools and the Graduate Record Examinations Board, in autumn 2015 around 55% of all graduates in mathematics, computer science and engineering came from abroad.

Even more pronounced is the shortage of Americans in hot STEMs like computer science, which serve as a talent pipeline for companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft — about 64 percent of graduate students and nearly 68 percent in master’s programs last year were international students, such as according to an annual survey of American and Canadian universities by the Computing Research Association. By comparison, only about 9 percent of undergraduate computer science students were international students (perhaps principals are speculating because families are nervous about sending barely-grown children across the ocean to study).

Many factors contribute to this gap, but one of the most important is the boom in the tech job market. Most Americans see no need for an advanced degree when so many career opportunities await them. For some, the price is too high when they already have so much student debt.

“One might think that if US undergraduate students do well, they can get a job at Microsoft or Google with a degree,” said Edward D. Lazowska, a professor of computer science at the University of Washington.

Atlantic International Graduate Program

Hadi Partovi, a technology investor, earned her master’s degree in computer science from Harvard University in the 1990s. His roommate doesn’t. Both received job offers from the same company. “Graduates are valued more, but aren’t high enough for American students to earn a master’s degree,” said Partovi, one of the founders of, a nonprofit organization that promotes computer science in elementary and high schools.

Universities and employers are keen to tap into the international talent pool that helps them remain globally competitive, and graduate programs have a financial incentive to attract them – demand from abroad is such that the administration doesn’t see the need for much support to offer in the tuition fees.

However, there is concern that the current immigration climate could threaten this flow of talent. Incidents of xenophobia, hostile political rhetoric and President Trump’s attempts to ban travelers from some Muslim-majority countries could weigh on the minds of potential candidates.

For example, the Thayer School of Engineering in Dartmouth saw a 30% drop in international applications for its professional masters program this semester, according to Principal Joseph J. Helble. dr Helble surveyed more than two dozen engineering deans earlier this year, and three-quarters of them said they also experienced a significant drop in international degree applications. But the registrations, he said, have not yet expired.

The Disappearing American Grad Student

“If there is an extra year or two with comparable 20-30% reductions in international applications, we are very concerned about our ability to conduct research, create spin-offs and create companies,” he said. “We are concerned from a competitive perspective.”

Dan Spaulding, head of human resources at Zillow Group, the online real estate company, said his company prefers bachelor’s degrees in specialty areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence, but a computer science degree is sufficient for the vast majority of its technical jobs. He said he heard students and managers’ concerns about an international thrill, but for now, the supply of computer-savvy students is unaffected.

“So many of them come with coding skills first and try to spill over into other business disciplines, product management, product design,” he said. “I just think that advancing the academic level is no longer a priority for so many computer science students today.”

In 1994, only about 40 percent of students enrolled in a PhD in computer science. According to the Computing Research Association survey, the programs came from outside the country.

For International Students Enrolling In Graduate Schools, Master’s Programs Rule

As the economy has improved, the percentage of Americans in graduate programs has declined. “Going to graduate school has lost its priority for so many students,” said Stuart Zweben, co-author of the survey and professor emeritus of computer science and engineering at Ohio State University. “They must have been really interested in research or something in particular.”

The balance of computer science graduate programs began to tip toward so-called nonresident aliens in the late 1990s, when well-funded dot-coms began looking for programmers, sometimes encouraging drop-out summer interns to take Ph.D. weaves

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