Fellowship Opportunities For Graduate Students

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Applications for participation in 2021 are accepted. The Pardee Center’s Alumni Summer Scholarship Program, which gives Boston University graduates the opportunity to conduct important interdisciplinary research and write on topics relevant to their interests. Frederick S. Pardee Center for Future Education Research.

The Pardee Center leads research on future, interdisciplinary, and interdisciplinary policies that can contribute to the long-term improvement of the human condition. The Center has an interest in a strong commitment to long-term human development. We encourage research that can identify what can be done today to improve our global society tomorrow.

Fellowship Opportunities For Graduate Students

The 10-week group (June 1-August 6, 2021) will receive a $ 6,000 financial scholarship, a scholarship with Pardee Center faculty and research partners, and a collegial space to promote peer support and intellectual growth. Summer Fellows has conducted independent research and produced extensive research, which the Pardee Center is expected to publish. Collaborators must work every Monday through Friday during the scholarship period and participate fully in the Pardee Center and Summer Fellows.

Michigan Sea Grant Is Recruiting Applicants For Fellowship And Internship Programs

The program is open to Boston University graduates from public and private schools. First-year and mid-semester medical students are encouraged to participate. (Students will not be allowed to earn degrees in May 2021.) Research is directly related to the ongoing research of the student and / or faculty.

Ideas will be discussed for each topic related to the Pardee Center’s long-term research on human development. The conquest of ideas becomes interdisciplinary in the sense that with a clear understanding of the subject and the relevance of the policy in the future. We are interested in topics related to the major challenges of our time (eg without limits, the future and sustainable development of humankind, democracy, public health, etc.), information and media, socio-economic diversity, technology and innovation, climate change and environmental degradation. , human security and land, etc.). This year, Carnegie Corporation is supporting two fellows who are part of the Pardee Center’s “20 Years of War” research project, which is a regular partnership with Brown University’s Watson Institute to expand the war spending program. These two partners will be selected on the basis of their approach to human, financial, environmental, social or political costs and the consequences of war. Learn more about this project here.

The application deadline is Tuesday, 2021. The results of the candidates will be announced by the end of April. Detailed advice can be found here.1 Scholarships and Scholarships for Graduates / Vocational School Examples AAUW Scholarship for Selected Professions: The American Women’s Association provides between $ 5,000 and $ 12,000 for young women seeking study. final year in schools such as Business Administration and Law. Toigo Scholarship: The only MBA degree scholarship for small businesses involved in finance. American Indian Alumni Center: AIGC was established in 1969 to assist American Indian graduates who wished to pursue master’s, doctoral, and professional studies and were eligible for Ford Foundation pre-doctoral funding, dissertations, and postdoctoral fellowships for a select doctoral degree. or ScD programs that lead a teaching and research career at a university or college. Gates Millennium Scholars: Gates Millennium researchers aim to increase enrollment and graduation for low-income Americans, African Americans, Native Americans / Alaska natives, and Hispanic Americans. Gates Millennium Scholars must be selected: Eligible graduates must be admitted to a study program in engineering, mathematics, science, education, or librarianship. MALDEF Scholarships: The Mexican Foundation for Legal Defense and Education provides scholarships to law schools for Latin students in their first, second, or third year of law school, as well as interview lessons for students wishing to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communication, including printing. and published in a newspaper or e-mail. NM-AGEP: Scholarship Supported by the National Science Foundation, the New Mexico Alumni Education and Professor Alliance (NM-AGEP) is a branch of New Mexico Medical Scholarship Universities: University of New Mexico, Technical University of New Mexico, and the State of New Mexico. university. The purpose of the agreement is to increase the number of students who do not enter doctoral studies and pursue a career in college.

2 professors of science, mathematics and engineering. NM-AGEP Fellows place higher demands on and participate in professional development programs and conferences. For more information, visit the NM-AGEP website at: National Consortium for Physical Sciences (NPSC): The NPSC offers a doctoral program in physical sciences that emphasizes the special importance of the achievements of juvenile and female students in the physical sciences. Courses: Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Materials Science, Mathematics, Physics and Subdisciplines. Doctor doctor. Scholarships / Scholarships: Financial Ideas for Undergraduate Students GRADUATE SCHOOL Lesbian and Gay History Committee Scholarships Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students who have written critical work related to LGBTQ history. Davis Putter Scholarship Funds are major scholarships for students who work hard for peace and justice in an accredited profession. PMI Educational Foundation Scholarships The PMI Educational Foundation Scholarships and Awards program supports the development of the world’s best program management practices through training. SCHOOL Earl Warren General Law Scholarship: $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 per year for black students or undergraduate law students. Arent Fox Diversity Scholarship Program: The company will award $ 15,000 to three first-year law students.

Fellowship Opportunities For Incoming Graduate Students

3 SCHOOL OF LAW AGREEMENT D The Bill and Ann Shepard Legal Scholarship Fund grants three- to four-year-old law students to practice law and promote the interests of the GLBT community. Foley & Lardner LLP Diversity Scholarship Program: Through the program, Foley offers a $ 5,000 scholarship to a variety of law students at select law schools in Berkeley, Duke, Florida, Georgetown, Michigan, the Northwest, UCLA, and Wisconsin. ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund: 15,000 per student for 3 years of law school. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS National Spanish Master’s Degree Program: Gifts range from $ 2,500 to $ 10,000. Five (5) full-time candidates who lack funding will receive a $ 10,000 gift. Prizes are $ 250 for travel. and fees for participation in the NSHMBA Annual Conference and Career Exhibition Gift Year. National Black MBA Association: Grants range from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 and membership in the organization. American Indian Scholarship in the Department of Education: Each year, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development offers five scholarships for the American Indian Scholarship or for graduates of this profession. Scholarships are presented at the annual Indian Business Awards Ceremony (INPRO) in September. Spanish Scholarship Fund / ALPFA Scholarship: Grant amount from $ 1,000 to $ 10, Chrysler Fund Reaching Out MBA Scholarship Funds scholarships for first-year LGBT students enrolling or planning to enroll in a two-year vocational school program.

4 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Gift for Junior Scientists: The American Medical Association awards a $ 10,000 prize to 13 junior students. APIASF / Joint Health Fund Asian Health Fellowship: Grant: $ 5,000 (travel $ 2,500 for two years). National Medical Scholarship: AMBI Scholarship in Science and Medicine: The AMBI Scholarship in Science and Medicine is a government program designed to recognize, reward, and support African American and Hispanic women who truly want to seek employment in science and medicine. $ 10 Gift, SCHOOL OF ONTOLETRY, AND HEALTH Alice Newell Jaslyn Medical Scholarship – BECA Foundation The BECA Foundation seeks to award academic and community leadership scholarships to Latin American students. Pursue higher education. At the time of application, students must plan to enter the medical / healthcare industry and live and attend college in San Diego County. $ 1,000-2,000. U.S. School of Dentistry Student Dentistry Training Website: Several groups have been found to attend a school of dentistry. Students from Native American, Alaskan, Native American, Hispanic / Latin, Mexican, American, Pacific, and Puerto Rican are currently eligible for this study. $ Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Future Minority Scholarship: Sponsored by the Colgate Palmolive Company, these scholarships are for small group members currently participating in dental hygiene programs in all areas of formal education. Examples of suitable candidates are: African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and men. $ 1,250 Colgate-Palmolive / HDA Foundation Spanish Master’s Scholarship: A new scholarship program for Japanese students in the Master’s Program in Public Health or Advanced Public Health in Dentistry. The Colgate-Palmolive-sponsored program provides two $ 10,000 scholarships to support Japanese students enrolled in post-graduate health programs.

5 SCHOOL OF ANTONTOLOGY AND HEALTH PROGRAM D Cora Aguda Manayan Foundation – Hawaii Community Foundation: Applicants for these grants should be more active in health-related schools and give priority to students of Filipino descent.

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