Certificate Iii Early Childhood Education

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Are you passionate about children? Do you like to help learn? Then the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is for you!

There has never been a more exciting time to enter early childhood education and play a vital role in supporting children’s wellbeing, learning and development.

Certificate Iii Early Childhood Education

Certificate Iii Early Childhood Education

The opportunities offered by this course are varied. Depending on your choice, you will work under direct supervision or as an educator on your own while meeting the requirements of the National Regulations for Education and Care Services and the National Quality Standard.

Certificate Iii In Early Childhood Education And Care

You will experience a mix of face-to-face and practical lessons to build confidence working with children. Because the structure of the course is flexible, you can fit the study into your life, not the other way around.

You will also learn how to create a safe and healthy environment for children while meeting their individual needs. Few things are more rewarding than this!

The best part of this course is the opportunity to work in this sector as an Early Childhood Educator or Nursery Assistant, Nanny, Family Day Care or Support Worker. This will allow you to take the time to decide on the next steps in your career, as we understand that these choices are not always easy.

These next steps could be a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care or a Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies (offered at the Federation University). A Diploma in Early Childhood Education will enable you to work as a Qualified Educator in an Early Childhood Service – see, this course can really take you places!

Early Childhood Educator (certificate Iii)

Caring and knowledgeable teachers are always in high demand, so come work with us to create exciting career opportunities with future potential.

NB: As much as we want to offer, we can only offer one free TAFE course per person. If you are already registered and have started or registered but have not completed a free TAFE course at any TAFE Victoria in the past, you will not be eligible for another course and will have to pay tuition and materials fees when you register. If you think this is you, please contact us.

Qualifications and recognition On completion of this course, students will be eligible for a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Career opportunities

Certificate Iii Early Childhood Education

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is physically demanding, and to be successful with the Certificate course and practical placement, students must perform and demonstrate a range of skills for themselves, other students, staff and others in a safe way. under his protection.

Chc30113 Certificate Iii In Early Childhood Education And Care Vocational Placement Kit

By understanding the required coursework and practical placement, students can make an informed decision about whether the program is a good fit before enrolling.

Students are required to have three COVID-19 vaccinations specified by the State Government based on public health recommendations to participate in the posts or be at work. Students must have their third COVID-19 vaccination by March 25, 2022. More information can be found here

Placement During the course, students complete one placement per week, with one placement in Semester 2 and Semester 3, and one mid-year placement for Semester 4, which will continue for the duration of the course.

Student Services Support is available to students at every stage of their educational journey. Please speak to our friendly reception or teaching staff. Recognition of Prior Learning Many TAFE Gippsland courses offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Click to learn more about RPL and how it can benefit you. Early childhood education and care is a growing sector with more than just parents using early childhood services in all their different forms.

Course: Certificate Iii In Early Childhood

Completion of this qualification equips candidates with the skills and competence to fulfill the role of educator in a range of early childhood education settings, working within the requirements of the National Regulations for Education and Care Services and the Standard National Quality.

This qualification reflects the role of early childhood education and care educators working in regulated care and education services in Australia. They support the well-being and development of children in the context of an approved learning framework. Educators use a range of well-developed skills and knowledge, using judgment and judgment in carrying out their work within the context of established policies and procedures. They can work independently or under the guidance of others, although in some contexts this guidance may not be in place.

To obtain this qualification, an applicant must complete at least 160 hours of work in a child care service, as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of the units of competence.

Certificate Iii Early Childhood Education

The duration of the course is 10 months which is a mandatory component of this qualification and will take place in 2 blocks (2 weeks in week 14 and 4 weeks in week 34) (including a work placement of 6 weeks).

Chc30121 Certificate Iii In Early Childhood Education And Care (release 4)

Face-to-face workshops are held two days a week. Assessment tasks, including assignments, will be required in addition to the workshop to complete this qualification. This course is considered full-time study.

Although there are no prerequisites set in the training package, the sector needs to obtain a Working with Vulnerable People check before you can start a placement and this is organized by your Foresite Training or Employment Services provider.

You must have a real desire to work in this sector. Language, literacy and maths assessments are required to develop a support plan if needed.1 SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTION Early Childhood Teacher (Certificate III) Job Title: Responsible: Early Childhood Educator (Certificate III), [Name of Preschool or Long Day Care] Head Hall, Director [name of organization] Date: November 2012 Qualifications: Certificate III in Children’s Services Other Requirements: Current First Aid Certificate, Management Training Anaphylaxis and Asthma Clear Children Check Award/Contract: [insert applicable award and/or company agreement name] Job Summary As an educator, you are expected to be an active member of a team that provides a high quality early childhood education and care for children. This includes: Building strong relationships with children in the service; Develop strong relationships that support and partner families and the community; Implement organizational policies and related procedures at all times; and work with other employees toward continuous improvement in all areas of service operations. Key Responsibilities General Responsibilities To work in accordance with the requirements of the Children (Implementation of National Education and Care Services) Bill 2010, the National Education and Care Services Regulations and the National Quality Standard for Early Education and Care; work in accordance with the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics; Apply a philosophy of service while performing all other duties; Work in accordance with organizational policies and related procedures; and provide ongoing support and assistance to other staff in all areas of the service’s activities. 1

2 Tasks according to the National Quality Standard 1. Educational program and practice 1.1 Implement the philosophy service statement and ensure that it guides pedagogy and teaching decisions; 1.2 Contribute as necessary to the development of programs that reflect the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF); 1.3 Ensure that curriculum decisions contribute to each child’s learning and help children strengthen their community connection, well-being, confidence as learners and agency as communicators; 1.4 Help children to develop EYLF goals: A strong sense of their identity; His relationship with the world; A strong sense of well-being; confidence and participation in learning; and selective communication skills. 1.5 Facilitate the implementation of a play-based learning environment that responds to children’s interests, strengths and abilities; 1.6 Contribute to the planning, implementation, evaluation and reflection of programs that reflect children’s emerging skills and interests; 1.7 Assist in the implementation of daily routines and use daily times as learning opportunities; 1.8 Contribute to the planning and documentation of children’s learning under the guidance of qualified staff or teachers to make their learning visible; 1.9 Under the guidance of qualified diploma teachers or teachers, keep continuous records of the child’s development and records of evaluations of the children’s learning results; and 1.10 Engage in critical thinking and assessment of children’s learning, which is used as a key resource for future planning. 2. Health and safety of children 2.1. Ensure that the health needs of each child are supported; 2.1. Ensure that children are safe and adequately supervised at all times; 2.2. Take responsibility for ensuring that a potential oversight risk is communicated to other educators or the principal; 2.3. To be responsible for the protection and rights of children participating in the service; 2.4. Ensure that the environment is safe, supportive, stimulating and educational for children; 2.5. Respond positively and consistently to children’s additional needs/requests; diet / allergies, development, etc.; 2.6. Ensuring a high standard of hygiene in accordance with procedures and policies; 2

Certificate 3 Early Childhood Education Care

3 2.7. Administer first aid and medications in accordance with procedures and policies; and 2.8. Ensure accurate and detailed injury/accident/trauma records and medication forms; 2.9. Familiarize yourself with all health and safety policies

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