Boarding Schools For Gifted Students

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A lot can be said about boarding schools. A first-class education, outstanding student care in a globally inclusive community, and endless extracurricular opportunities for character development outside the classroom are just a few of the features that ensure a lasting legacy for our graduates. A tradition of prestige and academic excellence can only be maintained through a holistic philosophy that prioritizes student growth in all areas.

Residential schools in the United States exemplify the transformative effects of a holistic education based on self-awareness and experience. Creating an optimal environment for self-realization is an integral part of a student becoming an adult, and independent schools clearly excel in this area with class size and teacher support.

Boarding Schools For Gifted Students

Recent studies agree that transfers from public schools to independent schools have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic due to smaller class sizes, flexible learning and full support for individual students during the pandemic. With sprawling campuses and an emphasis on student-centered programs, Boarding Schools of America creates a solid foundation where continuous progress becomes a personal credo for the students who grace their halls. Here are four boarding houses in the United States where individual excellence is everything:

Choosing A Private School For Your Gifted Child

Madeleine Albright. Nancy Pelosi. Ayanna Presley. On the American political scene, these pioneering women are products of a rigorous private education, where leadership skills are honed to catalyze real-world social change. This belief underlies the educational vision of Garrison Forest School (GFS), a girls’ day and boarding school located on a lush 110-acre campus outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

True to their motto of “Being rather than being seen,” GFS girls are seen and heard, in and out of the classroom. With a wide range of interscholastic athletics and strong visual and performing arts programs, each girl is given the opportunity to forge her own path to mastering her unique sense of self. GFS emphasizes the value of compassionate leadership in a strong partnership where cooperation and mutual respect bind the school community.

Its academically tailored college preparatory curriculum offers students advanced placement (AP) courses to challenge their intellectual readiness for entry into higher education. GFS alumni include pioneering researchers on COVID-19 vaccines, one of the first women to attend Yale, and a senior member of an NBA team. The school’s WISE program, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University, is one of several platforms where talented students can pursue world-class research projects under the guidance of experienced science, technology, engineering and mathematics mentors. ).

Strategically located just one hour from Washington, D.C., approximately two hours from Philadelphia, and approximately three hours from New York City, GFS is surrounded by major cities where Ivy League and top universities await high school graduates. To learn more about GFS, you can take a campus tour here.

Us Boarding Schools Nurturing Tomorrow’s Changemakers

To quote Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Women belong where decisions are made. Women should not be an exception.” The young women of Linden Hall have been shattering the glass ceiling for 275 years. The oldest independent day and boarding school in the United States is older than the country itself and was founded in 1746 with a progressive philosophy supporting women’s education and the pursuit of knowledge. The preference for girls increases self-esteem and education. Graduate students are six times more likely to discuss math, science and technology than girls in secondary schools. Every year, Linden Hall girls receive offers from the world’s top universities, including Yale, Harvard, and Stanford.

The STEM gender gap is a globally pressing issue, with women in higher-paying fields compared to men due to systematic exclusion in various fields. Linden Hall’s answer? Providing access to education where the sky is literally the limit. The school is known for its trademark aviation program, where girls can use physics and engineering concepts to train while flying. The best part? Students can earn a private pilot’s license while still in high school.

6–12. Open to freshman girls, Linden Hall’s curriculum is exclusively college preparatory, offering robust STEM and arts programs. With an average of only eight students per class, Linden Hall girls receive personal attention and a personalized curriculum, with unwavering faculty support. Academic learning means unmistakable excellence; A student’s average five-year AP exam score is well above the national average of 4.1.

Its equestrian program is nationally renowned, complete with the school’s own stables and indoor and outdoor rings for riders to instill quality horsemanship. Linden Hall students have competed in top national competitions and academic support is guaranteed on the commute from school. If you’re interested in being a boarder, you can call the 49-acre campus a quaint little town, but still retaining its worldly character thanks to its diverse, multi-national student body. A tight-knit residential community frames the boarding experience in a caring association where girls support each other to become the best versions of themselves.

Sek International School Les Alpes

In a quiet, bucolic setting just 50 minutes from Philadelphia, the 140-acre campus is a haven for emerging leaders to achieve personal fulfillment. Located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Solebury School is a coeducational day and boarding school offering grades 9-12 with post-baccalaureate options.

A well-rounded education awaits applicants at Solebury. The school gives equal importance to academics, arts and athletics, encouraging students to use their whole being to transform into a well-rounded character.

The school’s mission to create an educational environment of excellence lies in its comprehensive, college-preparatory curriculum, which includes everything from STEM to humanities to concentrations in social justice and global education. Forward-thinking, conscientious minds are given space to flourish in classes that average just 11 students per class, with the earliest classes starting at 8:30 a.m. to combat sleep deprivation for optimal concentration.

Living at Solebury means joining a diverse group that celebrates the uniqueness of each student’s heritage and background. No two students are the same; Everyone is valued for their talents and their passions are encouraged. Each dormitory has its own family, where students achieve independence through lasting friendships and meaningful relationships.

State Boarding School For Specially Gifted Children

For extracurriculars, the school boasts a 21,500-square-foot gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, and a six-lane running track and track and field. Cornerstone Coaching is centered around three pillars, namely nutrition, exercise and mindset for steady, sustainable results. Aspiring creatives can also benefit from Solebury’s commitment to the arts. The school’s location in Bucks County, known nationally as an artist hub, has been a cornerstone of the school’s imaginative excellence dating back to 1925.

At Maryland Boys’ Latin School, they know all the boys—who they are today and who they will be tomorrow. Since opening in 1844, this all-boys school on more than 75 acres of rolling countryside just 15 minutes from downtown Baltimore has welcomed curious students to instill the school’s three-dimensional values ​​of courage, integrity and compassion in hard-working young men. his upbringing. tomorrow.

Drawing on nearly two centuries of experience, the school’s K-12 education is small enough to maintain a tight-knit brotherhood to build a solid foundation of self-confidence and provide countless leadership opportunities for boys. Here, boys transition seamlessly from the lower years to the upper years, where they learn to deftly navigate the complex, critical thinking skills required for higher education upon graduation. Innovation inspires the scientific enthusiasm of its students, especially through a sophisticated robotics program that ranks fourth in the world and reaches top engineering colleges with more than 100 members.

Empathetic relationships are forged in the boarding school environment. The apartment building is newly renovated and each shared room is 350 square meters and has its own bathroom. Most importantly, no boy stands alone here; Students from around the world are integrated into the community through meaningful peer-to-peer activities such as weekly dorm meetings, group dinners, and mentoring opportunities. To create a sense of belonging, each resident is joined by a student family for the day for home-cooked meals, movie nights or games at Baltimore’s Camden Yards. The school community emphasizes its expanded outlook and understands that going to a boarding school does not mean leaving the family; It is about building a bigger one.

Boarding Schools In Texas: Why Boarding School?

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