Free Professional Development Courses For Early Childhood Educators

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If you are interested in free online professional development courses, workshops and webinars for early childhood education, this is the right place to look!

Also, One Tree Community Services has donated this impressive guide with many links to online professional development programs to support the community. This guide is free to download and use at your convenience.

Free Professional Development Courses For Early Childhood Educators

Free Professional Development Courses For Early Childhood Educators

You can find really interesting webinars here. For example, recent additions: change leadership in ECE, learning stories in practice or methods for well-being.

Free Early Childhood Care & Education…

Learning Hub provides a number of free resources that you may find interesting and applicable to your practice. These resources include specialist training developed by ECA partner organisations.

Here we also provide free webinars to support education with a professional perspective on topics that are being discussed in our community. Check out our free Webinar on Critical Reflection, which covers many questions about practicing reflection.

Storypark provides free workshops and step-by-step guides to support teachers in using the main features and tools of this software. They aim to help you improve performance, save time and involve families in children’s learning.

Be You provides free education on social and emotional well-being and mental health. You can find recorded webinars on the following topics: supporting children with complex needs, employee well-being, professional boundaries and difficult conversations.

New Mexico Early Childhood Education And Care Dept On Twitter:

Early Signals First Responses offers a free program with six professional learning modules and two webinars that explore cognitive development, addiction, trauma-related practices, challenging behaviors and respectful relationships.

AIECS occasionally offers free online professional training for the early childhood community. Check their Facebook page for announcements.

ARACY has an interesting webinar on school transition or school readiness presented by Professor Sue Dockett. You can see it anytime now

Free Professional Development Courses For Early Childhood Educators

Please share with us if you know of any other free online training providers for Educators working in Australia. Let’s expand this list together. JobTrainer is a joint initiative by the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. JobTrainer provides free education and vocational training to young people and job seekers across Canberra in areas of employment development including education and early childhood care.

Collaborative For Children

Community Center for Professional Learning and Education (CPLE) is proud to be the chosen training organization (RTO 88148) to deliver nationally recognized qualifications in early childhood education and care through the ACT Government’s JobTrainer program (limited places only):

If you enroll in one of these qualifications with CPLE as part of the JobTrainer program, you will be able to complete your studies at no cost.* This means that you will not have to pay CPLE certification fees or student administration fees. The Australian Government and the ACT will subsidize CPLE for the training and assessment services you receive.

*This free training does not include the cost of the first aid unit. Students will have to pay for the cost of this module only as CPLE outsources the training and assessment of this module to an external first aid provider. Fees depend on the fees charged by the First Aid training provider you choose to complete. See CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care qualification guide for details (pdf download)

If you have completed the form but have not received an email from the CPLE team, please contact the team at [email protected] or call 02 6293 6220. Please check your spam/junk folder before enquiring.

Intentional Teaching In Early Childhood: Ignite Your Passion For Learning And Improve Outcomes For Young Children (free Spirit Professional™): Heidemann M.s., Sandra, Menninga M.a.ed., Beth, Chang M.a., Claire: 9781631984266: Books

If you want to study CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, you can now apply for training in the Ascend program. The career development program enables trainees to earn while they study – this means you can work full-time in community children’s services at work while studying your qualification with the CPLE team and gain paid work experience alongside your nationally recognized qualification. Learn more about the Ascend Project page here.

To study a nationally recognized vocational education and training qualification in early childhood education and care with the community at the Center for Vocational Learning and Education, under Jobtrainer or other funding structures, you must:

For more information on entry requirements, download the relevant qualification information guide at the bottom of this page or discuss your requirements with the CPLE team at [email protected] or 02 6293 6220.

Free Professional Development Courses For Early Childhood Educators

Completing CHC30121 Certificate III will open the door to a meaningful, secure, fulfilling and smiling career. All you need to apply is a passion for children’s education – no experience or previous knowledge is required. And what’s more, you get this feature for free with JobTrainer!

The Child Care Resource Center

For more information about this certification and what it entails, as well as to download the certification guide for complete information, please visit this page.

Take the next step in your growing career! Study CHC50121 Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care for free. A bachelor’s degree opens up career advancement opportunities into leadership positions in the workforce. You will need at least CHC30113 or CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education to study the Diploma with us.

For more information about this qualification and what it entails, as well as to download the certification guide for full information, please visit this page.

When you choose CPLE, you choose a Communities at Work award-winning professional education and training provider. We are a three-time winner of ‘Large Employer of the Year’ at the ACT Training Awards (2019, 2020 and 2021). We take a holistic approach to training and ensure you are supported. Support throughout your qualification journey and beyond. We prepare or propel you into the workforce with a personalized educational experience that meets your needs.

Jobtrainer At Cple: Early Childhood Study

Our highly qualified, professional and passionate team of trainers and assessors will be there to guide you every step of the way. Our flexible format and supportive and stimulating environment provide a blend of theoretical and practical learning that will equip you with the real-world skills you need to succeed as an early childhood educator.

As the largest childcare provider, operating 12 education and early care centers and 17 school care services in Canberra, the workplace community may be able to offer potential employment opportunities to our organization after you graduate!

You can contact the CPLE team at [email protected] or 02 6293 6220 between Monday-Friday (9am to 5pm) for more information about the JobTrainer programme, studying for this qualification or to express your interest and discuss your options. The Child Care Resource Center provides support and training for parents and preschool teachers. We help parents navigate the child care system and find the best possible care for their child. We provide training, technical assistance and professional development to early childhood educators to help them create quality learning environments for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Free Professional Development Courses For Early Childhood Educators

Document verification is easy – fill out the registration form, CCRC staff will record what is borrowed and that’s it! Materials can be borrowed for a period of three weeks, with a renewal period of one week.

Early Care And Education

If you are involved in early learning centers and/or birth families and are looking to maximize training opportunities or simply improve the quality of care you provide, the CCRC is the perfect resource. Our free resource library is open to the public and our staff has extensive knowledge of early childhood and all types of child care.

Information about the different types of childcare, childcare rates, what will find in the childcare provider, contact details for referral (name / number of providers)

A: “I’m more confident in what I know and understand the procedures and protocols and licensing standards. In terms of working within the center itself, when it comes to teaching and working with children in practice, it has informed my understanding and given me a deeper understanding because now it is laid out in points so I understand why it can be done and why it can be done because it gives you the expected results. It gives me information and tools to be able to teach children in a way that they can accept and understand.”

“CDA is a great program for head teachers and we will encourage all our staff to get their CDA as it can help you a lot. I’m glad I learned the lesson.” Adolph Brown | Spring 2018 CDA participants

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