Homeschool Math Curriculum For Gifted Students

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For most children, math can be a dreaded subject. Especially difficult to understand if the curriculum you are working with is not suitable for your student. And if you have a gifted child, you need a math plan for exceptional students.

Math can come easily to exceptional students. Some math subjects are probably easier than others. For example, arithmetic is very easy for my children. Basic geometry was too, but as we progressed more it became a bit challenging for them. So it was quite a challenge to find the right curriculum.

Homeschool Math Curriculum For Gifted Students

With gifted students, you may need to use a few curricula in combination. We tried several curricula but realized that we might need to use one for geometry and another for other maths – it worked well for us. Additionally, using free online resources works very well whether your child is a visual or an auditory learner.

Choosing Math Curriculum For Special Learners

When I teach math, I believe it is important to give the children a practical application of the math they are learning. With our chosen curriculum, we therefore use various practical materials that aid understanding. Hands on material is especially useful for understanding spatial relationships (spatial reasoning).

For us, two things work together: Khan Academy and Beast Academy. By the way, remember that this is not a paid review. This is exactly what we use daily and love it so much that I wanted to share.

Besides being free, Khan Academy has great explainer videos! But for us, the spreadsheets didn’t work well. We found the spreadsheets to be a little too repetitive. Just like exercises over and over. For a gifted student, this does not work well. They get bored quite easily with a lot of repetition just for repetition’s sake.

Don’t get me wrong. Repetition is necessary to understand concepts. However, it is best to approach it from different angles. So using different types of exercises to teach the same concept works better for gifted students. At least that’s what I found when I tutored and taught math.

The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum For 5 15 Year Olds

So we mainly use it for concepts that children find a bit difficult to understand. A video works wonders to help them see the concept in action. This helps with independent learning – they can see it for themselves.

Finding a good math plan for gifted students was not easy. But finally, a few years ago, a family member recommended Beast Academy.

This curriculum is not for the faint of heart! It is definitely an accelerated curriculum. It is NOT easy, but not hard either.

What do I mean? It’s an accelerated curriculum perfect for kids who are gifted and “get” concepts right away. They don’t get tired of it. So it is not based on drill repetition. They challenge children to explore the same concepts from different angles.

Our Gifted Homeschool Curriculum

The Beast Academy curriculum is great for kids to do independently after they understand the concept. It is challenging and fun for gifted children because it does not focus on repetition.

However, this is the kind of thing you should review with your kids and sit down and learn with them many times! LoL there are many times, I finally realized these were concepts I never fully understood until I sat down with my kids to “teach” them. So, as we go through the exercise and I review the concepts they found difficult, I end up learning along with them. Why is this a good thing?

The way Beast Academy explains math is great for understanding reasoning and not out of sight. By approaching from different angles, you see how this applies.

For example, when learning what types of angles, the exercise was trying to get through a maze by making only 90 degree turns. Another was to turn below 90 degrees. My kids have no problem now remembering what a sharp, obtuse and right angle is! Great way to learn without memorizing. They learn by applying the concepts in fun exercises.

The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Gifted Children

However, there are exercises that will be far too challenging. These are marked with a star and usually a parent or adult will need to help the children with this.

As with any curriculum, it is not immune to failure. There are some errors in the workbook items. If things aren’t right, just check the update and fix pages online. We don’t hide the fact that we love math, yes I know it makes us weird but we all do! Here are our top picks for your math homeschool that you should check out.

All of the homeschooling curricula featured in this list have been used by us at different times. That’s why I’m sure you’ll find the one you love.

We used Beast Academy in junior high, which worked really well. But it’s definitely the hardest math plan we’ve found. So unless you have a child who is gifted in math, I would choose one of the other curriculums, or start at least two grades below their current grade. For middle school we use mr. D Math.

Your 5 Step Guide To Choosing Homeschool Math Curriculum

All but one of these homeschooling curricula are based in the US, and all are available in the UK except for Beast Academy. However, if you are based in the UK, I highly recommend getting it sent if you have a gifted child. If you want to see what we use in our 6th grade homeschool curriculum, check out our latest post.

** There may be affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase (after clicking one of my affiliate links) I will earn coffee money, which I promise to drink while supporting your journey. You are not paying a higher price. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.**

Mr. D Math is for middle and high school grades. It offers live online classes and each lesson has simple principles and provides a practical approach, which you don’t get from any curriculum. This is the homeschool math curriculum we will be using in 7th grade.

We have taken an economy class with them, and are currently taking an ASL 1 self-paced course, and they are both amazing. For a complete and detailed overview of Mr. D Math, check out our latest blog post.

Best Curriculum For Gifted Kids || Teaching Textbooks Math

Teaching textbooks are for grades 3-12 and are an online complete curriculum. We just recently came across them and we started using them for Algebra 1. Check out our very detailed review of Teaching Textbooks here and see why we really love it. You can try the first 15 lessons for free, you won’t be disappointed.

Beast Academy is for kids ages 8-13, but it’s definitely aimed at talented students. You can either do the workbooks, online or both. Since we do a lot of online work, we just picked the books and are very happy with them. The workbooks are not your typical books and are very similar to a comic book.

We are working at a 5th grade level, he could have gone into pre-algebra, but at age 11 I thought I would keep him in 5th grade. I’m so glad I did because even though he’s having a great time with this, it’s definitely the most challenging math program we’ve done. If you have a child who struggles with math, I would definitely start at least 2 grades lower.

There are placement tests that you can take, but that I absolutely recommend. Unlike all the other maths syllabuses listed, this is (as far as I know) not available in the UK. But you can get it shipped from the US. Beast Academy also has some offline free math games that are a great way to spend your Friday afternoons!

Pdf (10+) Core Journal

IXL is a great math and English interactive curriculum for grades K-12. What we really liked about IXL was the real-time diagnostic tests, so the kids are working at their real level.

So if your child excelled in algebra but couldn’t understand long division, for example, they would be working at different grade levels for each subject. What’s even better than that is if you click my link you get 20% off. To read our full and detailed review of the IXL, check out our latest blog post.

EdPlace is the best UK-based curriculum for Maths, English and Science for Year 1 up to GCSE level. It’s a free option, but it’s definitely very limited. It wasn’t meant to be a homeschool curriculum, but we found it worked really well for us. If you’re looking for resources for homeschooling in the UK, check out over 80 that we used when we were in the UK.

Schoolhouse Teachers offers math for all ages, what’s even better is that when you sign up, you get access to absolutely every subject and every grade level, from preschool to high school.

Teaching Textbooks Homeschool Math For Gifted Kids

CTC Math is for kids of all ages, they offer a free trial, plus half price home tuition. What we liked about CTCMath is that

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