Why Is Language Important

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2 I. Why we learn languages ​​We use language to communicate and express our feelings. In a language lesson, in fact, we study for ourselves. Words are our history, our history is preserved through our stories

3 II. How do we do this? We listen and tell stories, and read and write them. We still do it regularly and we enjoy watching this story. (theater, movies, video games, music, campfire stories, etc.)

Why Is Language Important

Why Is Language Important

In order to learn from a myth, we must ask ourselves about its origin, the author, at what time it was written, there are 5 important elements that we look for inside the story that will help us determine the true meaning and origin (Setting, Symbols). , character, conflict, theme)

The Importance Of Languages

5 We look at the background of the story, the description of the place, the time, and the meaning of the card or the feeling of the place. Context helps us determine when and under what circumstances a text was written. What technology do people use? How is life? Do they have a government? Is it a real place? Are they real people?

A symbol is a person, place, thing, or event that is independent of itself (literal) and something else (figure).

8 We look at the characters and wonder about their personalities and motives or simply, why they do what they do. (heroes, villains, sidekicks, etc.) Round: a character with depth (“beyond what meets the eye”) Flat: a character without depth Dynamic: a character that changes over the course of the story Static: a character that doesn’t go through. Change

Conflict is a struggle or conflict between opposites, forces, or feelings Internal: Conflict that occurs within the mind, thoughts, or feelings of one character (Man v. Self) External: Conflict that occurs in the outside world, between many. More than character, power, or feeling (Man v. Man, Man v. Nature, Man v. Society)

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Theme: An idea or understanding expressed in a work of literature. It is the message the author wants us to get from that article. The author uses background, symbols, characters, and conflict to introduce the theme c. The theme is not a one-word concept, like love. The theme is expressed as a sentence: Love has the power to transform people.

We find common themes in many stories. When we share our stories and read others, we find that we have a lot in common. We share the same experiences and emotions many times as we respond to life’s events. Topics cut across cultures, traditions, and times. They speak to who we are as animals, and connect us all.

First, what do we all have in common? What is the basic common denominator? We are all human. By studying stories from all over the world, from all cultures and times, we find commonalities. These things tell us about ourselves, the importance of being human. Science cannot explain everything; We have to ask ourselves and try to explain something else. This may be why we feel we need to be told.

Why Is Language Important

The first story is called Tales. These are stories about initiation, trying to explain the mystery. like what? Why and how to create the world, why people die, why everything is imperfect. A question that does not have a definite answer. A similar type of story is fairy tales. These are often told for fun, but have been known to teach moral lessons.

The Importance Of A Common Language In The Requirements Defining Process

These stories provide different customs, traditions, and names. Greece = The Iliad, The Odyssey Rome = The Aeneid China = Romance of the Three Kingdoms England = Beloved Italy = The Divine Comedy Japan = The Tale of Genji Babylon = Epic of Gilgamesh Persia = One thousand and One Nights Germany = Nibelungenlied France = The The Song of Roland Egypt = The Story of Sinuhe Africa = The Epic of Sundiata

To make this website work, we record user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must agree to our privacy policy, including our cookies policy. Over the years, the importance of language services has emerged to improve transparency and communication in the industry. Discussed below are the top five industries that benefit from language services.

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The Importance Of Language Services In Various Industries

Health care systems see language consistency as an important foundation for customer-centered care. Language barriers have a significant impact on health services such as access to care, patient safety, and the quality and outcomes of care. The consequences of these communication barriers can lead to incorrect diagnosis or the occurrence of high costs due to prolonged hospitalization or hospitalization. Language transparency is important in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors, which reflects the importance of language services in the industry. Challenges associated with language access services within health care include limited access to assessment tools and resources in the client’s preferred language, and difficulty understanding organizational policies and procedures. The importance of interpreting services is great in this industry as it can help with translating documents, such as test forms and health related documents. Therefore, in this industry, the implementation of language services to support customers in accessing services and facilities is highly recommended.

In the legal field, accuracy and security are very important. Legal transcription, translation, and interpretation are required in many contracts, court cases, and statements between clients and in criminal and civil proceedings. With the legal profession dealing with sensitive legal documents due to the legal situation, choosing the best service provider with the right certification that gives the right to complete these work requests is important to ensure high standards. Using language services, the legal industry can ensure that their data is secure, and that their translations are accurate and of high quality. Due to the nature of the field itself, translation and interpretation can be difficult and challenging as there are many factors to consider. For example, legal translators have additional training to ensure accuracy when translating because different legal systems use specific legal terms that may not be used in all countries. Errors in translation and interpretation lead to serious consequences, such as financial losses and complete judgments. The use of high-quality and secure language services is necessary for communication.completely within the legal field.

As learning through educational services becomes more accessible and remote, communication barriers may arise. Effectively trained staff with knowledge of translation policies and procedures is essential. Another challenge facing the education industry is students and their parents who have difficulty attending classes, communicating with teachers, completing assignments and performing emergency procedures due to the lack of translation. Language services can ensure effective communication during the language learning process for students and their parents. The benefits of interpreting and translation services can help students with limited second language skills make academic and personal progress, feel safe and comfortable in the learning environment, and improve the overall educational experience of students with language barriers.

Why Is Language Important

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Reasons Why English Is Such An Important Language

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