Online Environmental Science Degree Programs

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The Master in Environmental Policy at PSIA is a multi-disciplinary degree training a new generation of policy makers, project managers, analysts, auditors of environmental issues globally. The degree provides an introduction to the state of knowledge in environmental sciences and technologies that allows students to understand key constraints in policy making and strategic decision-making processes in both the public and private sectors.

The curriculum introduces key concepts at stake in environmental science and sustainable development through high profile introductory classes in earth science, biodiversity and climate change. Students intellectually master public and private strategies on environmental and sustainable development issues in the global arena and acquire analytical skills with the ability to serve as intermediaries between scientists and private operators, managers or public officials. The course focuses on practical and technical skills in policy and project design, risk analysis, project management, auditing, policy design, management and evaluation in the fields of environment, health, nutrition etc.

Online Environmental Science Degree Programs

Students are trained on the one hand in the study of biodiversity, climate change and the ‘Earth system’ (ecology, climatology, modelling, etc.) as well as in the most recent methods of legal, economic and social introduction. On the other hand are aspects of sustainable development.

Top Environmental Science Doctorate Online Degrees & Graduate Programs 2022+

As per the degree structure approved by PSIA’s Academic Committee, students starting the Environmental Policy program in September 2020 will follow the program structure below.

The “Justice Environmental at Transition Ecological” (JETE) clinic is an optional program available to students enrolled in the Master’s in Environmental Policy (including students enrolled in a dual degree or one-year program). For more information, please visit the Law School Clinic page.

The program prepares our graduates to work for international and national agencies, national ministries and local administrations in positions involving the formulation, management and evaluation of public policies and projects related to the environment and sustainable development. In the private sector, potential employers include NGOs, consultancy groups and banks investing in sustainable development. Companies involved in economic sectors that need to integrate an environmental perspective (industry, transport, housing, energy, food industry, etc.) recruit our graduates, whether they are from “green” business or classical economics. Graduates can also aim to work in the innovation field as project designers and managers for applied research projects.

Other careers include journalism and communication on environmental issues for the media, internal and external communication services for companies, and consulting in communication for both private and public organizations on the environmental and social aspects of sustainable development (social responsibility). Ongoing environmental and ecological crises, such as climate change and large-scale deforestation, have motivated scientists, sociologists, and political leaders to develop a vision of environmental sustainability. The global Covid-19 health and health crisis highlights the need for good science and practice to address contemporary needs without sacrificing the future. Sustainability degrees cover a wide range of subjects and areas of focus. Linking education to sustainability is the 1987 United Nations mandate “that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Top 10 Online Environmental Studies Programs

These rankings were compiled according to specific criteria that were established prior to the research. Each school in this ranking must have all of the following characteristics:

Wilmington University’s online Master of Business Administration in Environmental Sustainability provides students with the skills needed to use technologies in sustainable energy and affect large-scale change in businesses that update environmental policies. The course provides an excellent framework for ethical and knowledge environmental business administration. This program is designed to meet the needs and schedules of working adults and business professionals who are striving to improve their knowledge and skills in both entrepreneurship and sustainable energy. The course emphasizes communication, networking, critical thinking and analysis and can be completed in one year.

The Franklin Pierce University Online MBA in Energy and Sustainability will greatly enhance students’ skills and knowledge in business management, finance, leadership, and energy and resource management that will impact both community and corporate practices in sustainability. The program requires students to evaluate global renewable energy sources and practices and create strategic plans to create similar practices in their own fields. Coursework includes the most advanced frameworks for engaging in sustainability and social enterprise in business. Students can create a personalized approach to the program with flexible online courses and excellent support systems.

Although the online Master in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences is not specifically a sustainability program, it educates students in environmental management processes that significantly influence the knowledge and abilities of professionals in the field of renewable energy. A well-established curriculum brings together course topics from various disciplines of environmental science, and students complete real-world projects that impact their understanding of manipulating and managing specific ecosystems. Students acquire excellent written and oral communication skills that can provide the necessary information to various sectors and organizations on the development and strategic planning of natural resource harvesting in a sustainable approach.

Environmental Science Degree, Requirements, Tuition Cost, Jobs And Salary

Western Kentucky University’s online sustainability graduate degree program is called the Masters in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Communities. It is an experiential learning program that values ​​fieldwork and real-world learning in community, social justice, and sustainability. Students will work directly with professors and their community members to help build sustainable infrastructure and apply the principles and practices learned in connecting elective courses. Some individuals decide to supplement their master’s degree with a graduate certificate in an applicable field of study, such as Global Pathways to Sustainability or Gender and Women’s Studies.

Virginia Tech’s online master’s in natural resources is specifically designed to prepare students for careers in environmental sustainability. Students complete flexibly scheduled online coursework and are also required to complete an international field experience, during which they gain valuable insight into sustainable systems around the world. There are a variety of electives that can characterize a degree in areas such as water and ocean systems, cities and urban systems, or business and economics. This particular major has a special, fixed tuition rate for students, who can also take advantage of low-interest and interest-free institutional loans.

University of Denver students major in the online Master of Environmental Policy and Management – Energy and Sustainability. This program teaches students how to design, develop and implement various energy sources. Four elective courses orient the curriculum towards energy and sustainability, including topics of interest in policy as well as energy systems. Students can also create a customized degree plan from a wide pool of elective courses. Graduates have become risk managers, energy consultants, sustainability leaders, solar engineers and more!

This online school offers a Master of Legal Studies in Sustainability Law degree for non-lawyers. The course teaches students about the legal systems surrounding current movements in sustainability and energy, and how to organize and monitor the development of new technologies. Arizona State University is an excellent online school recognized for academic success as a bar passage and law school. Students also have excellent financial aid opportunities. The course covers topics that will provide students with an excellent foundation for understanding and advocating for organizations involved in the sustainability movement.

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Penn State World Campus has a number of online graduate degrees in sustainability, each of which introduces students to exciting and innovative areas of the discipline. This online school responds to the ever-increasing need for experts in the field of energy and renewable resources by providing an advanced curriculum using state-of-the-art technologies. In the Ecosystem Management and Governance program, for example, students learn to use statistics, geographic information systems, and financial analysis to protect natural resources. Many online students choose to further specialize their degree by completing one of the graduate certificates available at a distance.

The online graduate degree in Sustainable Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison prepares students for leadership positions in green and renewable energy organizations. Online students benefit from learning from the top professors in the University of Wisconsin system, providing them with the most expert information and training. Students gain a solid understanding of both business administration and sustainable systems. This online program is the most affordable on this ranking, with a tuition rate of $689 per credit hour. There are also many financial aid options that students can take advantage of during their graduate schooling.

Countries around the world are in dire need of all kinds of competent, well-educated and knowledgeable professionals in the field of sustainability. This list of degrees in business, environmental science, policy and more is a great starting point for anyone pursuing a career in renewable energy. This ranking provides a diverse list of educational approaches that students can follow to increase their understanding of implementing sustainable energy policies and technologies in their communities. Graduates from any one of these ten schools will be well prepared to fight for environmental sustainability.

Anything! Students and professionals from all fields are encouraged to enroll in the degree

Master In Environmental Policy

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