Conferences For Early Childhood Educators

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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 44th Annual UW-Whitewater Early Childhood Conference! It’s been almost a year since I posted here, but it looks like things haven’t changed much in some ways – we’re still reeling from a global pandemic and feeling the cumulative effects on our lives, our jobs and our mentalities. Health and wellbeing. Despite all this, we continue to move forward and do our best.

What also hasn’t changed is our unwavering commitment to the early years field and our dedication to the children and families we serve. This is what brings us together, figuratively and literally, in places like this conference, and the pandemic has created opportunities for us to do so creatively.

Conferences For Early Childhood Educators

Conferences For Early Childhood Educators

Expanding on our offerings from last year, this year’s theme is Your Time. Your way. Click play. (default version). We will be offering pre-recorded sessions that will be available to attendees throughout April. Our goal is to provide access to high quality professional development sessions that you can access when and where it’s convenient for you and offer them to you at the dramatically reduced price of $59. We also work with the registry so that we can provide registry credit for sessions. We hope you’ll join us for incredible professional development opportunities at this year’s conference.

Eca National Conference 2022

As you browse the conference site, you will notice an impressive array of speakers and topics. We are pleased to announce that in addition to a variety of pre-recorded sessions, we will also have simultaneous “live” sessions to allow the opportunity to interact with and with some of our great speakers. We’ll continue to post the queue as it’s updated and can’t wait for you to check it out!

This is just a brief overview of some of the amazing things happening this year. Please check back to this site for updates with our Facebook page. So grab some popcorn or a cup of tea and join us to watch the sessions when it suits you!

Participants will use UW-Whitewater’s online course, Canvas, to work through the conference materials (pre-recorded video presentations with handouts and live sessions) at their own pace and interact with each other on online discussion forums. line. This conference is designed to maximize videoconferencing capabilities and online professional development in an informal, self-paced environment. No prior college or online experience is required for this conference, and it is open to anyone interested in early childhood education.

For organizations wishing to register multiple attendees simultaneously, you can register your teachers for the ECC conference by completing the registration sponsorship application: https:///ce/sponsor. We will send you a collective invoice, paid by credit card or check, and will ask you for the names and e-mail addresses of the participants you are registering.

Eca National Conference 2022

The registration fee provides full access to live and recorded sessions. Attendees can view recorded sessions anytime during the April 1-30 timeframe, and all sessions come with closed annotations. Attendees can earn recording hours for both live and recorded sessions.

I wasn’t sure about this format at first, and thought it might be something I’d put off. But it was quite the opposite. I found that when I had extra time or quiet time, I looked forward to finding a fun workshop no matter the day or time. I can be comfortable in my house and not have to spend extra time traveling to whitewater.

“I was really excited to see the conference almost offered this year at a reduced rate. I have missed attending the conference for the past few years because it has been difficult to make it work with my young children at home. It was the default option for me to attend and get a credit record, and even a discussion was stimulated on some parenting matters between my husband and I. Thank you for all your efforts to ensure that the conference takes place!” – Angie, 2021

Conferences For Early Childhood Educators

“I loved that the conference was virtual this year! I watched more sessions than I normally select and I’m not rolling them out throughout the month! At the end of the month, I watched 31 sessions! Great conference this year. I really hope it will continue it’s virtual in the years to come! I should have asked for it and had enough hours of continuing education!

Early Childhood Conference

During this live session, attendees will have the opportunity to ask presenters questions about finding high-quality anti-racism and anti-bias digital media resources to use in the Social Justice Literacy Workshop. Participants can also build their community of early childhood educators against racism and bias through thoughtful dialogue with teachers from diverse early childhood education backgrounds.

Many of us want to grow in our advocacy and practice against racism. However, new research on systemic and institutional racism in the workplace, racial “color blindness,” implicit bias, harmful cross-cultural communication, and microaggressions sheds light on some of the ways that even people of goodwill perpetuate systems of racial inequality in many countries. unconsciously. During this session, participants will learn about a range of societal conventions against racism. Studying these agreements will help them reflect on and analyze current practices; Review the literature, consider scenarios, and then use this newly acquired knowledge to help participants begin to develop action plans to advance racial equality in various contexts of working with adults, such as training, pilot programs and/or professional development. Join us to learn tools to move from a passive non-racist attitude to an active anti-racist attitude. Let’s start building early years programs and systems that are as diverse, inclusive and equitable as they are of high quality!

In this workshop, participants will learn about and discuss gender development in young children. Through discussions of how rigid gender roles and stereotypes can limit children’s development and self-expression, participants will collectively develop strategies to facilitate extended gender functioning and create inclusive classrooms that support a variety of gender expressions. Facilitators and participants will also discuss a variety of ways to resist the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes and strategies for working with families who struggle with their children’s gender-neutral clothing or behavior.

During this live session, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with two of the teachers featured in the film and discuss topics such as the teacher’s reflection on identity, context and practice of anti-bias education. Participants are encouraged to view the film prior to this session (Session D8: Feature Film: Reflecting on Anti-Bias Education at Work: Early Childhood).

Asia Pacific Regional Network For Early Childhood (arnec)

The password is not automatically generated during registration. The participant must accept the invitation to the course sent to him by e-mail after registration to create his account and password.

Recording credit is available for most sessions for WI and IL recordings. After completing each session, a completion code will be provided. In order to submit your journal credit request for each session, you will need to submit a survey and include a completion code as well as answer a few sessions around each session. WI and IL Registry want to ensure that participants see the material and interact with the content in some way. Please note that not all sessions last 1 hour: sessions last between 35 and 75 minutes.

Participants can submit registration surveys until April 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.*. After verifying that attendees have attended the session and completed the surveys, the information will be sent to the WI and IL folders for processing. Participants will be able to view registration information by accessing their registration accounts.

Conferences For Early Childhood Educators

* Please note that once the conference ends on April 30, we will no longer be able to accept surveys on conference recordings. Please complete the surveys once you have finished watching the presentations. We will collect log information after the conference is over so that the WI and IL registries can process the information and update individual registry accounts.

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Bandung Conference Series: Early Childhood Teacher Education

Yes! There are discussion forums connected to every session and we also have interactive discussion forums for people to answer different prompts/questions. Feel free to post and/or interact with other conference attendees.

Yes! Each presentation page contains a questionnaire that we invite you to complete after completing this session. As always, we’re sharing your feedback with presenters and reviewing feedback as we begin to plan future ECC sessions. After the conference, attendees will also receive an email with an ECC conference survey.

Live sessions are not recorded. These are marked as live and unrecorded events due to the interactive nature of the sessions, and attendees share personal information and stories

The icon is at the end of each presentation. We recommend that you read the Registration Information page in the Welcome module for more details and instructions.

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Contact [email protected] We will need to contact our IT department to separate your accounts. Please provide a separate email address for each registrant.

Contact [email protected] We’ll review the Canvas course and make sure you sign up. We will then pull the receipt from our payment provider and send you an email.

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Conferences For Early Childhood Educators

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