Scholarships In Texas For International Students

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What we achieve as a university is enhanced by our extraordinary international students and scholars. But every year we lose the opportunity to bring some of that talent to the Forty Acres because of financial barriers unique to international students. International students have limited financial aid and job opportunities due to their immigration status, and many choose other US institutions that offer significant scholarship packages. You can help us change that.

Your support can change the life of an international student and strengthen the University’s ability to enroll more students of intellectual ability, regardless of geographic and financial ability, ensuring that they can participate fully in their education.

Scholarships In Texas For International Students

When Marifer heard about the University of Texas at Austin and its motto “what starts here changes the world,” she knew it was the place for her. When she was accepted into the marketing program at the McCombs School of Business, her dream of becoming a Longhorn became a reality thanks to the support of her family and several small scholarships.

Scholarships For International Students

She quickly became an active member of the UT community, serving in student organizations, working as a resident assistant and interning at a local Austin business. But when her father’s business failed, she couldn’t afford the tuition and living expenses to complete her studies—until she came across a unique scholarship opportunity for international students. Thanks to the scholarship, she graduated with impressive academic success and remains committed to giving back and providing the same opportunity to other students in the future.

As international students, we sometimes face many difficulties, but this financial support helps us to study more, develop as people and be able to give something back to society. All your help has changed my life. Marifer Saldaña Gonzalez, B.B.A. ’19 in Marketing from Mexico

Shinichi “Joe” Iimura believes in UT’s influence. Iimura was an international student at UT studying civil engineering and computer science. Now the CEO of Japanese electronics company Iimura has created an endowed scholarship to help prospective international students succeed academically.

Through the Iimura Peace Endowed Scholarship, he intends not only to help foreign students, but hopes to promote peace in Asia. “My desire is to help international students focus on their studies without the financial pressure of working part-time,” Iimura said.

Texas Christian University Scholarships 2022/22

During his time at UT, Iimura benefited greatly from discussions with professors and peers and was able to connect with people on a personal level. He wants future international students to have the same experience.

“UT always offers students a great educational opportunity. My years at UT made a big difference in my business career and networking opportunities,” said Iimura. “We live together on earth and we must learn to cooperate. This is especially true because the international students who attend the University of Texas will play an important role when they return to their home countries.”

As alumni, this is one way we can show our gratitude for all that UT has done for us in the past. UT has done a lot to contribute to the community and this is one way we can show our gratitude. My desire is to help international students focus on their studies without financial pressure. Shinichi “Joe” Iimura, B.S. ’74, B.A. ’77

We say what starts here changes the world, but we can’t do it without your support. As a world-class university, we must be able to provide financial packages that attract and retain the best international students and postgraduates. Many colleges and universities in Texas offer financial aid and scholarships to international students to help pay for their education. . Use the list below to see what financial aid and scholarships are available at participating institutions.

Investing In International Students

PreMedicine program with guaranteed admission to medical school without the MCAT (4 partner choices), 5-year BS/MS program in Biomedical Sciences, Accounting/Forensic Accounting, Management, Mathematics, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Sociology, History, Mass Communication, English, Religion, Journalism, Spanish, Liberal Arts, Theater, Music, Education, Exercise Science.

ASU’s Carr Scholarship Program is for incoming freshmen and recognizes dedication to learning by recognizing prior academic achievement. Awards of up to $18,000 per year are based on high school GPA and standardized test scores. Check the test ranges to see what you will qualify for for the 2019-2020 Carr Scholarship.

Exceptional students – that’s what we’re looking for! Merit scholarship recipients typically stand out academically and personally even in our highly competitive pool of admitted students. All admitted freshmen are automatically considered for scholarships based on merit, so no separate applications or interviews are required. The Admissions Office notifies scholarship winners at the time of admission to the University. Past recipients have included, but are not limited to: political leaders and community service, math/science competition winners, creatives and artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and outstanding writers.

DBU offers several scholarship and financial aid options. Click the link below for more information.

Texas Christian University Scholarships 2022/22 For International Students

DBU offers several scholarship opportunities for qualified applicants. Students graduating from the DBU Global Community Partner School can apply for a scholarship of up to $12,000 for a 4-year bachelor’s degree or $3,600 for a master’s degree. International students who are academically strong and have demonstrated a commitment to serving their community are also welcome to apply for the highly competitive DBU Hope and Future Scholarship, with awards ranging from $500 to $6,000 in the first year of study. Other opportunities include ministerial grants and church scholarship programs.

Houston Baptist University offers international students the same scholarships (and charges the same tuition) as any other student. A freshman can earn up to $21,000 in academic scholarships per year based on high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Transfer students can earn up to $15,000 per academic year based on GPA (plus an additional $3,000 per year for Phi Theta Kappa members). More information can be found here.

Texas A&M University-Texarkana offers a Global Heritage Scholarship and associated tuition waiver of up to $14,000 per academic year to eligible international students.

All international students who are accepted to ACU receive the President’s International Scholarship for $18,000 per year for four years. In addition, international students who live on campus are also eligible for a Wildcat housing grant of $3,000 per year for up to two years to be used toward housing costs. There are other competitive scholarships for international scholarships.

International Education Fee (ief) Scholarships In Usa

This scholarship is awarded to students who will contribute to increasing the diversity of international representation at Stephen F. Austin State University. The scholarship amount is $1,000 per year and includes a tuition discount of up to $11,000 in total. All applicants must complete an application and demonstrate academic achievement (recent grade point average – 2.75 for undergraduate; 3.25 for graduate) to receive the scholarship.

This scholarship is available to international students on an F1 visa. The scholarship is awarded in the amount of $3750 per semester for a total of 8 semesters. The only requirements are an F1 visa, regular enrollment and maintaining good academic standing after enrollment. This scholarship is only available to international students!

The University of Texas at Tyler is offering a scholarship for new students, a $1,000 award available to Texas and non-Texas local and international residents. With this award, non-Texas residents are also eligible for in-state tuition. Click the link below for more information.

The State of Texas offers guaranteed scholarships to international students that are awarded based on academic profile. Awards range from $1,500 to $9,500 USD per year and are guaranteed to all qualified non-residents, provided you are admitted to the State of Texas as a freshman and meet the minimum scholarship qualifications prior to the first semester (fall or spring). ).

Texas Tech Scholarships 2022 In Usa For International Students

International students who have received an institutional scholarship are also eligible to pay Texas State tuition rather than the higher international rate. If you receive at least $1,000 in Texas State competitive or secured scholarships, you will receive a nonresident tuition payment waiver that will provide you with resident tuition rates for the term covered by your scholarship. This represents a savings of approximately $10,000 to $12,000 over the current scholarship amount, depending on the number of courses and hours attempted.

At HSU, we want your education to be as affordable as possible. We offer in-state tuition and outstanding academic scholarships to all international students based on college entrance exam results. International students can also qualify for other scholarships such as Legacy Scholarship, Church Match Scholarship, Honors Program Scholarship and Departmental Scholarships.

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