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Are the best: 35 quality online MBAs that offer students an exceptional educational experience. This year there is a new winner, but a familiar one who has risen to the top.

Best Universities For Online Mba

Best Universities For Online Mba

With five consecutive years of declining applications and enrollment in full-time MBA programs, the demand for an online MBA has skyrocketed. More than 300 business schools in the United States alone now offer online MBA options, and barely a month goes by when a new program appears.

Top 25 Online Mba Programs Under $10,000 Per Year 2022

This fall alone, the University of Michigan and UC-Davis are among the newcomers who have welcomed their first cohorts of students. In less than four years, the $22,000 iMBA at the University of Illinois Gies College of Business has grown its enrollment to more than 2,500 online students from 114 countries.

How to make sense of this booming market? After falling to fourth place last year, Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business has taken the top spot in our annual ranking of the best online MBAs in the United States. Tepper topped the induction list three years ago. The school’s hybrid part-time program includes live online sessions, in-person weekends, and traditional online course structures. It is also the most expensive online program in the world with a price tag of $137,200. Tepper’s program’s high price tag and unusually high number of face-to-face contacts make it an anomaly.

Tepper’s program actually reinforces the idea that not all online programs are created equal. Many do not have residency sessions. Some don’t even have live internet classes. Others offer little career development guidance. So it’s important to look beyond a school’s rank or price to decide if one of these online options is right for you.

The ranking is the perfect guide for prospective students who don’t want to quit their jobs but want to get a basic business degree. Following Tepper on this year’s list is Indiana University’s Kelley Direct Online MBA program, which moved up one spot from third place last year. Last year’s winner, the University of California’s Marshall School of Business, is third behind Indiana’s Kelley. Lehigh University College of Business continues its slow climb to fourth place in the rankings. The school was sixth two years ago and fifth last year. Rounding out the top five is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business, which has also risen over the past three years.

Kent State Online Mba Ranks No. 35 In The Nation In Fortune’s Best Online Mba Programs 2022 Ranking

In No. 6, the University of Massachusetts Amherst Isenberg School of Management moved up seven spots from last year’s No. 13 position. After Isenberg, Worcester Polytechnic University’s Foisie School is the first of four newcomers to come in at No. 7 this year. Last year, another school, Auburn University’s Herbert College of Business, came in at No. 8. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln dropped from 8th last year to 9th this year. And Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business rounded out the top 10, rising a dozen spots from No. 22.

For the second year in a row, 35 US business schools have been ranked. To be included, schools had to complete a comprehensive school survey. 34 of the 35 schools allowed us to examine their latest promotions as well. The graduate survey made up two-thirds of the ranking methodology. Of the 34 schools that surveyed their alumni between June and September of this year, 32 achieved a minimum response rate of 10%. Kennesaw State University did not allow us to survey its alumni, and the University of South Florida and the University of Cincinnati did not meet the minimum 10% response rate. A total of 8,381 graduates were surveyed and 1,583 responded for a total response rate of approximately 19%.

Similar to the previous two rankings, schools were ranked based on three equally weighted categories – admissions standards, quality of academic experience and career outcomes for graduates. Admission standards included average undergraduate GPAs for the most recently enrolled classes, average work experience, acceptance rates, and GMAT or GRE scores. Schools that admitted students with at least 10 years of work experience received credit if they waived those students’ standardized test scores. The programs with the highest acceptance rates were at Carnegie Mellon, Massachusetts, Indiana, Lehigh and Wisconsin.

Best Universities For Online Mba

The quality of the academic experience at the school was based on 11 questions on a scale of one to 10 that sought alumni satisfaction with many aspects of the program, including group work with classmates, availability, and faculty expertise and flexibility. from the program. RIT Saunders, Carnegie Mellon, Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio topped the academic experience category.

Best Online Mba Programs For 2022

Finally, we looked at career outcomes, also based only on graduate surveys. We asked alumni whether their primary and secondary career goals were achieved through the program. We also asked graduates if they received a raise or promotion as a direct result of their online MBA. Alumni were also asked for their opinions on career resources and the availability of career coaches or mentors at the school. USC Marshall, RIT Saunders, Carnegie Mellon, North Carolina and WPI topped the career performance category.

For the second time in three years, Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business has topped the list of best online MBA programs. USC Marshall, last year’s winner, finished third this year.

For a relatively new and evolving leaderboard — especially one that relies heavily on feedback from the old — some big moves are inevitable. One of the biggest positive jumps this year was RIT Saunders, which catapulted a dozen places from last year’s 22nd place to 10th place this year. However, Saunders was 13th in the first edition of the rankings, suggesting that the end of last year may have been more of an anomaly. Saunders moved up to No. 10, placing first in the Academic Experience category and second in Career Achievement, both categories based solely on alumni feedback.

Meanwhile, the University of North Dakota jumped 13 spots from 27th to 14th, taking fifth place in the rankings. The University of Wisconsin Consortium program made the biggest jump, jumping from 30th last year to 15th this year. The consortium was established in 2003 and includes faculty from three University of Wisconsin systems – Eau Claire, La Crosse and Osh Kosh. “We recruit the best professors from the three institutions,” says Robert Erffmeyer, program director and Eau Claire professor of marketing for three decades. Wisconsin’s program is completely asynchronous, meaning it has no real-time internet or in-person class sessions. Despite students from 36 states and four countries, Wisconsin’s program is heavily populated with Midwestern students from health and engineering fields. According to Erffmeyer, faculty members meet annually to keep things relative to plan what electives they might want in two years based on residential and online instruction. They then create these courses.

Best Online Mba Programs Of 2022

Northeast’s D’Amore-McKim School has made the biggest drop this year, dropping from 16th last year to 34th this year. While Northeastern alumni scores were relatively steady, D’Amore-McKim took a bigger hit in the admissions category this year. Hofstra University’s Zarbi School has also moved up significantly, moving up from ninth last year to 24th. After ranking first last year in the academic experience category and second in career achievement, Zarbi’s most recent alumni placed them slightly lower in each category, ranking 13th and 10th, respectively.

More important than the actual ranking is the wealth of data collected to compile the ranking. School and alumni data is valuable to current and prospective candidates considering an online MBA. For example, two-thirds of recent Louisiana State University graduates say they received a promotion directly through their online MBA—more than any other school. At Carnegie Mellon, nearly nine in 10 (88%) say they received a raise after graduating from the program, which again ranks first among all other schools (see Best Career Achievements for Online MBAs ).

When alumni were asked to rate the overall quality of their teachers, no other school scored higher than the Jack Welch Institute of Management, which scored 9.78 out of 10 (see Online MBA Programs with Highest Student Satisfaction

Best Universities For Online Mba

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