Bsc Nursing In Uk

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If you want to make a positive difference in people’s lives, this course is for you. You will gain the specialist knowledge and clinical skills required to become a registered adult nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The course is very practical, giving you practical experience. You will spend 50 percent of your time on placement in hospitals, the community and our skills and simulation labs to develop valuable practical skills. . You will work with patients, carers, clinical mentors and other healthcare professionals. Employment opportunities include medical and surgical wards, oncology, critical care, A&E, coronary care, operating theatre, county nursing home, GP care and integrated community teams.

Bsc Nursing In Uk

The course is taught by specialists in A&E, critical care, neurology, cancer and palliative care, community care, health visiting and mental health. They help you practice your skills in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

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The NMC praised the range of student engagement activities available on this course. You can get involved in volunteering, fundraising, sports, societies, research and staff/student events. You will explore concepts of nursing through arts-based education, including plays, literature, museum visits, art exhibitions and drama workshops.

Nursing students on pre-registration courses from September 2020 will receive a non-repayable payment of at least £5,000 per year, subject to eligibility criteria. For more information visit the NHS Business Service Authority.

In the first year, you will become familiar with the basic sciences that support nursing practice and the context of nursing and health care. This will give you the knowledge and skills to establish and build professional relationships in all areas of nursing. You will also gain an understanding of the factors that influence the health and well-being of individuals in a changing and diverse society.

This module is designed to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology in relation to nursing, which is an essential element of nursing competence.

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Pathophysiology will be explored in relation to common conditions and students will also begin to develop their knowledge of pharmacological concepts in preparation for the therapeutic interventions explored in Year 2.

The main features of the module are to enable students to apply scientific principles in nursing. It will also support students to identify and understand current nursing practice grounded in scientific theory.

This module introduces students to the context of adult nursing practice in a range of healthcare settings. Students learn about contemporary health concepts and a range of common health conditions. Students will be introduced to the Code (NMC, 2018) to gain knowledge and understanding of its importance in guiding nurses to provide safe, effective and compassionate care, which is essential for working with adults in partnership with families and other health professionals.

This module is a core requirement for all students in all areas of the BSc Nursing programme. As an introductory module, it will enable students to develop knowledge and understanding of the principles of public health and health promotion. Students will explore the global, socio-political-economic and psycho-social forces on population health and well-being. In addition, the student will explore the evolution of public health, determinants of health and health inequalities.

Nursing (adult) Bsc Honours

This module prepares students for practice and their learning in practice and the assessment process in the first year of the programme. It will introduce a range of nursing procedures to enable students to provide skilled, evidence-based, person-centred compassion to people at every stage of life who may have a range of physical, mental, cognitive or behavioral health conditions.

In Year 2 you will develop your understanding of the application of person-centred care, assessment, clinical reasoning and decision-making. You will review holistic care across the lifespan and focus on acute and long-term care in your chosen field.

This module explores a range of therapeutic approaches in nursing. The module examines evidence-based treatment methods, current practice and nursing interventions. Students learn about pharmacology and bio-psycho-social and alternative treatments. Seminars specific to this area enable further application of the module content to the field of study.

The focus of this module is to enable students to apply evidence-based principles to the management and application of therapeutic care and to develop an understanding and awareness of safe and effective treatment methods. Students will learn about partnering with health professionals, patients, service users and carers in managing treatment, as well as enabling students to identify contemporary nursing practices based on therapeutic procedures.

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This module will further develop the skills learned and practiced in the introduction to professional practice in the first year. Students will be able to assess, plan and rationalize the nursing care they provide to people in health and social care and community settings. The focus will be on holistic, person-centered care covering physical, psychological, social and cultural care. Evidence-based, person-centered care delivered inter- and intra-disciplinaryly will be discussed.

You are ready to move on to professional practice and employability. You will develop management, leadership, teamwork and teaching and teacher support skills. You will learn how to critically appraise evidence to support future practice and explain the complexities of care and service delivery in health and social care organisations.

This module develops students’ knowledge and understanding of the long-term conditions and lived experience of adults from a bio-psycho-social perspective. Students will consider the political agenda and socio-economic issues affecting the management of long-term conditions. This allows students to consider the role of community nursing in promoting self-management, shared decision-making and avoiding hospitals. It will include professional responsibility, social inclusion, partnership and interdisciplinary work, patient involvement in care delivery, leadership and quality assurance in nursing, which are all essential elements of nursing competence.

This module enables students to build on the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology gained in the first year to develop the knowledge and skills needed to assess and provide safe and effective care when a person is acutely ill. It will enable students to recognize people who are acutely ill and at risk of deterioration, make timely structured assessments, interpret clinical data and use situational judgment to escalate findings, prioritize care needs, plan, deliver and assess evidence-based, person-centred. Care as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Bsc (hons) Nursing Studies Top Up (international) · Manchester Metropolitan University

This module provides the adult nursing student with the theoretical knowledge and skills necessary for their future role as a qualified adult nurse when contributing to risk monitoring, quality care delivery and optimized service improvements.

The student will learn to manage and prioritize clinical activities, participate in clinical audit activities to improve quality and service, and learn to prevent quality assurance using knowledge and experience from evidence-based practice.

Regulations essential to maintaining safety at work and in various care settings are covered. Students learn about collaborative multiprofessional work, while jointly developing effective improvement strategies. Some sessions are divided by fields because they are the core of all fields.

This module provides adult care trainees with the basic knowledge and skills needed for their future leadership role in coordinating and managing the complex care needs of people at all stages of their lives, across a range of organizations and settings.

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The student will build on their knowledge of partnership and collaborative work and the complexities of physical care through resource management, finances and patient involvement, which are all essential elements of nursing competence.

Navigating the transition from student to professional practitioner qualified to lead teams is critical to providing safe, effective and high-quality healthcare. This module is designed to prepare students for professional nursing practice by expanding their knowledge and skills to enable them to be responsible and compassionate leaders in the health and social care system.

It focuses on leadership, teamwork and performance management and enables mature nursing students to reflect on their transition to registered practice and build an evidence base for a career development portfolio. Some sessions are divided by fields because they are the core of all fields.

This module promotes the skills learned and practiced in the first and second years to prepare students for their transition to registered nursing. The module focuses on the assessment and management of patients with complex healthcare needs, in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. Students integrate their clinical and communication skills with evidence-based knowledge to become clinically competent and safe nurses. It is a generic module where all fields of nursing learn from each other.

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The above information reflects the current intended course structure and module details. Updates may be made on an annual basis and revised details are published through the program specification prior to each academic year. The regulations for this course are available on our website. If we do not have enough students interested in the optional module, it cannot be offered.

If you would like to join us through Clearing 2022, please call our Clearing Hotline on 0800 0483 334 (or +44 020 8328 1149 if calling from outside the UK) and speak to our friendly and experienced helplines who

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