What Does Gender Equality

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On this page, we have collected all the resources dedicated to promoting gender equality among children. These resources include books, lesson plans, free posters, and activities.

Promoting gender equality will make all children realize that they deserve equal opportunities and encourage our younger generations to be more tolerant of differences, thus reducing violence, abuse and harassment.

What Does Gender Equality

What Does Gender Equality

Domestic violence occurs when one (or more) family members feel that they are better, stronger and stronger than others, as encouraged by gender stereotypes. As a society, we are so used to gender stereotypes (e.g. men are leaders and women support) that we often don’t realize that we are doing it or the impact they are having – gender stereotypes interfere with gender equality.

Teaching Children About Gender Equality — Books And Resources — Educate2empower Publishing

Children are not born knowing what it means to be a “boy” or “girl”. The adults and older children around them and their social expectations impose gender stereotypes on them. When we realize this, we also realize that we can actively support gender equality, and the sooner we start, the greater the effect.

Gender equality is essential for a just and just world. By using our children’s books and resources, children quickly learn that we are the same, not different, in all major respects. As children become adults, it’s important that they follow their passions and never let gender stereotypes constrain their choices.

We can empower young girls to be strong, confident, assertive, and self-reliant, and teach boys to respect, accept, and value this empowerment. Boys can learn that their lives will be richer if they work equally with girls and if both men and women contribute their talents unreservedly. Girls may have physical abilities and strength, boys may have caring attitudes and artistic talents. Nobody should hide who he is. Promoting gender equality will have a direct impact on improving mental health, social and emotional intelligence and help prevent many different forms of abuse.

Educate2Empower Publishing is an international, award-winning niche children’s book publisher, specializing in children’s books on physical safety, consent, gender equality, respectful relationships, and social and emotional intelligence.

What Is The Difference Between Gender Equity And Gender Equality. What Does This Have To Do With Violence Against Women?

By combining beautiful illustrations with key educational concepts, our books capture children’s imaginations and provide them with the information they need for their development and safety.

Support children through age-appropriate stories, activities, important lessons and skills, and encourage communication and discussion. Books can also be used to prevent or overcome bullying while promoting mental health, equality and diversity. Perfect for use and purchase by anyone looking after children, including parents, school / preschool teachers, social workers, psychologists, community health services, family support services and more! Women around the world continue to suffer from gender inequality, including forced marriages by children, gender-based violence, sexist policies, and barriers to participation in education and employment. Achieving gender equality on a global scale is critical to achieving development goals, reducing human suffering and solving our greatest environmental problems.

“If we invest in girls and women, the world and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals will move forward quickly” – Ashley Judd, actress and UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador

What Does Gender Equality

No country has yet achieved full gender equality, and women around the world continue to experience discrimination and unequal rights and opportunities.

Gender And Volunteering

The situation is worst in countries where harmful patriarchal traditions such as child marriage and female genital mutilation are still common. Worldwide, one in four girls does not attend high school, and one in five gets married before the age of 18. Child marriage deprives girls of a bright future and carries with them a high risk of death and injury from pregnancy and childbirth. In most developing countries, the ability of women to determine the number and distribution of children is limited or non-existent.

Even in many high-income countries, women often receive less wages than men for the same job, face gender-based discrimination and violence, and suffer mystical attitudes and sexist policies that limit their control over their own body autonomy.

Women’s empowerment is the most effective way to reduce fertility and achieve a balanced population size that respects the limitations of the carrying capacity of the planet. The number of years of a woman’s education is usually inversely proportional to the number of children she will bear in her lifetime.

In 2022, the Drawdown project, which compares the effectiveness of various measures in reducing climate change, shows that educating girls and giving women voluntary access to high-quality family planning can reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere by 68.9 gigatonnes by 2050, which makes them the most powerful solutions to climate change.

Sixteen Defining Moments For Gender Equality In 2022

“Respecting the dignity of women and children through family planning is not about governments pushing the birth rate down (or raising it through naturalistic policies). Nor is it about those in the highest-carbon rich countries telling people elsewhere to stop having a birth rate.” children. When family planning focuses on empowerment, equality and well-being, when health care is provided and women’s needs are met, the welfare of the planet is a by-product. ”- Project Drawdown

Countries that have implemented effective and aggressive family planning campaigns. The combination of women’s empowerment with better access to contraception and good information is key to reducing the birth rate.

Reproductive poor health is the leading cause of disease and death for women in developing countries. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), around 830 women still die each day from complications of pregnancy or childbirth, and this remains the leading cause of death for 15-19 year-old girls worldwide. In relationships, women often find it difficult to control their contraceptive methods, if any, and are often unable to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. While family planning services and attitudes towards them are improving, they remain inadequate. Unplanned pregnancies are still common even in developed countries, while sex education and family planning are threatened by regressive policies and financial constraints.

What Does Gender Equality

The United Nations Population Fund estimates that more than 200 million women in developing countries have an unmet need for modern contraception, meaning they don’t want to get pregnant but don’t use safe and effective methods of contraception. In fact, these numbers continue to rise as family planning services do not keep pace with the rapid population growth in the most vulnerable areas.

What Does Gender Equality Look Like? Artists Around The World Share Their Vision

Even where contraceptives are readily available, their use and use are limited by a lack of information and cultural acceptance, resistance and affordability by partners. In addition to promoting universal access to modern contraceptives, high-quality healthcare and good information, we need to overcome harmful socio-cultural barriers to responsible family planning.

The United Nations estimates it will spend $ 264 billion in 2019 ending the worst gender injustices: violence against women and girls, child marriage, female genital mutilation, avoidable maternal death and an unmet need for contraception. So far, only 16% of the required funding has been allocated. Without more resources, we cannot expect good progress towards eliminating gender inequalities. World leaders and funders must step up their efforts, and much needs to be done to raise awareness of this problem across all sectors – no aspect of human society will benefit more from the empowerment of women and girls.

Wendo Aszed, founder of our Empower to Plan partner, Dandelion Africa, explains how she fights for the sexual and reproductive health of women in rural Kenya, the challenges of a rapidly growing population, and how modern family planning can improve lives.

Empowerment Program The Initiative for Population Affairs program supports selected grassroots organizations around the world in providing critical family planning services to women in need. A new global analysis of progress on gender equality and women’s rights shows that women and girls remain disproportionately affected by the socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is compounded by disproportionately high losses in employment and livelihoods, disruptions in education and tackling the burden of unpaid caring work. Even before the pandemic, the underfunded women’s health service faced severe disruptions, endangering women’s sexual and reproductive health. Despite their key role in responding to COVID-19, including as frontline health professionals, women are still largely overlooked in deserved leadership positions.

What Does Gender Equality Even Mean?

The latest report from UN Women and UN DESA Progress towards the SDGs: Gender Profile 2021 provides updated data on gender equality across all 17 SDGs. The report highlights the progress made since 2015, but also the continued vigilance of the COVID-19 pandemic, its direct impact on women’s well-being and the threat it poses to future generations.

One and a half years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the toll for the poorest and most vulnerable remains devastating and disproportionate. The combined effects of conflict, extreme weather events and COVID-19 have deprived women and girls of basic needs such as food security. Unless urgent action is taken to contain rising poverty, hunger and inequality, especially in countries hit by conflict and other major crises, millions will continue to suffer.

Extreme poverty is on the rise in 2021 and progress in the fight against poverty is reversed, an estimated 435 million women and girls worldwide live in extreme poverty.

What Does Gender Equality

Over 150 million women and

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