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The LEAD Fellowship Program in Women’s Global Health is offered to provide and empower more leaders to foster leadership skills for people from low- and middle-income countries, who in turn will mentor future women leaders in global health through Harvard. Institute for Global Health and Initiative on Women and Health at Harvard, T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

In the LEAD Fellowship Program in Global Health, applicants will have access to world-class faculty and the opportunity to create a personalized curriculum according to their unique leadership and personal development plan.

Public Health Fellowship Programs

Based on each candidate’s specific interests and leadership goals, LEAD Fellows participate in a tailored leadership training program, communication and networking opportunities, and independent project work. The LEAD Fellowship Program in Global Women’s Health offers a unique opportunity to build a global network of colleagues and relationships across schools and departments at Harvard University.

Phi/cdc Global Health Fellowship Program

The experience of the LEAD Fellowship Program in Global Health for Women gives global health leaders time to reflect, revise and explore uncharted territory. However, the Harvard Institute for Global Health is dedicated to addressing some of the most persistent human health issues.

Furthermore, we believe that solutions to these problems will be sought from both the medical and public health realms and beyond, spanning design, law, policy, business, and beyond. At the Harvard Institute for Global Health, we oversee Harvard’s unique breadth of excellence and are a committed partner to organizations, governments, academics, and committed citizens around the world.

We bring together diverse perspectives, identify gaps, develop new learning opportunities and advise policymakers to improve health equity for all. Join us in developing a more innovative and evidence-based collaborative vision for global health.

The LEAD Fellowship Program in Women’s Global Health will provide fellows with a living stipend during their stay (January to May), visa fees and housing costs, flights to and from Cambridge, MA, and all course fees, which are also provided by the fellowship.

Acehap Junior Fellowship Program 2022

Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Chinese (Simplified) Dutch English Esperanto Filipino Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Irish Malay Polish Portuguese Somali Spanish Xhosa Learn more about the New York State Public Health Corps (SPHC) Scholarship Program and apply today to make a difference in your community.

The New York State Public Health Corps (SPHC) will develop public health capacity to support Covid-19 vaccination operations and increase preparedness for future public health emergencies. The S Department of Health (SDOH) will work with community partners to identify and train up to 1,000 fellows to participate in the SPHC Scholarship Program.

SPHC’s grant program will be mobilized throughout New York State in response to current and future public health emergencies. The overall objective of the program is threefold:

1. Strengthen the country’s public health infrastructure by mobilizing up to 1,000 fellows to provide critical support and services to local health departments (LHDs);

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Applicants for full-time and part-time positions in the SPHC Fellowship Program include recent graduates and students who have advanced their studies in public health programs, nursing schools and medical schools, retired medical professionals and community members. To build public health capacity and a common language for health improvement, all SPHC fellows will be concurrently enrolled in Cornell University’s Fundamentals of Public Health Certification Program, an online course designed to teach and review fundamentals of public health. Individuals with public health, medical, dental, nursing, pharmacology/pharmacy, allied health, social services, communications and information technology, logistics planning, education and emergency health programs are invited to apply.

AmeriCorps members will join the New York State Public Health Corps to serve organizations in the fight against COVID-19 and build local public health capacity to prepare for future crises. For more information click on this link:

Stakeholders from county public health networks, including universities, will be organized into working groups to improve the experience of SVVA fellows.

Find new events for Public Health Corps students and news about the work of the New York State Public Health Corps (SPHC).

New York State Public Health Corps

Become a public health leader by taking Cornell University’s free online training course to learn about public health emergency prevention and response.

Licensed health care professionals are encouraged to register as Serv volunteers to help the state respond to a future public health emergency.

The State of New York does not imply endorsement of the destinations listed, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of the information in those destinations or endorse the opinions expressed therein. External websites are managed under the direction of their respective owners, who should be contacted directly with questions about the content of those websites. The Young Scholars Program is an annual research internship program that allows undergraduate and graduate students to experience working as researchers in new and passionate research. group in health system and policy research. Mentored by a researcher from the general population. No previous experience is required, but fellowships are competitive and bright research ideas are often desired. Selection is based on academic performance, invitations to references and an interview with a selection officer.

This year’s scholarship is related to the This Is Public Health project “Science communication campaign to immunize the public against misinformation about vaccination against COVID-19”. This project aims to increase knowledge and awareness about vaccination against the coronavirus. As a research group that regularly works with science communication, fellows will translate existing compelling scientific articles related to coronavirus vaccination into a language accessible to the layperson.

Phi / Cdc

Scholars will be able to conduct their research under the guidance of researchers. After completing their research, fellows work closely with a mentor to plan and present their research. A grant to support the Junior Fellows program. The Junior Fellows program offers six-month virtual internships for undergraduate and graduate students. It will start at the end of January 2022 until July 2022.

Applicants should submit a cover letter describing why they should be selected and what research idea (one page including title, introduction, research questions, method and timeline in English/Indonesian) and a CV (CV).

Please send a cover letter and current CV to with a subject request for the Junior Scholarship Program 2022. Letters of recommendation are not required for this application. After completing the selection process, selected candidates will receive detailed information on how to apply for the scholarship. The Global Health Fellowship at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center is an intensive one-year program designed to provide an opportunity for residency-trained anesthesiologists. to become world leaders in health and human rights. Our goal is to train people in both clinical medicine and medical anthropology through an innovative educational program. Our program is uniquely designed to develop a career path that provides clinical excellence, research experience and institution-building opportunities. After graduating from our program, fellows have gone on to build global health programs at other institutions as seasoned experts and remain as assistant professors of global health at our institution.

In New York, fellows practice attending anesthesiologists two days per week in general operating rooms under the supervision of resident and/or board-certified anesthesiologists. Some of our past fellows have combined their global health fellowship with other non-ACGME training, such as thoracic anesthesia or transplant anesthesia. Fellows also have the option of being on call to strengthen their clinical skills and supplement their income if they wish.

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Clinical experiences abroad are conducted through our partner academic institutions on site. Here, fellows serve as clinical educators and active observers in the anesthetic management of patients. Her fieldwork focuses on collaborative research projects with academic and non-profit organizations. Our programs abroad are distinguished by modules specifically designed to synergistically train physicians on the biosocial determinants of health. For example, in our location in India, drug and alcohol use is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. After learning about these issues, doctors are pre-screened for the problem, exposed to patients suffering from addiction when they arrive at the hospital, and then meet with one of the state’s top rehab specialists to see them through the largest government rehab facility. in the state of Punjab. This multidisciplinary approach allows physicians to achieve a holistic understanding of the problems that contribute to disease and illness.

The Global Health Core Program is tailored to the individual physician’s academic goals and global region of interest, but incorporates local and foreign training in clinical medicine and medical anthropology as a foundation.

Our goal is to train doctors to participate responsibly and sustainably in global health and human rights work. The curriculum therefore includes modules on key global health theories such as the unintended consequences of intentional social action, human rights and social justice, gender-based violence and health impacts, and global surgery and anaesthesia.

Our department’s research focuses on

Airlangga Global Talks On Sustainable Development: Integrating The Gender Perspective In Health Program

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