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Maybe you took the SAT or ACT and got a really good score, but you’re not sure how to get the most out of it. Or maybe you haven’t taken the SAT or ACT yet, but are wondering how important the tests really are. One way you can get the most out of your score is to find SAT Guaranteed Scholarships or ACT Guaranteed Scholarships. In this post, we will show you some of the SAT High Score Scholarships and ACT High Score Scholarships that you can get. You can win thousands of dollars in scholarships based on your test scores alone. Curious to see how? We show you where to get scholarships based on ACT scores and scholarships based on SAT scores. Scholarships for ACT Scores and Scholarships for SAT Scores This publication focuses on scholarships offered by colleges and universities themselves. Why? Many private scholarships, while lucrative, have full applications similar to college admissions, including letters of recommendation and essays. Many other smaller scholarships are based on essays, personal circumstances, or even your parents’ employer. While we do not discourage you from applying for these, this post will focus on scholarships that any student can automatically get from universities just based on their test scores and GPA or class rank. We highlight some of the most sought-after colleges and opportunities, but this is not a complete list. We’ll also show you how to view this information for each college you’re interested in. Automatic National Merit Scholarships Before we get to the list of scholarships, we’ll also highlight another source of money that is based primarily on test scores: National Merit. As we have covered in recent posts, the National Merit Competition recognizes the top PSAT (Practice SAT) scores in each state. While there is a $2,500 scholarship you can earn through the competition itself, you can also receive great scholarships from colleges by listing them as your first choice through National Merit. You can get anything from a small scholarship to a full trip, depending on the school. As a general rule, public universities are more likely to give more money for National Merit, although there are exceptions. For example, you can get a full travel scholarship at the University of Idaho and the University of Oklahoma. At Loyola University, a private university, you can receive $2,000 for being a National Merit Finalist if you name Loyola as your first choice school with the National Merit Corporation. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for National Merit Scholarships. To learn more about college sponsors, read here. Automatic Scholarships Based on SAT/ACT Scores We will now highlight colleges that award automatic scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores as well as grades such as GPA or class rank. For these scholarships, you do not need to submit additional application information, but in some cases you must apply by a certain deadline to guarantee the scholarship. Be sure to check the website of each college we link to for complete information. As a shortcut, here are the schools we provide in detail: Baylor University Clemson University Colorado State University Florida A&M Florida Gulf Coast University Georgia State Texas Tech University of Arizona University of Mississippi University of Missouri University of Nevada at Las Vegas University of Oregon University of College from Tennessee from Texas at Arlington Utah State University Baylor University Baylor University offers scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores and class rank. They are currently updating their automatic scholarships, but these were the amounts awarded in previous years: Amount of scholarship awarded per year (estimate) President’s Gold Scholarship $20,000-22,000 Provost’s Gold Scholarship $17,000-19,000 Dean’s Gold Scholarship $ 15,000-16,000 Founders Gold Scholarship $8,000-13,000 Baylor has not set limits on these awards, but bases awards on SAT/ACT score, GPA, and class rank. If you choose to apply without an optional test score, your eligibility will be calculated based on GPA and class rank. More than 86% of Baylor students receive an academic scholarship and the average award amount is $16,000 per year. See the Baylor Scholarships page for more information. Clemson University If you wish to be considered for an academic scholarship at Clemson, you must submit your application by December 31st. subject to change each year. These are the current requirements and awards for Clemson freshman applicants: Scholarship Minimum SAT or ACT score Class Rank Requirement Resident Merit Scholarship (for in-state residents) SAT: 1280 ACT: 27 Top 10% Scholarship tuition out of state SAT: 1340 ACT: 29 Top 10% Residents of Clemson, South Carolina receive the Resident Merit Scholarship if they rank in the top 10% of their high school class and also have at least a 1280 SAT (Math + Critical Reading) or 27 ACT. Nonresidents with at least 1340 SAT or 29 ACT and ranked in the top 10% of their class will receive a renewable scholarship. The scholarship page notes that “students who demonstrate financial need through their FAFSA application will be considered for revolving grant funds in addition to any merit scholarships offered.” So even though they don’t have hard numbers, you can get more help when you need it. Read more about Clemson scholarships on their website. Colorado State University Colorado State has automatic scholarships based on GPA and SAT/ACT score. Since they are optional tests for 2021/2022 applicants, they update the requirements for automatic scholarships. The information below was true for 2019/2020 applicants, but some updates will likely be announced. Merit Scholarships for Colorado Residents Merit Scholarships for Non-Residents Although the tables above show increases in the amount awarded to higher SAT/ACT scores, keep in mind that the state of Colorado evaluates applications on a comprehensive recently optional test. Awards will be based on several factors, and increases in award amounts may not depend solely on SAT/ACT scores in future years. Learn more about scholarships at CSU for residents and non-residents on their website. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University FAMU offers a Distinguished Scholars Program that covers the cost of tuition for in-state and out-of-state students with at least 1400 on the new SAT (with a math score of at least 700) or 32 on the ACT (with a math score of at least 32) and a recalculated FAMU GPA of at least 4.0. If you missed the cutoff for the Distinguished Scholarship, you may still be eligible for the George W. Gore Assistant Scholarship or Special Presidential Scholarship. The award amount will change based on your GPA and test scores: Scholarship Minimum SAT or ACT score Minimum FAMU GPA Math score George W. Gore SAT: 1330 ACT: 29 SAT: 640 ACT: 29 3.75 Special Presidential SAT Scholarship: 1260 ACT: 27 SAT: 600 ACT: 27 3.5 Read more about scholarships on the FAMU website. Florida Gulf Coast University FGCU has scholarships based on GPA and SAT/ACT score. You will be automatically considered for these scholarships if you apply for admission before November 1; no separate scholarship application is required! Scholarship Residency Requirement Minimum SAT or ACT Score Minimum GPA Amount Awarded Per Year President’s Gold Florida Resident SAT: 1,320 ACT: 28 3.9 $5,000 President’s Silver Florida Resident SAT: 1,220 ACT: 25 3.5 $3,000 Blue and Green Scholars Resident SAT: 1 ACT: 28 3.9 $15,000 Blue and Green Directors Award Nonresident of Florida SAT: 1220 ACT: 25 3.5 $10,000 Even if applicants up to first consideration as long as they take the SAT/ACT before March. Learn more about scholarships and the application process on the FGCU website. Georgia State University Georgia State automatically calculates scholarships based on GPA and SAT/ACT scores. They do not disclose eligibility information, but you can win anywhere from a one-time $500 scholarship to a $3,000 renewable scholarship. Texas Tech University These Presidential Scholarships are automatic and guaranteed if you apply by the priority application deadline of December 1 and are admitted to Texas Tech by June 1. /ACT results. As your SAT score increases, the required class rank decreases: students with an SAT score of 1200+ or ​​an ACT score of 25+ can receive a scholarship in a top 30% class rank, and students with a SAT score of 1400+ or ​​ACT 31+ can receive a scholarship in the top 40% class rank. Keep in mind that small increases in your ACT or SAT score can increase your scholarship by $1,000 or more per year. Read more about the scholarships on the TTU website. University of Arizona The University of Arizona uses test scores and GPA

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