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The University of Maine School of Social Work trains social workers from a general social work practice perspective. Our MSW curriculum has been developed to both reflect and advance developments in contemporary advanced social work practice. Our curriculum is designed to enable our graduates to take on diverse and complex social problems and apply multi-level strategies of measurement, intervention and evaluation to the problems of the people around them. For example, students working with older adults should be able to assess the different psychosocial needs of physically healthy and frail older people, use a variety of strategies to involve and support family caregivers, and communicate and advocate effectively with legislators, other health care practitioners, and community groups. . For enhanced services to the elderly. In another example, graduates employed as clinical social workers in community mental health organizations must possess advanced skills in evidence-based mental health practice models and methodologies and understand how health is changing to work effectively with individuals, families and small groups. maintenance policy. can affect consumer access to mental health services and advocate with legislators and other key stakeholders for the repeal of regressive policies. Our advanced general curriculum is designed to prepare University of Maine MSW students to meet the complex needs of our rural state with the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to simultaneously address interconnected “personal and public issues.” The curriculum consists of foundation and specialist year courses, field practice and elective courses.

Common Year Curriculum Common Year courses provide an orientation to social work practice and provide the foundation needed to develop the more advanced knowledge, practices and skills offered in the Common Year practice area. Emphasis is placed on social work as a diversified profession with many tasks and various methods. Common Year courses offer content on human behavior and the social environment, social welfare policies and services, research, social work practice, and field practice. The student thus completes the Common Year ready to intervene at the individual, family, group, group and community levels. Specialized Curriculum The specialized curriculum prepares graduates for specialized practice in one area of ​​concentration: advanced general social work practice. The residency curriculum includes advanced general social work practice courses, research and policy courses, specific electives, and one year of specialist Field Practice. The field internship is an integral part of the school’s general education program and offers all students the opportunity to practice. Apply the concepts, principles and theories learned in the classroom. The main focus of the internship field is to gain practical knowledge, skills, values ​​and attitudes while working in a service environment. Students in the full program fall into two areas of practice: the general year internship is 400 hours (approximately 16 hours per week) during the academic year and a two hour seminar per week. The special year internship is 500 hours (approximately 20 hours per week) during the academic year, plus a fortnightly seminar. For selected special year students, placing a summer block is another option. Advanced students only complete the specific year of practice. Elective Options In addition to the required courses in the General and Special year curriculum, the school has developed a number of elective courses to provide knowledge in various areas of social work practice. Elective courses include Adult and Child Psychopathology, Family Therapy in Social Work Practice, Social Work Practice with Groups; Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents, Meaningful Therapies in Social Work Practice, Grant Writing, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Group Work in Health and Mental Health Settings, and Use of Geriatrics in Rural Communities. Elective courses are also available in other University departments. Bachelor of Social Work The University of Maine’s MSW Program prepares students to qualify for the Maine State Board of Social Work’s LMSW (Licensed Social Worker) degree upon graduation. MSW students who have completed certain clinical social work courses may apply to LMSW-CC (License of Social Work – Contract Clinic) upon graduation. University of Maine MSW graduates who have completed at least two years of specific clinical social work coursework and appropriate supervised work experience in a clinical setting after graduation are eligible to apply for a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Workers) degree degree. A copy of Maine State licensing statutes and regulations can be obtained from the Maine Social Work Licensing Board. Frequently Asked Questions About the MSW Program

Schools With Msw Programs

Schools With Msw Programs

Social workers are employed in a variety of settings. They work with many different populations at different levels of intervention. You can learn more about the role here.

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Our graduates often find employment very soon after graduation. Social workers are in high demand in Maine and across the country. You can read more about employment trends for social workers here.

We have a regular 63-credit MSW program for candidates with bachelor’s degrees in fields other than social work. This program can be completed in 2 years, 3 years or 4 years. 2-year and 4-year options are available on campus in Orono, Maine and are described here. The 3-year option is an online blending program and is described here.

Applicants who have completed the BSW at an accredited institution within the past 7 years are eligible for an advanced degree and can complete the program with 46 credits. The continuing advanced program can be completed in one to two years on campus or in an online combination program. These three options are described here.

Most students apply for student loans to finance their education. You can find information about applying for a loan at the Financial Aid Office.

Best Online Msw Programs For 2022: Top Social Work Master’s

The Institute maintains a list of Graduate Assistants (Gas) on its website. The School of Social Work has two Graduate Assistants, but most students find these GA opportunities elsewhere on campus.

Many of our students continue to work while completing their MSW. The hybrid online program is particularly suitable for charter students, one-on-one lessons drop on Saturdays and simultaneous online classes take place after 5pm. Students in a 4-year campus program and a 2-year advanced program often also pursue employment. The regular 2-year MSW program (63 credits) is very intensive, with two days of tuition and at least two days of field placement each week leaving little time for work while there is time for work. – including the house. All programs must allow time for students to complete work placement hours during the semester they are on their traineeship. Students should have the opportunity to complete work placement hours during office hours (Monday to Friday). [This is discussed further in the field applications section.]

The 3-year online blending program is primarily taught online with asynchronous courses. Each course has two mandatory face-to-face meetings on Saturdays at the University of Maine’s Orono campus. The seminars that students take during their placement are given simultaneously on Monday evenings (5:30 – 7:30). There are compulsory courses in the fall, spring and summer.

Schools With Msw Programs

The Advanced General Program at the University of Maine’s School of Social Work prepares students for clinical licensure. There are three levels of social work licensure in Maine: LSW for people with BSWs; LMSW or LMSW-cc (clinical qualification) for those completing MSW; and LCSW for individuals with an MSW and two years of postgraduate clinical experience under the supervision of an LCSW. The MSW program’s required courses and elective SWK 580, Adult and Child Psychopathology (which almost all students take), provide the course infrastructure necessary for clinical approval. For more information, we recommend visiting the State Social Work Licensing Board website.

Msw Program Overview

While MSW programs are fairly similar due to the accreditation standards many follow, state licensing is not necessarily different between states. If you think you’ll want to work in another state after you graduate, we recommend contacting that state’s licensing board to find out its specific requirements. We also recommend recording your curriculum from all of your classes, as other states may be required to validate the content you’ve mastered.

The MSW program at the University of Maine is a General Education Program with no individual specializations. Students in the program can focus on their interests through research and work placements for coursework. Thanks to our close relationship with the Center for Aging (Director and Associate Director are from the School of Social Work), we have a certificate program in Leadership in the Use of Indigenous Aging. Students can also choose to pursue a Master’s Certificate in Disability Studies with the MSW; Two faculties in the Social Work faculty teach in the Disability Studies program. You can learn more about these certificates here. Through timed funding opportunities, we are sometimes able to provide scholarships to students interested in certain fields of practice. For example, funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration in 2019 provided scholarships to students focused on substance use.

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