Liberal Arts Masters Degree Online

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Although there are many types of liberal arts degree programs available online, each with many differences, many of the majors or concentrations share similar general goals and objectives.

Although specific topics may vary, these levels are generally designed to develop students’ research, writing, and critical analysis skills. This is usually through the course aimed at finding support for and defending arguments.

Liberal Arts Masters Degree Online

Liberal Arts Masters Degree Online

Below is a list of some of the schools that offer different options for an online liberal arts degree. The list includes the degree levels offered by the school, as well as three examples of liberal arts majors or concentrations available at the school.

Best Online Master’s In Liberal Arts Degree Programs Of 2022

Did you know? A recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey of 180 companies found that four of the five main resume characteristics were characteristics of a liberal arts education.

In general, each of the schools listed below offers a wider variety of online liberal arts degree programs than those listed. However, to find the perfect school for you, it’s important to confirm with each school that they offer your desired major or concentration before applying.

Liberal arts are a variety of subjects designed to develop general intellectual abilities as opposed to vocational or professional skills. It will help you gain the necessary tools to navigate complex problems and strengthen your cultural and social analysis.

One of the benefits of earning an online liberal arts degree is the opportunity to hone important skills that may not be developed while pursuing other majors. Some of these skills include:

The 10 Best Online Master’s Of Liberal Studies Graduate Schools In 2022

This is often done by taking a wide variety of courses, examining several different topics, conducting in-depth research, and translating that research into effective communication, whether through presentations or writing papers. homework.

When you decide to pursue a liberal arts degree, you will be presented with many options. It usually begins with choosing one of four degrees or one of the available certificate programs. While each of these levels has the same general goal of helping you develop the skills to conduct critical analysis of core topics, each has unique requirements for both entry and graduation.

In addition, each of the levels offers students an online liberal arts degree programs of varying difficulty. For example, an associate-level course may have the same name as a doctoral-level course, but often the doctoral-level course requires students to do more in-depth analysis, research, and writing.

Liberal Arts Masters Degree Online

Below are the four different levels of an online liberal arts degree, as well as a description of the different certificate options. Each of the descriptions includes any unique requirements and how long it typically takes for a full-time student to earn that liberal arts degree online.

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Most online liberal arts associate degree programs require students to complete 60 credits, which is usually two years for full-time students. However, there are some schools that require a different amount of credit based on the unique design of that program.

Typically, this includes some general education courses that may satisfy some or all of the bachelor’s degree requirements, allowing transfer. However, it is important to contact several schools and talk to your advisor about which specific courses are transferable and which are not.

Often at the associate degree level, an online liberal arts degree is designed to give students a general background and foundation for their advanced education. That’s why many programs don’t require you to choose a major, although some recommend choosing a concentration to tailor your studies to a specific area.

If you decide to pursue an online liberal arts bachelor’s degree, programs typically require you to complete around 120 credits. Although there are some schools that have a unique design and require different amounts. Most full-time students can complete their degree in four years.

Online Master’s Degrees From Top Universities

In addition, many bachelor’s degrees allow you to transfer credits, from an associates degree or from other schools, which can help reduce the time it takes to complete your degree.

Many bachelor’s degrees require you to choose a liberal arts major, which may include one of the options listed at the bottom of this page or several other options that may not be listed. However, unlike other vocational or professional degrees, an online liberal arts degree usually gives you the opportunity to take more electives outside of your specific field of study.

In addition to the curriculum designed for you to conduct research and writing projects, the ability to take more electives is one of the reasons why a liberal arts degree can help develop a variety of skills and give you many different subjects.

Liberal Arts Masters Degree Online

Typically, when you decide to pursue an online master’s degree in the liberal arts, programs require you to choose a major or concentration for your degree. Although many programs are still designed to take some electives, choosing a concentration or major can help you tailor your course of study to gain a deeper understanding of a particular field. or subject.

Bachelor Of Liberal Arts Degree Program

Most master’s degrees require students to earn about 36 credits, although the specific amount can vary from school to school. Typically, full-time students can complete their master’s degree in two years, although many students also work full-time and attend school as part-time students. It usually takes longer for these students to earn their master’s degree.

Typically, it incorporates knowledge and skills developed in previous courses and does not include a new topic. Rather, these courses and requirements are designed to turn a student’s research proposal into a completed capstone project through a more in-depth examination of topics already covered.

An online liberal arts doctorate is the highest degree you can earn in the field, also known as a terminal degree or “final degree.” Therefore, doctoral programs generally require more critical analysis, research, and writing than other levels of education.

If you choose to do a PhD, it usually takes about five years for full-time students to complete their PhD. However, there are some programs designed for students to complete their degree in as little as three years. Note that this is generally seen as the shortest time required to complete your PhD.

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Although admissions varies from school to school, you usually need to have a master’s degree from an accredited university, letters of recommendation, a resume, and a statement of purpose. Some schools may have stricter requirements, such as a minimum GPA while you complete your master’s degree or a minimum score for your GRE.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Most PhD programs are designed so that after completing all required courses, you must propose, write, present and defend a dissertation to a faculty panel. Some programs also require you to pass a comprehensive exam.

Please note that there may be additional eligibility requirements for certificates. This may include GRE or GMAT scores, several years of professional experience, and letters of recommendation. This is especially true for graduate and post-master’s certificates, but can also apply to undergraduate options.

Liberal Arts Masters Degree Online

Most certificates require students to take four to eight courses, although each program has a unique design. Certificates are typically designed with at least one foundation course to ensure that all students have a foundation from which additional courses can be explored in more depth.

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For the most part, certificates are designed as part-time programs. This allows students with full-time jobs and other responsibilities to earn a certificate. In this format, many students complete their certificate within a year, although some programs may take longer.

An online liberal arts degree has many majors and concentrations to choose from. And even if it’s online, there may be different formats – for example, a program may offer online courses at your own pace, so you can study in your free time. This may include any of the specific majors within the general liberal arts umbrella listed below. Or, some schools allow you to choose your own field of study based on your interests and goals. Typically, this type of design is more for undergraduate students, but may be offered at the graduate level.

Increasingly, degree programs require students to choose a major, just like any other degree. What sets an online liberal arts degree apart from other programs is that the liberal arts are typically designed to teach in an interdisciplinary approach.

Below are some of the majors you can choose if you decide to pursue an online liberal arts degree. Specific concentrations that may be offered or variations of specific levels are included in the description.

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Online history degrees explore multiple regions and cultures through a broad curriculum. This is often done by examining various historical sources, interpreting events and human communities in their historical context, and analyzing historical events and trends from a global perspective.

Many schools that offer an online degree in history also offer several concentrations or variations in your history subject. Some of them are listed below.

Public history takes elements of level history and combines them

Liberal Arts Masters Degree Online

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