Universities That Accept International Students

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South Korea is a diverse country with so much to offer! It is no surprise that South Korea is one of the best study destinations in Asia for international students. There was a steady increase in the number of international students in South Korea before the pandemic and this is expected to increase even more! Nevertheless, in 2021 there were still 152,000 incoming students studying at Korean universities.

South Korea is known for its modern bustling cities, tropical islands, rich culture and fascinating history. The country has gained popularity due to its thriving music and film industry (K-pop and K-drama). Other factors that make Korea so attractive are its low cost of living and excellent quality of life. In addition, seven South Korean universities were among the top 200 Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2021!

Universities That Accept International Students

The following universities are not only famous in South Korea, but are also popular among students from all over the world!

International Student Program

Seoul National University was established in 1946 and is the best university in South Korea. Despite its high competition, it is popular among international students. One reason for this popularity is the large selection of courses in English. SNU is also part of Elite Sky Universities, a 3-member division of South Korea’s best and most prestigious universities. In addition, SNU has a wide range of faculties. For example, students may study humanities, medicine, data science, administration or engineering.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is known for innovation, entrepreneurship and outstanding achievements in science and technology. In 1971, the Korean government opened KAIST as the first public research-oriented institute for science and engineering. To date, the university has conducted research in the fields of entertainment, engineering and bioenergy research. One of the reasons why international students want to study at KAIST may be their focus on creating global value. That’s why most of the courses are in English. Furthermore, the diversity of the student body reflects KAIST’s international outlook, with approximately 600 international students each year.

International students should also consider Sungkyunkwan University. The university strives for an academic community and education inspired by Confucianism. In addition, SKKU has a long history and is still the name of Sungkyunkwan, the main educational institution of the Joseon Dynasty. However, today it is a modern organization known as a leader in business and technology. That’s why Hyundai, Samsung and many government agencies support the research departments of SKKU. As a result, it has a significant impact on Korea’s industry and society. Foreign students can benefit from the latest hi-tech equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

POSCO, a Korean steel company, established the Pohang University of Science and Technology. As a relatively young private research university, POSTECH is gaining impressive ranks annually. However, it is especially respected in the field of science and technology. As a result, students get the best education to become experts in science, technology and engineering. This is the reason why many international students apply for their Master’s or Ph.D. POSTECH maintains good relations with national and international institutions to support innovation. In addition, POSTECH in association with KAIST hosts the annual Science War where students can exchange knowledge.

Korean Universities For International Students

One of the best universities for foreign students in South Korea is Korea University, which has more than 4000 incoming students enrolled. KU is so attractive because it has long been established and has greatly expanded its fields of study over the years. You can learn almost nothing here! Students interested in law, medicine, science and management, natural science, engineering, technology or business can expect the highest quality research. In addition, KU is invested in internationalization and has recently established a graduate department in international studies. Additionally, KU is a member of Elite Sky Universities, just like SNU.

Hanyang University is the best choice for students studying in the STEM fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The history of Hanyang University begins in 1939 when it was a driving force in the Korean independence movement. Nowadays, students from all over the world want to study at HYU, especially if they are pursuing a career in engineering. This is because HYU is one of the best engineering schools. In addition, the university is very engaged in international collaboration with over 700 partner universities. Therefore, there are various nationalities among the 3000 international students enrolled.

Hankook University of Foreign Studies was established in 1954. Historically, HUFS had a significant impact on the resettlement of Korea after the Korean War. It was one of the most important institutions for educating students to become CEOs and diplomats, making South Korea what it is today. Today, the university attracts an increasing number of international students and places an emphasis on internationalization. Therefore, students can choose from a wide range of courses in English. The International Bureau will also look after them. For example, HUFS offers parallel programs for Korean and international people for cultural exchange.

Yonsei University is known as the oldest Korean university. There is a lot of international interest in Yonsei and even tourists flock to the complex. Therefore, Yonsei University is one of the members of the prestigious SKY University. However, students face competitive admission rates due to high rankings. Students also benefit from diverse academic fields and research departments that support interdisciplinary projects in the context of ongoing global issues such as climate change. A total of about 4000 international students study at Yonsei University.

Best Universities In Japan For International Students

Kyung Hee University is popular among Korean and international students. One reason is medical school, where students study traditional Korean medicine and Asian medicine. KHU is the best institute for physical education, sports medicine, training and taekwondo in South Korea. In addition, hospitality and leisure management programs also rank highly. In addition, the university collaborates with organizations around the world – for example, the United Nations Academic Impact Program on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution. But KHU also has about 400 partner universities.

Established in 1946, Dong-A University is a private non-profit higher education institution located in the suburbs of the metropolis. Officially accredited by the Korean Ministry of Education, DAU is a leading co-educational institution in South Korea. It offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized university degrees such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees in several fields of study. In addition, it is the only private university in Busan and one of two that offer both a medical school and a law school. Being located in one of the most popular holiday destinations in Korea, it is the perfect choice for international students.

South Korea is dedicated to attracting more international students. Therefore, universities and government institutions regularly provide scholarships and research funds for students from abroad. In addition, about 2,000 students receive government grants every year.

Nowadays, Korean universities care about the internationalization of their institutions. You can visit the website of each university and search for scholarships as many universities offer individual scholarships.

World Ranked Universities With The Most International Students

The Korean government offers International Korean Scholarships to international undergraduate, master and PhD students studying in elite Korean institutions. Students can study for free as the government pays for everything from tuition fees, plane tickets, living allowances, health insurance, scholarships, living allowance, health insurance, and Korean courses. In addition, graduates receive research and financial support for their thesis, which includes KRW 100,000, before graduation.

Undergraduate students age should be less than 25 years and graduate students age should be less than 40 years to apply for GKS. Additionally, students must have a GPA of 80% or higher. Students should submit all their scholarship applications to the Korean embassy in their country of residence or the Korean university of their choice. Then they send only the best applications to the National Institute of International Education (NIIED) for the final selection process.

On the one hand, the Korean government’s support program for foreign exchange students provides meaningful experiences for international students in Korea and the university. On the other hand, it strengthens the international potential of South Korean universities. International students in South Korea can apply for a one- or two-semester program. The assistance program covers living expenses, settlement payments, round-trip airfare and health insurance.

However, only graduate students from GKS partner universities abroad for selected universities in foreign exchange programs are eligible for this scholarship. In addition, Master’s students from strategic partner countries can also apply. Students must also have completed two semesters at their home institution.

Top 10 Universities In Canada For International Students

Since South Korea’s higher education is highly competitive and universities are highly ranked among international students, getting into college can be challenging. Not only are Korean universities selective when it comes to accepting incoming students, but the application process is also quite challenging. In addition, application and tuition fees are often expensive for students without scholarships.

However, international students can apply through Asia Exchange to the following three Korean universities and save a lot of money, time and effort:

Asia Exchange is a study abroad partner that partners with universities in Asia to make study abroad easy and affordable for all. By applying to a Korean university through Asia Exchange, international students benefit from the cheapest tuition fees, the easiest and fastest application process, secure placements within a week, and excellent support throughout their study abroad programs. This includes, for example, finding available courses, checking semester dates, or providing information about

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