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The Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work offers over 40 scholarships and awards to current and prospective students each year. Award amounts range from several hundred dollars and include the full cost of tuition and fees.

Scholarships are available to students on our undergraduate and graduate programmes. Deadlines for scholarship applications can be found on the Admissions and Funding Dates page.

Social Work Graduate Scholarships

Current full-time BA/BS, BSW, MSW and part-time Social Welfare MSW students are eligible to apply for the annual Fall Scholarship Competition. The application deadline for the Fall Scholarship Competition is listed at this link. Scholarship applicants will be notified of an award offer via email the week after Thanksgiving.

Social Work Grants The University Network

Current PhD students may receive these awards through faculty nominations, with the exception of the Doctoral Student Research Paper Award. This award recognizes a student who presents work that exemplifies high quality research relevant to social work. The PhD Program Office will issue the call for faculty nominations and paper presentations in the spring semester. Information about these awards can be found in the list of PhD grants/awards in the tabbed section below.

PhD candidates are eligible for a small number of awards as part of the admissions process and are automatically considered upon submission of their application to the UW-Madison Graduate School. For information on these awards, see the List of Admission Scholarships in the tab section below.

Full-time MSW and part-time MSW applicants are eligible to apply for the Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship after submitting their application to the UW-Madison Graduate School. See additional instructions below. In addition, full-time and part-time MSW applicants will automatically be considered for all other admissions awards upon submission of their application to the UW-Madison Graduate School. For information on these awards, see the List of Admission Scholarships in the tab section below.

Do not wait to be informed of your admission status before applying for this scholarship. If you are applying for the full-time MSW program, you will be notified of your admission status and receive the rose tree around the same time in early March. If you are applying for the part-time MSW program, you will likely be notified first of your acceptance status and then later in May when you have received the rosewood.

Graduate Aid & Funding

Submit a 2-page essay (double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman or similar font) that answers the following two questions: (1) Tell us about yourself, your potential for success in graduate school, and your commitment to contribute to social impact in the work profession after graduation; and (2) what aspects of diversity will you introduce to the social work profession?

Current BA/BS, BSW, MSW full-time, and MSW part-time Social Welfare students may apply with an application for scholarships in the fall semester (see application above). These scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000.

PhD, full-time MSW and part-time MSW students can receive awards as part of the admissions process. Students are automatically considered for these awards and do not need to complete a separate application EXCEPT for the Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship which requires a separate application (see application above).

Incoming graduate students are guaranteed five years of graduate assistantship financial aid, which includes paid tuition, health insurance coverage, and a monthly stipend. For more information about this funding package, see PhD Financial Support.

Scholarships And Financial Support

The Graduate School provides an extensive list of grants. Visit the Graduate Student Funding page for more information. You can also view the Grants Information Collection.

The school offers a limited number of Public Children’s Services Education Scholarships. These grants include a salary, money for books and supplies, full tuition, and a mileage allowance to and from field offices. Interested students may apply to the Title IV-E training program after they have been accepted into the MSW program (full-time or part-time program) or BSW program. Upon graduation, trainees agree to accept employment with the State of Wisconsin in the field of public child welfare for a period equal to the period for which they are promoted.

This scholarship provides four semesters of scholarship funding for Ed.S and MSW School Psychology students interested in school social work and mental health for K-12 students. The LEADSS project (Leading Educators to Develop School-based Services in Mental Health) is a training scholarship focused on preparing MSW School Psychology Ed.S and Social Work students to School Mental Health (SMH) practices and to interdisciplinary SMH Management. teams.

The Wasiman Center’s Wisconsin Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities program provides interdisciplinary and disciplinary leadership training to improve systems of care that promote disability prevention and ensure access to family-centered community services and supports for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families. Each year, the program trains around 30 trainees and fellows from a wide variety of disciplines and awards a scholarship to suitable trainees.

Scholarships And Fellowships

Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (AOF), or Graduate Research Scholar Fellowships, are designed to assist in the recruitment and retention of highly qualified, underrepresented students in UW-Madison’s graduate programs. Students receiving AOF are offered a generous funding package which covers tuition and other expenses. For more information about the award package, visit the Graduate Research Scholars (GRS) Communities on the UW-Madison Graduate School website. Graduate and full-time MSW students are eligible for AOF funding through the Community of Letters and Science of Graduate Research Scholars (L&S C-GRS).

To be considered for AOF funding through the L&S C-GRS, applicants must apply to the Social Welfare PhD program or full-time MSW program and be US citizens or permanent residents. Students on probation cannot receive AOF funding. Merit aside, Wisconsin residents are given priority. Nominations for the award are made by the PhD and MSW Admissions Committees. In addition, the following criteria apply:

First-generation college students who have participated in any of the following TRIO programs: Upward, Talent Search, Educational Opportunity Centers, or Student Support Services. First generation college students who have completed the PEOPLE program FASTrack or BANNER programs

AAUW International Fellowships: For women from countries other than the United States. Grants up to $20,000. Applications can be downloaded online from the AAUW website.

Nasw Ca Now Accepting Applications For 2022 2022 Native American Birdwoman Student Scholarship ·

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship: For women from countries other than the United States or Canada who wish to return to their own country after completing their studies. Scholarship up to $6,000. Open to full-time PhD students (except PhD students). Write: P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund, 3700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312, USA

The Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work can only guarantee our doctoral students to be teaching assistants. On rare occasions there may be an opportunity for an MSW student to be a teaching assistant and we will contact you if this is the case. There are job opportunities for students at UW-Madison, which can be found in the Office of Human Resources. You may find student jobs through the student job centre.

Graduate Assistant Policy for the Part-Time MSW Program: Students enrolled in this program may not accept teaching assistants, project assistants, research assistants, or any other appointment that would result in a waiver of tuition. The School of Social Work provides financial support to social work MSW and graduate students through training grants, fellowships, fellowships and graduate assistantships.

Social Work Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and merit and are made possible through donations to the School of Social Work. Some awards require recipients to have particular professional interests, complete specific coursework, or commit to working in specific fields or with specific audiences after graduation. In addition, some MSW student awards require students to accept field-specific internships.

Awards And Scholarships

A link to the Social Work Student Grant Application Form will be posted on this page in February 2020.

Financial aid decisions are made beginning in the spring and continue until the beginning of the academic year, depending on the availability of funds.

Training grants and fellowships are available to MSW students who are interested in preparing to work in a specific area of ​​practice or with a target audience. These scholarships often require specific coursework and field training, and some have post-graduation requirements.

For MSW students in the family and a child committed to a post-graduate career in public or tribal child welfare.

University Partnership: University Of Denver

For MSW students in Health, Disability and Aging who are interested in providing services to people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and their families.

For MSW students in the clinical mental health concentration who come from racially, ethnically and/or culturally diverse communities. The goal of this program is to increase the number of mental health professionals who identify as people of color, immigrants, refugees and/or LGBTQ and to improve mental health services for individuals and families in the same communities.

For MSW students with at least 5 years of high school prison experience who want to make a difference in prison administration or youth delinquency prevention and rehabilitation.

For MSW students in the mental health clinical concentration who will complete a 12-month field internship (July-June) at Kente Circle, an agency that provides culturally sensitive clinical services in an urban south Minneapolis setting.

Msw Program Grants And Scholarships

For MSW students in either the Health, Disability and Aging or Clinical Mental Health concentration, with first priority given to students in the HDA concentration. students

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