Programs For International Students

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Talk About is a series of virtual events launched in the fall of 2020 and co-hosted by Global Programs, undergraduate international advisors and various departments on campus on topics chosen by international students for international students. Below you can find previous recordings of Talk About and upcoming Talk About events.

The third event in the Spring Series 2022 talk series is TalkAbout: Study Abroad for International Students. A special guest from Study Abroad will discuss study abroad options and the application process and answer students’ questions. Program graduates from Geneva and Copenhagen will share their experiences and advice as international students studying abroad.

Programs For International Students

The second event in the Spring 2022 Talk series is TalkAbout: Intercultural Understanding. The student co-hosts will be joined by Professor Garcevic from the Pardi School for Global Studies to discuss the importance of intercultural communication, the need to understand and appreciate cultural differences, and how these differences can affect student performance in the classroom. Host students will share their experiences of culture shock inside and outside the classroom and their advice for successfully adapting to a new environment.

Tips For Attracting International Students

The first event in the “Talk for 2022” spring series is “Talk about: academic honesty and resource writing”. The student co-hosts will be joined by a special guest from the CAS Writing Program to discuss the importance of academic honesty, cultural perspectives on plagiarism, and strategies for presenting ideas to others. Host students will share their experiences and advice.

The fourth event in the Fall 2021 Talk series is “Speaking: Networking and Employment in the United States.” Special US guests from the Office of International Students and Scholars and the Career Development Center will discuss networking tips and strategies, as well as services and resources available to international students.

The third event in the Fall 2021 series is TalkAbout: International Students and Security. Sergeant Cuzy of the Boston University Police Department will discuss safety advice on and off campus and answer your questions. There will be a presentation on common scams and scams targeting international students and advice on how to protect yourself and report incidents.

The second event in the Fall 2021 series is TalkAbout: What You Need to Know. The event will feature a panel of undergraduate and graduate international students for graduate study from the Questrom School of Siness, the School of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Arts and Sciences, who will share what a peer-reviewed student is. You need to know your point of view. Topics include academic opportunities, student organizations, campus life, and adjusting to life as an international student at Boston and Boston University.

Special Programs For Foreign Governments And Institutions

The first event in the Fall 2021 Talk series is TalkAbout: International Students and Academic Success. A co-host from the Education Resource Center will join international mentors to discuss tips and strategies for effective time management, community engagement, academic peer support, and interaction with professors. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their experiences in groundbreaking rooms, and international mentors will share their recommendations.

Join us for a discussion on “progress in the new normal” as three international peer advisors assist in discussions with Juan Leon Par и and Chelsea Cobb, LEAD and Healthy Class instructors. We will discuss topics such as academic resilience, social well-being, self-defense, and relationship management.

Best practices and lessons learned from the fall semester, including managing asynchronous courses across different time zones and staying connected with professors, fellow students, and the community. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their experiences in groundbreaking rooms, and international mentors will share their recommendations.

Alana Anderson, Program Director for Diversity and Inclusion, will discuss race and racism in the United States, including an introduction to racial history in the United States.

International Students Dalian University Of Technology (dut)|大连理工大学英文网站

A panel of five international graduates from various industries from the Questrom School of Sines, School of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Communications and Pardee School of Global Studies will share their personal experiences and best practices for finding employment in China, India , Korea, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Jonah Lee of the Alumni and Friends office will discuss the resources and services available to international students interested in employment outside the United States.

A panel of international graduates from the Questrom School of Sine, School of Engineering, and Graduate School of Sciences from a variety of industries will share their experiences as international students who are successful in employment at the Martha Brill Center for Career Development, USA. networking strategies as well as tips on services and resources available to international students.

Kong Zhang, Student Psychologist with Student Health Services, will discuss the resources available to support students’ emotional, spiritual, academic and social well-being during SOVID-19. International peer counselors will share their personal experiences and advice for living and working at home throughout L.

Talk About » Global Programs

Special guests from the Arts Initiative and Student Activities Office, L.A. They will discuss clubs, events, and virtual resources available to students across the country.

Time management (overall time management and management of multiple time zones), setting goals, learning tips, and strategies for taking exams during L during this activity

And it will be discussed. After the ERC presentation, students will choose one of three discussions and then return to the main room to share best practices. We live in a global economy. Students want a higher education that replicates this interconnected world. American colleges and universities can help students experience a more global education by including international students on campus. They add diversity and connection to other cultures, broadening your students’ minds and understanding of the world.

The key to making your institution stand out is to showcase an environment where students can learn and feel included. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

International Student Homestay Programs

Helping international students feel welcome and at home is important to attracting them. Include various international organizations in your communications and website. Ask organizations to host webinars and participate in social media, highlighting how great your organization is. And once international students sign up, help them join groups. Organize welcome events and orientations.

Niche is Yelp for American institutions. It includes reviews from millions of students from all over the world that reveal what it’s like to attend your school and others. This is a data mining goldmine. Study this information – the good, the bad and the ugly. It will reveal what international students want in school and you can use this information to attract global students through your marketing. It could be simple. For example, if you see international students complaining a lot about food, offer more authentic international food and mention it in your communications. Create an environment where students from abroad will feel comfortable.

We know from the last blog that we have to use social media that students are already using. This can be a daunting task as it changes often. Also, different countries use different sites. For example, China uses WeChat and Weibo. Knowing when to communicate is just as important as knowing what to use. According to the International Student Survey, 82 percent of international students turn to social media before applying. To attract foreign students, you need to engage in social media conversations early and speak the students’ local language. Direct translation alone is not enough.

Does your international page on your institution’s website jump straight to visas, travel and applications? The website should reflect the personality of your campus and benefits unique to international students. Show them why your programs will be the best experience for them. Showcase your diverse culture, connect with international student organizations and interview global alumni.

Top 7 In Demand Programs For 2022 For International Students

Today’s students and parents love the truth. They want to know how many students graduated in four years. How many of your students found employment within three months of graduation? And such. International students are no different. Clearly collect data for international students. How many of your international graduates find employment in the USA and/or their home country? You can use this valuable information on social media, on your website, and throughout your marketing content. Encouraging the success of your programs will greatly contribute to attracting students from all over the world.

Most schools can guarantee full tuition from international students. However, just as on the domestic front, increased spending on higher education is also deterring students living abroad. Offering scholarships, discounts or scholarships will make your institution stand out and attract a wider variety of students.

Expanding recruitment efforts to include international students not only increases your enrollment but also creates a global campus culture. You can achieve this by showing how your institution welcomes international students. Highlight international groups and organizations

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