Why Is Parental Involvement Important In Child's Education

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We all know how important it is to be involved in our child’s education. Parental involvement includes helping children with work, participating in activities with children, volunteering at school, attending school events, attending parent-teacher conferences, and more. Research has repeatedly shown that parental involvement has a significant impact on student performance and school improvement. When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, spend more time in school, and enjoy school more.

In fact, the potential for parental involvement is so great that in 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill authorizing California parents to give them a substantial voice in using state budget funds for their schools. Parental involvement is one of the eight “priority areas” identified by the state.

Why Is Parental Involvement Important In Child's Education

Why Is Parental Involvement Important In Child's Education

Parent Organizations (PTAs) play a vital role in involving families and communities in schools. They do this not only by acting as a liaison between the school and parents, but also by facilitating parental involvement in projects and policies that affect students at school and district level. PTAs are responsible for organizing academic and non-academic programs, recruiting volunteer parents / students, such as supporting programs and events, and raising money for schools. From my first-hand experience managing a PTA in a public school, I can verify that managing a PTA organization is not for the faint of heart. It requires the same dedication and leadership, similar working hours, the same stress, and even dirty office policies as any other paid job!

Experts Discuss The Importance Of Positive Parental Involvement In Education

PTAs face a number of barriers to active parental involvement in school, whether it is recruiting volunteers or helping parents with school and teachers in different ways.

As both spouses work and have many school-age children, parents found it difficult to integrate volunteering into their busy schedules. Many took leave from work to volunteer at special school events at their school when their PTAs had regular and frequent communication about the serious need for volunteers. These parents agreed that if they had been notified much earlier, they would have been better prepared to manage their schedule and find time to volunteer.

Solution: Communicate frequently, send repetitive and advanced communication for major events that require support, and facilitate volunteer registration. Publishing an event calendar and starting enrollment at the beginning of the school year makes it much easier for parents to plan their schedule.

For many immigrant parents, language is a major barrier to their children’s participation in school. Of the 52 schools that provided translation services, 18 or those that communicated with their parents in multiple languages ​​saw greater parental involvement in the schools.

Barriers To Parental Involvement In Schools And What Ptas Can Do About It

Solution: Use free online services like Online Doc Translator or Google Translate to send multilingual communications if you have a very diverse community with a high percentage of Hispanic or other language learners.

It is no secret that the US public education system is complex. Many immigrant families trained in another country were shocked and lost in understanding the procedures and operation of the school system and the PTA. 56% of respondents did not clearly understand the role and importance of PTA in their school. If they had tried to attend PTA meetings to get to know the PTA organization at their school and found out more, 75% of parents said they did not know that PTA meetings were open to regular parents or did not know about PTA. meeting diary

Solution: Again, contact regularly. Send alerts for goals, budget, etc. at the beginning of the school year and for achievements and accomplishments during the school year. Send regular reminders for PTA meetings and other important upcoming events.

Why Is Parental Involvement Important In Child's Education

The PTA operated as a professional organization and even in schools with a very active parent community, approximately 75% of parents expressed challenges in managing participation logistics. Remembering multiple registrations on different sites, using different tools and sites for different activities, complaining about excessive paperwork and data entry, and the challenges and manual work required to make donations, a paper-based journey that involved writing. checks etc.

Children’s Education Infographic: The Importance Of Parents’ Involvement

Solution: Facilitate participation – Make sure your site is volunteering, donating, matching business information, etc. that it has been configured with all the necessary information.

Publish your organization’s tax registration number and all forms on your website, create a Paypal page to collect donations. It will be worth it even if you have to pay an extra transaction fee. Use online calendars and send event management notifications.

All human beings need motivation to do things, especially when they are not rewarded or motivated to do so. In our research, many parents were not motivated to help at school, either because they did not realize how their time / money / effort helped their school or school when it did not recognize their work.

Solution: One way to motivate parents is to thank and recognize all the volunteers by registering publicly through school newsletters or emails. Some schools organize a volunteer recognition ceremony at the end of the year, in which volunteers, PTAs, school principals and staff participate in the evaluation and recognition of volunteers.

How Involved Are Parents In Their Children’s Learning? Mics6 Data Reveal Critical Insights

Using Oroola’s state-of-the-art collaboration platform facilitates parents’ participation in their children’s schools and the PTA creates a dedicated parent community. Sign up for your school’s #FreeForLife PTA account.

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