Colleges And Universities In Maine

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Colleges ranked in this year’s “Best 385 Colleges” according to the Princeton Review make up nearly 13% of America’s 3,000 four-year colleges. The company selects which colleges to use for its books based on data it collects annually from managers of hundreds of colleges and universities about their institution’s academic offers. The Princeton Review also looks at data collected from undergraduate surveys that evaluate and report on different aspects of campus and community experiences.

In the Princeton Review “Students Say” section, the University of Maine is renowned for its research fields in Business Administration, Engineering, Marine Science, Forestry, Animal Science, Music and Education. With nearly 100 majors, minors and degree programs, they also say, “The choice of classes is amazing.

Colleges And Universities In Maine

Colleges And Universities In Maine

Students who responded to the Princeton Review survey said it offers “one of the cheapest college educations” along with “excellent scholarships.” They also note that the course is challenging, but there are many resources, including professors and peers, to ensure student success.

Best Colleges In Maine

Students told Princeton Review that the professors were passionate, helpful and brought real-world experiences into the classroom. Faculty encourage students to engage in research and provide connections to opportunities on and off campus. It is renowned for its community involvement, which includes hands-on learning opportunities for students.

Community life is enhanced by Division I athletics and intramural competition. Students also said the location makes it “a really unique place”, with seasonal recreational opportunities and within easy driving distance of beaches and mountains. And there is a lot to do on campus.

“The campus is full of very welcoming people,” one student told Princeton Review. Others have described the diverse, caring and inclusive communities in which they live and study.

This is the second national university ranking this summer. Last month, the University of Maine was named one of more than 300 “Best and Most Interesting Colleges in America” ​​by the “Fiske Guide to Colleges 2020”. Have a question? Ask anything about study abroad, online courses, immigration and visas. We have helped thousands of students secure admission and financial aid to first-class courses at first-class universities.

Best Colleges And Universities In Maine

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Colleges And Universities In Maine

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University Of Southern Maine

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The University Of Maine

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Colleges And Universities In Maine

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Colleges In Maine

First, let’s review the University of Maine system. There are seven colleges across the state with over 30,000 students enrolled.

University of Maine (UMaine) Orono is the largest university in Maine. Students from all over the United States and countries around the world study here. The college participates in NCAA Division I athletics as Black Bears. Orono Town has plenty of entertainment, shopping and dining, and students can easily escape to Acadia National Park or the nature trails on the beach. For more information, visit the University of Maine at Orona website.

The University of Maine at Augusta has 6,000 students. One of UMA’s coolest programs is the Flight Program with Flight Simulator. The college participates in Division II athletics and has UMA Moose. The city of Augusta is just an hour from Portland, providing students with a wide variety of shopping, dining and nature. For more information, visit the University of Maine at Augusta website.

University of Maine Farmington is a small university with 2,000 students. It is also located in a small university town and the campus is within walking distance of cafes, shops and restaurants. UMF is well-known as a liberal arts college that offers small classes and teacher education, human services, and arts and sciences programs. They participate in sports in III. For more information, visit the University of Maine Farmington website.

Top Maine Colleges And Universities

The University of Maine at Fort Kent is a small university with approximately 1,500 students. The campus is only 54 hectares and is just a few hours from Quebec City, within walking distance. UMFK is a smaller school but still participates in USCAA sports. It’s also home to the annual Fiddlers Jamboree, where hundreds of people gather every year to hear fiddlers, guitarists, banjo pickers, drummers and accordionists from Canada and the United States perform. For more information, visit the University of Maine Fort Kent website.

The University of Maine at Machias has approximately 800 students and has a campus of 243 acres. The average class size is 17 students per class, giving students individual attention. During recess, students have a short drive to the Atlantic Ocean and Acadia National Park. UMM is affiliated with NCAA Division III Sports. For more information, visit the University of Maine at Machias website.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle is located on 150 acres in northern Maine, surrounded by farmland and rolling hills. the campus itself

Colleges And Universities In Maine

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