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A military letter of recommendation increases the chances of being accepted when applying for a specific position, promotion, special program, academy/military school, or application for an award/medal that one believes is deserved but was not awarded upon discharge. Whether it’s the Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy, there’s a good chance that a letter of recommendation will be required at some point in your military career. A set of letters of recommendation is usually required for these applications/applications, all in an application package that is less than 6 months old. When admissions committees are comparing two candidates with identical kits, an excellent collection of letters of recommendation from reliable sources can make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

When choosing a military letter of recommendation writer, remember that senior recommenders are given more weight. Captain, Major, Commander/Colonel, General/Admiral are excellent options; however, unless they know the candidate personally, they are not a reliable judge of their character and therefore do not make good choices.

Fake Letter Of Recommendation

If it is not possible to get letters from the command, the next suitable option is people who know them personally, preferably someone who can testify personally or who has seen them in a leadership position. A letter of recommendation can come from a teacher/professor, employer, coach, mentor, religious leader, or anyone who can demonstrate the applicant’s character.

Perfect Letters Of Recommendation For A Friend

A set of letters of recommendation should come from a variety of sources that provide consistent evidence of the candidate’s character relevant to the position/promotion/program/award they are applying for. As long as the letters contain true and clear evidence of the applicant’s eligibility, this collection will make them a strong case. In some cases, a certain number of letters of recommendation is required. Applicants should review the application guidelines before submitting to avoid providing too many or too few letters of recommendation.

A military letter of recommendation must be well written and accurate in format, as it will be included in the military’s official files. It is very similar to a business book or college style book, but the format is more detailed for military or military civilians. The body of the book will include an introduction, 1-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. These sections should be numbered (unless the author is non-military). All writers should maintain a professional tone of the letter and do their best to provide a reasoned argument about the applicant’s qualifications and suitability.

If the letter is written by a member of the military, it will have a clear format. If possible, use corporate letterhead and include the following information at the top of the page:

Non-military writers may ignore formatting details such as letterhead, “NOTE,” “TO,” “SUBJECT,” and numbered paragraphs, but must still include the date.

Free Military Letter Of Recommendation Templates

The first paragraph should contain the name of the applicant and the purpose of the letter; 1 sentence is enough, but this section can be 2-3 sentences if the writer wishes to include how long they have known the candidate, their credentials, and what makes them recommend the candidate.

3 May 2015 MEMORANDUM TO: Lt Col Guillermo Alma, 31st Rescue Squadron FROM: Col Tristan Derstenfeld, Commander, AFB Little Rock SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for MSgt Cabato, Jacqueline 1. I highly recommend Master Sergeant Cabato, Jacqueline for the vacant position of 31st Emergency Rescue Squadron. MSgt Cabato worked under me​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​at Little Rock for the past 2 years and has shown a positive impact and incredible dedication to his team.

The first example of the introduction was written by a colonel to a lieutenant colonel, so it follows the format of a military recommendation letter. The section contains all the necessary information – the applicant’s name and title, the position he is applying for, how long the writer has known the applicant and in what capacity.

To the US Air Force Academy Admissions Committee: I am honored to write to you regarding Mark Shikaira’s application to the US Air Force Academy. Marco was a star athlete on my football team for 3 years at Felix Varela High School. His leadership, tenacity and physicality have helped us become one of the most successful teams in our league and I believe he will thrive in the competitive Academy environment.

College Recommendation Letter (10+ Sample Letters & Free Templates)

This example is written by a high school football coach who is recommending a student for admission to the Air Force Academy. The coach does not know who will actually read the letter, so it is directed to the admissions office. The author clearly understands what the academy needs from a cadet and believes that this person has the necessary qualities.

The body of the letter should be at least 1 paragraph, but it can be 2 or 3 paragraphs. The idea is to explain the reason for the recommendation by describing the character of the person being recommended, listing personal characteristics, and writing events that the writer knows directly are also related to the situation. Any personality traits considered relevant to the position/purpose of the application should be mentioned, such as leadership, honesty, integrity, sociability and tenacity. Real examples of these virtues should be recorded to strengthen the book.

2. Corporal McAvoy’s promotion to sergeant would be appropriate as he has proven time and time again that he is a smart, disciplined, and confident leader. He carries out his duties and responsibilities with great care. McAvoy’s team is well trained and extremely organized, which is directly related to his ability to command the unit. He gets results from his soldiers because he wants their respect for showing courage, influencing his colleagues to improve their training and performance. Corporal McAvoy wants his soldiers to succeed, he wants the Army to succeed, and his loyalty never wavers.

Being promoted from corporal to sergeant is a big step, and the author of this first example makes a strong case for promoting a particular NCO. Leadership, integrity, honesty, discipline are all qualities that a sergeant should possess, and the senior officer who commends this person is a testament to these qualities.

College Academic Letter Of Recommendation

2. Arnold Von Weiler graduated with honors from the Air Force Academy. The cadet’s grueling and stressful schedule allowed Mr. von Weiler to demonstrate his physical strength and mental strength. Through this challenging process, he honed his leadership and tactical skills. 3. Under my guidance, Mr. von Weiler showed prompt obedience, proper behavior, unfailing respect, and deep respect. He quickly learned to perform the tasks assigned to him with skill and skill, always striving to excel in the hope of one day becoming a professional pilot. Mr. Von Weiler is an expert in aircraft systems and simulators and gained valuable experience that helped him prepare for SUPT.

A second physical sample written by the USAFA Director of Air Force cadets demonstrates the individual’s eligibility as a cadet and his qualifications for admission to specialized undergraduate pilot training.

The conclusion is used to express a high level of confidence in the candidate by confirming their suitability for the position/program/award they are applying for. The author may add additional comments not included in the main paragraphs. Provide a contact method if the reader needs more information about the author and/or applicant. These links can be placed in the closing section or at the bottom of the page.

If the letter is written by a citizen, there must be an official receipt at the end of the letter. The author must put his signature and name. Soldiers will follow the same guidelines, but the receipt is optional. They may also repeat their rank, position and unit commander, although this is not required if this information is given at the top of the letter.

Letter Of Recommendation: Template, Tips, And Examples

4. PFC Jarre is a highly skilled soldier who has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and perform well. It’s people like him who keep my faith in the Marine Corps and help maintain the strength of our armed forces. It is in your best interest to seriously consider Private Zhar’s participation in the FTS program. [Signature] Archibald B. Williams, Chief Warrant Officer 5, US 2nd Marine Division Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (706) 881-9003

This concluding paragraph summarizes the purpose of the letter, reiterates the author’s trust in the applicant, and includes appropriate contact information at the bottom of the letter.

3. Mrs. Sanwar can be a great asset to any organization. I know you are wise, strong and faithful. I have no hesitation in recommending Miss Sanwar for employment in the United States Navy. You can contact me at [email protected] with any other questions. Sincerely, [Signed] Henry Durand CPT US Army Professor (Retired) East Lancashire College

This closing paragraph, written by a former captain, is short and to the point. Although the candidate is applying for the Navy, a letter of recommendation from a senior officer in any branch of the military is reliable.

Recommendation Letter For Scholarship Samples

1. This letter is intended to support the consideration of the promotion of the Distinguished Service Cross, awarded to Captain Dzhigar Kapaun, in the posthumous awarding of the Medal of Honor.

2. I had the privilege of working with Captain Kapown for 5 years. Our last shipment was in

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