Online Listening Activities For Esl Students

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Now, while we can’t (nor should we) create the number of activities to meet all the needs of our learners, we can increase student engagement by providing different ways to achieve the same skill.

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Online Listening Activities For Esl Students

The clips found here are divided into levels including beginner, intermediate, low intermediate, high intermediate and advanced. Each section consists of approximately 30 YouTube videos and each video is accompanied by a quiz.

Listening Skills Online Exercise For 3/ Elementary

Students can choose any video they like, such as this introductory video with Lala the penguin or this advanced video on making greasy mousetrap peanuts (don’t worry, the mice are cleaned and kept as pets after capture).

There are videos that students of all ages can participate in, such as nursery rhymes, movies and clips, music videos, news segments, vlogs, and inspirational speeches (to name a few).

While you can certainly assign specific videos for your students to watch, the program is self-directed, allowing students to watch videos that interest them. arranged between six levels of difficulty.

With accurate headings and a built-in glossary, the videos make it easy for students to follow what’s going on. This means if a child isn’t sure what a word means, they can click on it to see an in-text explanation with lots of examples and videos, or add it. These flashcards to review later.

Listening Skills Interactive Activity

Assessments include a variety of interactive exercises, including speaking exercises on iOS and Android apps, and word questions tailored to each student’s comfort level. Now you can check how your students are doing based on your results, including what videos they’re watching and what questions they’re asking. They are wrong.

If your classroom has a movie, they will love this site. Packed with lots of humor and drama, three pages of popular and lively games are sure to grab your students’ attention.

If they are not interested in watching the entire clip, the instructions tell them how much of the trailer to watch so they can answer the follow-up questions.

Students find their starting positions and click on the audio title to record them. They were then given four different options: Full Mode, Quick Mode, Empty Mode, and Repair Mode.

Greetings Listen And Practice Worksheet

Each person must complete a task while listening. For example, the full level asks students to write the word that is written, while the gap level asks users to listen to a passage and fill in the blanks.

Students can also use the videos on the YouTube tab or scroll to the bottom of the page and search the sections for an audio file.

If so, they have access here. The exercises on this page are divided into three categories of increasing textual information: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each step is then broken down into sections such as “Frequently Asked Questions” or “Money”.

After selecting a topic, users are given specific instructions for using the recording. Students can then see the correct answers and compare their answers with them.

Have Got. Has Got Activities With Listening And Speaking Tasks.

Some students can be distracted by videos and prefer to just focus on the words. These ESL listening websites are perfect for them!

When you visit this page, you will see audio files attached. After selecting a topic that captures their attention, students receive editing options and the text below. After the activity there is a short test.

EWE’s main reading list provides users with clear information on how to use the text successfully. Each level has 20 readings with audio recording.

After listening to the audio, you can choose between three increasingly difficult tests. I appreciate that the program asks students to fill in the answers instead of choosing one of the multiple choice options.

Listening Grade 1 Worksheet

One test really tests students by asking them to come up with a series of phrases and put them in the correct order. This is a great way to improve your listening skills!

The ELLLO lesson archive takes you through many audio lessons. Among other activities, students can have a section dedicated to the game where they listen to a short audio description of the picture and choose the picture that matches them.

There are also courses aimed at testing and expanding academic language. This archive is located in the News Center and includes live news clips and a follow-up quiz.

The listening and speaking section here offers many opportunities to develop students’ comprehension skills. Includes educational reading as well as stories for children.

Esl Listening Activities, Games, Worksheets, And Lesson Plans

If short stories aren’t thought-provoking enough, there are also 50-word English passages at one level or 200-250-word essays at higher listening levels.

The audio section of the adult English page allows users to select their level and select a recording. The lessons include a preparatory activity, an audio recording and two assignments to complete after completion.

Younger students will love their English for Kids page, and you shouldn’t hear any complaints from teens about their English for Teens page, which uses voice in age-appropriate situations and topics.

This is one of Randall Davis’ many sites. There are hundreds of listening tests on a variety of topics – so many that your dropouts may struggle to decide where to start!

Present Simple Vs Present Continuous+ Listening And Speaking Activities

If they are avid anglers, they can start a fishing trip with a two-minute video. If you’re working with newbies, they’re probably good at social media, so this article on social media should work for them.

I won’t lie, the idea of ​​sports doesn’t grab my attention like most people. I must be in a certain mood. Still, it’s a nice change for anyone who needs a break from their normal listening routines.

As I mentioned before, playing sports is not my thing. I’m not very competitive and sometimes the pressure is too much. But I like challenges where I can beat my first score. This website shows many memory games on different topics that allow users to do this.

Students are asked to match an orally given sentence or statement (ie the red triangle) with its written representation or picture. After each game, users can see how many pairs they got right and how many attempts were made.

Esl Listening Activities For Seven Learning Styles—from Kinesthetic To Mathematical

As the name of the site clearly suggests, it is aimed at students. However, it is a modest but stimulating activity for ESL students of all ages.

Sports may not be everyone’s mindset, but I find that music gets me pumped. The websites below have videos and gaps with popular lyrics.

Available as an app or on the website, this resource combines music and ESL education. English learners can choose from American, Canadian, or British English videos at beginner, intermediate, advanced, or advanced levels. The part that changes the number of words that the audience has to complete.

Answer times are set and the website keeps track of your correct and incorrect answers. Users also have the option to play videos.

Kids 4 Listening Interactive Worksheet

For example, beginners can listen to a song and choose the correct answer from the list below, while learners listen and fill in the blanks. Proceed with caution because if a story contains explicit language, it will not be changed.

This is where coaching comes in! Once you’ve created a song, teachers can add options anywhere in the song they choose. You can then share the melody link and see students’ responses.

Sometimes we want to hear something but don’t react in a certain way. Perhaps students want to summarize the decision? Or listen and respond with an idea?

Select an article to be displayed on the home page you are using. If your students aren’t interested there, they can also select a year, state, or total section to see additional options.

Past Simple Activities With Listening And Speaking Tasks

After making a selection, users can see part of the story with animations and get audio. I encourage the audience to try to understand as much as possible before seeing the text.

More than 3,100 TED Talks available on a variety of topics to “pique your curiosity.” Students can search by topic or length, or simply browse through all the discussions on the home page.

This resource is a great way to encourage a student to expand their knowledge and learn more about the world at the same time.

All Ears English is a podcast for American English learners. The information indicates that it is suitable for special educators through high school students and contains topics aimed at adults.

Listening Activity Online Pdf Worksheet

There are 300 parts

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