Volunteer Tutoring For Highschool Students

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For almost every teenager on earth, the last 2 years or more have not gone as expected. Starting in spring 2020, the arrival of COVID affected your high school experience. You missed out on extracurricular activities, face-to-face learning, and prom. And of course, the “only” young people who face this kind of loss are, in a relative sense, the “lucky ones.” Many others have had to mourn the death of a loved one due to the COVID virus. Many others have had to endure challenging financial problems caused by inflation. However, despite all the challenges you face, you are interested in giving back by looking for online/virtual volunteering opportunities for high school students.

Sometimes the ideal way to distract yourself from your own struggles is to find a selfless pursuit. As Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Of course, the coronavirus pandemic, as insidious as it has been, may still limit the ways in which you feel comfortable contributing to charity. Given the ongoing challenges of rising COVID cases, you may still feel that the best way to contribute to your local (or global) community is to volunteer online. Here are 7 ways to help keep your own home safe.

Volunteer Tutoring For Highschool Students

There are also behind-the-scenes ways to contribute at a time that requires so much sacrifice. Something as simple as being a digital advocate for the Red Cross can help teenagers make a difference in a crisis. This may include actions such as simply sharing Red Cross content via social media platforms or organizing an online fundraiser. Points of Light is a group that employs 5 million volunteers a year in 37 countries.

Volunteer Tutoring & Other Opportunities Beyond The Library

They can connect you to a variety of pandemic-driven causes, such as email marketing for COVID-19 charities. If you are over 18, you may also be interested in becoming a crisis counselor, who can get the necessary training to help with various life challenges, including those directly or indirectly related to the coronavirus.

Low-income and minority students suffered huge educational losses during the pandemic, as technological barriers and under-resourced urban schools only widened the already tragic achievement gap. Teensgive.org offers 9-12 plenty of opportunities for classmates to guide their peers online. The application process has a quick response time. In fact, you can help a child in need within a week of submitting an application. Schoolonwheels.org enables students aged 16-18 to offer tutoring services to their peers through virtual media. 12-15 year olds can also volunteer, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Learntobe.org is another option to connect tutors and students who need help on a virtual platform.

If you are bilingual, there are many ways to promote a great cause on your laptop. The United Nations Volunteers lists many opportunities for those who know two or more languages ​​to make a difference. For example, UN-Habitat needs volunteers to translate Cape Verde’s national housing project from Portuguese to English. UNICEF is currently in need of documents related to COVID-19 translated from English to French. The UN also needs Chinese reports on voluntary pandemic response translated into English. You can also consider joining the army of TED Talk translators working to subtitle these inspiring videos so that audiences around the world can enjoy them. There are also several great opportunities through Translators Without Borders.

History buffs may be interested in becoming a citizen archivist at a non-profit organization such as the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Want to transcribe Franklin Roosevelt’s speeches? Or perhaps case studies conducted by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the Great Depression? Or would you like to list the Purple Hearts awarded between 1942 and 1963? All these tasks are now waiting for the help of virtual volunteers. The Smithsonian also engages citizen scientists in tasks such as writing significant American journals or Wikipedia Volunteer Program efforts to strengthen the Smithsonian’s content offerings.

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With 2022 being an election year, there are already countless local and statewide races underway. If politics or defending a certain cause is up your alley, you should definitely consider civic engagement as an activity. You can always contact the political campaign of your choice by email, phone or social media. In addition, there are several quality resources available for those who don’t really know where to start. One such organization is Rock the Vote.

The tragic shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo are just two of the latest reminders of the horrors of gun violence. The following organizations allow teens to volunteer (virtually or in person) to end mass shootings.

In 2022, young people will report a record number of anxiety, depression, loneliness and feelings of isolation. As a double reaction, positive therapeutic results are more difficult to achieve than ever. Becoming a virtual volunteer can help bring agency and purpose back into your life. All we can do right now is follow the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “Make the best of what you’ve got, where you are.” Online volunteering can be just that.

Dave has over a decade of professional experience that includes working as a teacher, high school administrator, university professor, and independent educational consultant. He is the co-author of The Enlightened College Applicant (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016) and Colleges Worth Your Money (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020). A COVID-19 volunteer update children in our Oakland schools need to read and read. math support more than ever. Children Rising is looking for more reading and math tutors for the 2022-2023 school year. We follow the Oakland Unified School District’s COVID guidelines and expect our volunteers to do the same. Applicants must provide proof of vaccination against the COVID virus in order to participate in face-to-face counseling. Read below about our volunteer tasks!

Online/virtual Volunteer Opportunities For High School Students

“”Children Rising cares so much about these kids that it invests time and effort in training caregivers and giving us the tools to do a good job.”

We invite you to join the hundreds of volunteers who feed and equip students to overcome the challenges they face at school. Together, we can make a generational difference in Oakland and the surrounding East Bay communities and help reduce educational inequity. The key to our approach is to engage a supportive community to reach these children ready and willing at a critical time in their lives.

We organize the Children Rising programs so that their effectiveness is easy right away. Volunteer work opportunities include tutoring elementary school students in reading and math, and mentoring middle school youth. Whether you are interested in mentoring or otherwise volunteering, we will train and guide you along the way.

NOTE: We prefer that all volunteer applicants live in the San Francisco Bay Area or are familiar with our East Bay community.

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2. Tutoring clinics operate during school hours, Monday through Friday, and are supported by Children Rising staff. Both morning and afternoon clinic times are available, but they also depend on the needs of the school. Our reading program is delivered in person, while our math program has in-person and online tutoring options.

3. You work individually with your students. In a two-hour clinic, he mentors one student and then another student for 45 minutes. We strive to connect you with these students throughout the school year.

4. The selection of volunteers is subject to several requirements. Schools require all volunteers who interact with children online or in person to undergo a real-time background check. Personal tutors must also provide evidence of a negative TB and COVID vaccination.

5. We ask for a commitment to come weekly until the clinics close in the spring. It is important to check in with your student weekly. The kids count a lot and look forward to seeing you! However, we know that life happens and you may need to take a few weeks off for vacation or sick days. Please notify us in advance.

Adopt A Tutee Urban Service With A Heart

Children Rising offers you many opportunities to connect with your student, inspiring hope and confidence to succeed. By sharing your time, you are connected to the student, the school and your community.

Teach a child to read One-on-one two hours a week, allowing selected second grade children to reach their potential. This role is currently face-to-face only. We provide training, support, guidance and all the tools you need to succeed every week. We accompany you with the child and offer you different places and times according to your schedule. Our step-by-step program makes it easy to inspire you on your reading journey. You’re almost certain to be inspired along the way as you work with other volunteers and these amazing kids.

Teaching your child math Just two personal lessons a week during school can boost two

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