Why Sign Language Is Important

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While doing research on learning sign language, I found that many people view sign language as an important ‘skill’ that a person can have. Although not completely wrong, many subjects fail to see sign language for what it is. Sign language is a collection of many languages, each of which has many dialects and variations. And these languages ​​allow you to communicate and engage with others.

I’ll be honest: when I started learning English Sign Language, it was a way to improve my CV. I thought it would be easier to continue improving my limited French skills from high school. After two weeks, after learning symbols for things like the alphabet, numbers and colors, I was struggling. I can’t remember how to identify my name, and it’s only four letters long! Later I realized that the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ were almost the same.

Why Sign Language Is Important

Why Sign Language Is Important

It’s safe to say that I greatly underestimate how difficult it is to learn. It has changed my view of BSL from what I use to improve my CV. It became something I really wanted to do because it challenged me and made me a more inclusive person.

The Importance Of Learning Sign Language

The debate over whether sign language should be taught in schools has been going on for a long time. Over 87,000 people in the UK use BSL as their first language, and even more as a second language. Therefore, I think BSL should be taught even if it is an optional subject like French at GCSE.

Although sign language is widely used by deaf people, it also has benefits for people with autism. Some people with autism struggle to develop verbal communication and find sign language easy to learn. For children (autistic or not), learning sign language can also be easier than spoken language. In fact, the muscles in the baby’s hands grow faster than his mouth, which means that the signs are easy for the first communication.

Learning BSL helps build stronger relationships with people. While it can help you communicate with deaf people, sign language can also help you become a better listener. This is because sign language requires a person to focus more on the person speaking.

This requires that you not only look at the movements of the speaker’s hands but also the expression of his face and the movement of his body. Even with a raised eyebrow, you can completely change a sentence from a statement to a question. You can’t look at your phone or do other things during your call. And it can help you build strong relationships with the people you talk to.

Why, When, And How To Start Baby Sign Language

By learning BSL, it also helps you learn about deaf culture and society. This gives you a better understanding of the challenges that people with hearing loss face every day. In addition to introducing you to the Deaf community, learning sign language makes the space more accessible to Deaf people. Deaf people can feel excluded from many social activities because of communication barriers.

To be honest, one of the main reasons to learn BSL is because of the beautiful language. It’s clear, it’s weird and it’s fun – it’s great.

I don’t know anyone who uses BSL as their first language. However, I remember one time when I was working in the shops and someone asked me to help him. I don’t know how to communicate with them. I felt like a typical Brit in a foreign land, speaking loudly and slowly hoping they could read my lips. I remember feeling so stupid, useless, and rude.

Why Sign Language Is Important

I hope that now I will be able to have some conversation with them. And perhaps most importantly, make sure they don’t feel like it’s their fault that I don’t understand them. For me, it’s better to learn just in case. That’s why I feel so strongly that BSL is something that everyone should know.

His Sign, Llc

When you sign up for your D+I newsletter, you not only get monthly D+I updates but you also get email alerts whenever we post a new blog!”Um, huh?” doesn’t he hear?” parents ask nervously below the playground when I ask my 11-month-old, “Would you like more?” as I tap my fingertips to make a sign.

There are also emails I get from CanDo Kiddo readers who want to know exactly how and when to start a baby shower.

Because many caregivers have questions about baby sign language, I asked speech therapist Ayelet Marinovich, MA, CCC-SLP of Speech Dynamics to address some common ones.

The simplest answer is that using signs gives your child a chance to express himself through gestures before he can speak. Research shows that it can help your child learn words faster.

Introducing Sign Language In The Lives Of Less Fortunate Kids With Passionguru

Ayelet brilliantly explains the complexity of learning to speak: “When we stop to think about how many systems work together to speak, it’s amazing – we have to coordinate all kinds of signals from our brain to think about the word we want to say, not. it means our breath, all our muscles. the little things needed to produce speech, the placement of the tongue to make different sounds… this is why we often notice that Our older babies or toddlers can understand certain words or phrases before they can speak.

When you give babies a special tool to use in communication, it opens up the opportunity for them to explore language and understand how it works. Here is a summary of the many important benefits of baby sign language:

Ayelet points to the 6-month mark as the time when babies usually begin to understand commonly used symbols. Although some babies may start using these signs as soon as 6 months, Ayelet points out that “a better sign for your child may be to watch him start moaning and using other gestures, such as pointing, clapping, waving, etc. . , because it is a clear sign that he is beginning to understand how to use figurative language.”

Why Sign Language Is Important

None of this means you have to wait until 6 months to start using baby sign language around your child. You can use the symbols in your words as quickly as possible during your daily routine and during playing with music and finger games (think “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “Pat A Cake”).

The Importance Of Learning Sign Language

Sign language can be an important tool for young children even after they are able to speak, as it can be very difficult for them to find and use the spoken words they know when they are stressed. strong emotions (frustration, anger, and jealousy seem to be common in children) . our house).

Ayelet explains how she uses sign language with her young child saying, “My son is over 2.5 years old and sometimes I still sign words to express to him when he angry (“You feel angry. You don’t want to stop playing” ) because I think we both feel it’s a good tool to have!

Baby sign language DVDs can be a great way for parents to learn signs that they can use at home. However, Ayelet says: “Young children learn by imitating people, interacting with them and through experience.” The best way to encourage your child to learn any language—Sign Language or the language you speak at home—is to interact directly with your baby or toddler.

She recommends incorporating your child’s daily routine (dressing, bathing, mealtimes, etc.) and incorporating more music and movement into your week. His podcast, Strength in Words, is an excellent resource for music that builds language. She also has a free, printable Sign Language Booster that she can put in your home for you to use.

Teach Your Baby Sign Language: It\’s Easier Than You Think!

Personally, as a mother, I use only 4 common signs with my baby – more, everything is done, by request and by request (used for “I want that!”). They seem to work in almost all situations and it’s easy for me to learn and strengthen just a few. It also makes it easier for my baby to communicate with other caregivers, who can understand their requests after a 30-second crash course on baby symptoms.

However, Ayelet also describes the use of special symbols in a very motivating task – “if your child likes bubbles, you can not only combine symbols for “bubble”, but also symbols for “big”, “small”, “pop”. ,” “over,” “blow,” or “play,” to name a few!”

A common concern about baby sign language is that this form of communication will replace verbal language for your baby. However, Aylet says that sign language will actually accelerate your child’s language skills: “If your young child has grown up in a family and a city full of people who use language as their medium you are the main communicator, so if your baby or toddler could talk, he would.

Why Sign Language Is Important

All developmental research examining this is at

You Can Learn About Sign Language Interpreter By Deaf Communication Services

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