Resume Reference Format Examples

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When you’re applying for a job, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to send letters of recommendation. Should you put them on the initial application materials? How would you list references on your resume?

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Resume Reference Format Examples

Two pages) is a waste of precious space. Hiring managers or recruiters can’t reach out to everyone who applied for open positions, or even the references of everyone they brought in for an interview. So please save space to detail your skills, achievements and qualifications.

How To List Your Resume References [with Formatting Examples]

There is no need to mention anything about references in your resume. When asked, you should share information,” says Muse’s career coach Leto Papadopoulos. Don’t waste your resume saying things you take for granted. (After all, you don’t write “interviews on request” “,Is it right?)

“Employers often check your references before they’re ready to offer,” says Papadopoulos. So you don’t need to provide it when you first apply for a job. But it’s best to prepare before the interview.

If a company is going to hire you to wait for a reference check, the last thing you want is to block it by asking people to be a reference or collect their contact information. Instead, you should “prepare your references and keep them up-to-date during your search,” Papadopoulos says.

Most companies will ask candidates to provide two to three letters of recommendation, so it’s a good idea to prepare at least three. Some potential employers may ask for some combination of reference types, but in general you want to list former managers (or your current managers, if they know and support your job search) and former or current colleagues; if you are in Early in your career and without many former managers, you can list teachers who work closely with you. If you lead a team, you may be asked to provide references to previous reports. For some customer-facing roles, such as account management, companies may want to hear from former clients or clients, so be sure to read the norms for your industry.

How To List References On A Resume [reference Page Format]

Once you know who your recommenders will be, you want to make it easier to send them to the employer when asked. Therefore, you should compile everything you need into a reference sheet, a handy and well-formed document that can speed up the final stage of the recruiting process.

When the time comes, you can attach the reference sheet to the email as a Word document or PDF file, or you can simply copy and paste the information into the body of the email.

There’s no need to include your recommender’s home or work address – the company won’t mail them anything. If a reference expresses a strong preference for a particular method of contact, you can place “(preferred contact)” next to that line in the reference list.

To make it easier for hiring managers, it’s also a good idea to include your own name, phone number, and email at the top of the form (see template and examples below).

How To List References On A Resume (with Examples)

Not only is it the standard now to keep references in your resume, but it’s also more considerate of the person you’re asking to speak for you. By only sending their name and contact information when requested directly (usually at the end of the recruiting process), you’ll know when potential new employers have actually contacted them, and you can let them know, pass on information about the position or the company you’re applying for, and thanks for their help.

Regina Borsellino is an editor at The Muse in New York, responsible for job search and career advice, especially resumes, interviews, telecommuting, and best practices for personal and professional development. Prior to joining The Muse, Regina was a contributing editor at InvestorPlace, where she also wrote on topics such as investing and biotech companies. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland and an MA in Creative Writing from American University. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter. “Hello! This is a call from Jennifer from Google. The team likes you so much that we would like to move forward by reaching out to the references on your resume. Could you please send it to them?”

You’ve created the perfect resume and cover letter. You were ready and absolutely crushed your interview. You are so close you can taste it!

While recommendation letters for resumes are often a formality, choosing the wrong person or presenting them in the wrong way can raise red flags when you’re about to cross the finish line.

How To List References On A Resume In 2022 (with Examples & Tips)

The good news is that if you follow a few simple rules and plan ahead, you’ll be out of the woods in no time and sign your acceptance letter in no time.

It took me two years to switch from healthcare to technology, and I ended up getting deals on Google, Microsoft, and Twitter. All of these companies asked me for references, and I used the exact method I’m about to share with you to complete the deal with all three.

A resume reference list is essentially choosing someone who can demonstrate your professional skills and confirm that you are a great employee that the company should be excited about.

Referrals often come into play even before a company offers an offer. The team likes you in the interview, they just want to make sure what you say matches up with other people you’ve worked with.

When And How To Include References On A Resume ·

You’d rather be well prepared and waste a few minutes than be stuck looking for an ex within 24 hours!

Also, when you submit your resume, the company does not need or require your letters of recommendation. They are still trying to determine if you are qualified for the job!

A value-based summary of the projects you lead is far more effective than giving your old boss numbers.

Also, think about where you’re sending your resume. If you share it on a job board like LinkedIn, Indeed, or, you’re putting a dashboard of people’s information there for everyone to see!

How To List References On A Resume (dos And Don’ts)

Your recommenders may have your back now, but that could change if they start getting calls from the Nigerian royal family wanting to share their wealth.

No! You should provide references if requested by the company. Again, focus on selling yourself and the experience on your resume. We will handle your references in a new document called a reference sheet.

You’ll want to start a new Google Doc for your reference, but the key here is to make sure you’re consistent with your resume.

You’re about to get a quote, so don’t bother dropping the ball in this Times New Roman file. Here you can highlight your attention to detail and stay true to your brand!

How To List References On A Resume [w/ Examples]

You never know who this will go to, so you want to make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to know which candidate these references belong to.

Remember, your goal is to stand out – paying attention to the details on the reference sheet is a surefire way to do that.

If you want to win more jobs, you need to seize every opportunity to add value and control the process.

That means paying attention to detail and creating opportunities at every step of the process. Listing your references is no exception.

How To Optimize Your Resume With Samples That Work

Of course, we provide some contact information, but we also use a strategy to help direct the conversation to a specific project or outcome that we want employers to know about and discuss with your referees.

This starts when you contact potential references. I have instructions and email templates that you can ask people below for your reference. When they agree, get on the phone with them and complete the game plan:

“Hey Jennifer, thank you so much for the reference. I really appreciate it! It’s an operations role and the company is focused on improving productivity/efficiency. It would be great if you could talk to them through the Axion project we are working on together , we reduced redundancy by 37% in 6 months!”

Guess what happens next? Your referrals start complimenting you and discussing how amazing the Axion project is and the great work you’ve done to achieve those results.

Professional References On Resume: Full Guide & 10+ Examples

“Well, yes, I was in Austin for a few years. We were on the same team and he was a good guy and seemed to be doing a good job. Yes, of course, I would recommend it.”

Ultimately, you always want to make sure you lead with the best reference. The person with the most say should always be in the lead

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