Austrian Universities For International Students

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The landlocked country of Austria, located in Central Europe, consists of nine federal states with its capital in Vienna. It borders several countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Slovakia. Apart from its colossal history, well-connected cities, modern infrastructure and pleasant weather, the country is also revered for the quality education it offers in all disciplines. Many Austrian universities have also been ranked among the best institutions in the world by QS and Times Higher Education (THE) due to the country’s emphasis on modern education. So if you want to study abroad and start a career in psychology, music, STEM courses, etc., you might want to consider pursuing a higher education in Austria! This blog aims to highlight the main features, admission process and other requirements for those who wish to study in Austria.

Austria is not only in the geographical center of Europe; he also played an important role in European history and helped shape the Europe we know today.

Austrian Universities For International Students

Austrian Universities For International Students

The Arlberg region, the cradle of modern skiing, and Innsbruck in the foothills of the Alps are known for their exciting winter sports. However, Austria is mostly hilly and offers spectacular scenery and year-round hiking opportunities.

Top 8 Universities In Austria For International Students

Many Baroque castles, palaces and gardens, as well as museums about Austria’s role in both musical history and psychology, can be found in the major cities of Vienna and Graz. Haydn, Mahler, Liszt and, of course, Mozart are famous Austrian musicians and composers, the pioneer of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud was born here.

All EU and EEA citizens have free access to Austrian public universities; international students pay about 1500 euros per academic year. The cost of college education (UAS) varies from 365 to 7500 euros depending on education and nationality.

Austria is one of the safest countries in the world, with a low crime rate and a high standard of living and welfare. If you live in Austria, you don’t have to worry about political and military tensions, armed conflicts or violent protests.

If you choose Austria, you have the opportunity to study and live in Vienna, which has been recognized as the best city in the world for the last ten years! Everything is just fantastic: from transportation to housing, from student services to administrative support, from salary to job prospects.

Best Universities In Austria For International Students

Do we need to tell you more about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Egon Schiel and Gustav Klimt? Austria also has an extensive list of museums and galleries that every visitor should see.

At an Austrian university, the general atmosphere is relaxed and the teachers are always ready to help students, answer their questions and make sure they understand everything they are learning. During workshops and team projects, students work in small groups, which gives them a significant advantage in terms of understanding new material. Students can also participate in active discussions and express their point of view. The departments of foreign affairs at colleges regularly organize trips to neighboring cities and neighborhoods to help international students get used to a new country and culture.

The average cost of studying in Austria is around 1400 euros tuition per year, while the cost of living is quite economical at around 1200 euros per year. Here is an overview of the cost of studying in Austria:

Austrian Universities For International Students

On average, the monthly cost of living in Austria for international students is €950 (approximately INR 84,553) and may vary depending on the city where you decide to live.

Latest Low Tuition Universities In Austria

Founded in 1265, the University of Vienna focuses on both teaching and research and is one of the most popular educational institutions among those wishing to study in Austria. With 15 faculties and 5 centers, theology, mathematics, microbiology, business, law, etc. are some of the areas in which courses are offered. So for those who want to start a career in microbiology or build a career in theology, this might be the perfect institution. It is extremely important to know that the oldest German-speaking university also houses the largest library in Austria!

Founded 204 years ago as the Imperial Royal Polytechnic Institute, the university is now known as TU Wien. Many innovative companies have entered into partnerships with the university. Currently, the educational institution has 8 faculties:

The largest university in the country, it came into being when Pope Sixtus approved its creation 314 years ago. The university currently has over 30,000 students and 4,300 staff members. The university offers numerous degree, bachelor’s, master’s, joint and doctoral programs and is popular with students wishing to study in Austria. The largest faculties are the faculties of arts and humanities and natural sciences, here is a list of 6 faculties of the institute:

Austrian public universities provide free and affordable education to international students and are known for their varied programs. These are the best public universities in Australia:

Study In Austria For Indian Students In 2022: Tuition Fees, Cost

At several universities in Austria, education there is practically free. All public universities in Austria are very affordable. But the tuition fee depends on your nationality. Even if you are not eligible for free tuition, you will have to pay $1,600 per year, i.e. INR 1,16,186.

If you are from the EU or Switzerland, the tuition fee at any public university in Austria is zero. Another case where your tuition is worth 0 is if you belong to one of the developing countries. These are the leading developing countries eligible for free education in Austria:

If you do not meet any of these requirements, you can study in Austria practically free of charge. When applying to public universities, you have to pay a measly amount of $16 per year, which you can easily repay by working part-time in Austria.

Austrian Universities For International Students

To study in Austria, you need a residence/study visa or both. Criteria may vary by nationality. But before we move on to the procedure for obtaining the aforementioned documents, let’s first understand the types of visas:

Study In Austria: Step By Step Guide For International Students

Please note that in order to obtain a visa, you must contact a consulate or embassy before traveling to Austria. It may take up to 15 days to obtain a student visa.

In order to study in Austria, you must meet the admission criteria set by the admissions offices of all universities/colleges. They are listed below.

Austria is a beautiful country with some of the best universities. But one of the biggest problems students face is the language barrier. Since many people in Austria speak German, it is assumed that all universities also teach in German. But this is not the case because many universities that accept international students offer a choice of language or offer courses in English.

Several universities in Austria offer a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in English. In addition, you will find over 200 courses taught in English at Austrian universities. Subjects you can study in English:

Universities In Austria: A Guide For Students

Carefully research the university you want to attend. Check out the admission criteria, required documents, English language grades, etc. You can also visit the official websites of the universities or just leave it to the Leverage Edu experts!

It’s time to fill out the form and submit all the necessary documents in order. Make sure all documents are certified.

Once your application has been approved, you will be notified and receive your student ID. This student card is similar to a letter of acceptance. This serves as proof for obtaining a student visa!

Austrian Universities For International Students

With your letter of acceptance in hand, the next step is to apply for a student visa. Read the following paragraphs to understand the process in detail.

Best 5 Universities In Austria Ranking For Foreign Students In 2022

There are plenty of vacancies for students while studying in Austria. However, when looking for a job, students should remember that good command of German and English is required for good communication.

Note. While tuition is affordable, housing, travel, food, and other expenses can add to your expenses. Therefore, it is recommended to plan your budget accordingly if you wish to study in Austria.

The average cost of studying at private Austrian universities ranges from 3,000 to 23,000 euros per year (2,69,707 rupees – 20,67,759 rupees per year).

When am I eligible for the scholarship? Will this happen after I receive a notification of admission or after I enroll in a university in Austria?

Cheapest Universities In Austria For International Students

The scholarship application process varies depending on the scholarship program. While some scholarship programs require you to first receive an acceptance letter, others allow you to apply for a scholarship before receiving an acceptance notice. It’s always a good idea to check trade announcements.

As for students from the EEA, Switzerland and the EU (with the exception of Croatia), they can study without a permit. For those who belong to other countries and have a residence permit, the number

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