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A job can provide high school students with valuable work experience, transferable skills, a sense of independence and income. There are many job opportunities available to working students, from part-time jobs during the school year to seasonal jobs during the summer.

In this article, we list some of the best job opportunities for high school students, including average salaries and basic role responsibilities.

Jobs Hiring For Students

Basic Job: Ice Cream Scoopers take orders, sample different flavors of ice cream and prepare orders for customers. While this is an ideal summer job, it’s also one that students can work on year-round. Perks can include free ice cream and shared tips.

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Basic Duties: Servers work in restaurants and answer customer questions about the menu, take orders, and deliver food to the table. They receive tips in addition to their hourly wages. Servers possess customer service skills and work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment. Motivated employees can progress from server to supervisor to manager.

Main Job: Barista makes specialty coffee and tea drinks in the cafe. They also provide customer service and learn how to work the cash register. Perks usually include free coffee, tea, and non-sold food items such as pastries. Some large companies offer employee benefits such as tuition assistance programs.

Primary Duties: Lifeguards supervise aquatic activities and ensure swimmers follow pool safety rules. It also responds to any emergencies that may arise. Aspiring lifeguards must be at least 15 years old by the time they complete training to qualify for the job. Although the training takes about 25 hours to complete, youth can return to the job every summer.

Primary Duties: Prep cooks work in the back of the restaurant where food is stored, prepared, cooked and served to customers. Pre-cooks prepare ingredients for chefs and line cooks. They may be assigned tasks such as chopping vegetables or making sauces that cooks use when cooking and preparing dishes for customers. Working as a prep cook allows young people to develop their cooking skills, receive on-the-job training and gain experience in the food service industry.

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Basic Duties: Cashier working at the box office or concession stand at a movie theater. They sell movie tickets as well as drinks and snacks to patrons to enjoy during the screening. Ushers check tickets, patrons go straight to the theater and clean the theater after the movie is over. Cinemas offer flexibility in scheduling, including night shifts. Perks can include free movie tickets for staff.

Primary Duties: Receptionists answer phones, greet clients and perform administrative tasks such as setting appointments. Receptionists can work in many types of businesses, from gyms to doctor’s offices. Working as a receptionist can help teens gain customer service skills and experience working in an office environment.

Basic Duties: Yard work includes raking leaves, weeding, mowing and watering plants. Teens can do yard work for neighbors or businesses. This is an ideal job for high school students who like physical work and the outdoors. Employment is often seasonal.

Basic Job: Dog walking and cat sitting are great job opportunities for animal loving youth. Cat sitters take care of the home by feeding the cats, taking out the litter boxes, and spending time with the cats. Dog walkers typically visit clients’ homes to exercise their dogs outside and ensure their basic needs are met. Dog walking can be a great summer job opportunity because working adults often need someone to walk their dog during normal business hours. Cat sitting jobs usually have more schedule flexibility for morning or evening visits, since cat owners usually need help when they’re out of town.

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Basic Duties: Babysitters temporarily care for children while their parents or guardians are away. A babysitter may be needed to help children change diapers, clean the playground, prepare snacks, and prepare for bedtime. Babysitting is an ideal job for students because their parents often need their services in the evenings or on weekends, so high school students can work part-time during the school year.

Primary Duties: Delivery drivers ensure that items such as products, food orders and other items are delivered to customers. Delivery drivers are responsible for packing and transporting items on time and in good condition. Many companies offer delivery drivers flexible schedules, making this a great opportunity for high school students who have a driver’s license and access to a car.

Basic Functions: Tutors give individual attention to students to help them understand a subject better and improve their grades. High school students who specialize in academic subjects can use their knowledge to help their fellow students and earn money in the process.

Primary Duties: Grocery store employees may stock shelves, work the cash register, or work in specialty departments such as the bakery or seafood department. Grocery store workers can be assigned to perform one primary task or multiple tasks, giving teens great work experience with multiple responsibilities.

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