Learning Websites For Elementary Students

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There is nothing more frustrating for teachers than struggling in the classroom and not knowing what to do! We’ve all been there, 10 minutes between art and lunch, 15 minutes before assembly, and the few minutes you wait for a guest teacher or class visitor. Without a structured activity, those minutes are wasted, or worse, a mess!

This is why I always bookmark my favorite websites on my computer for easy access. These websites are perfect for filling those awkward moments with meaningful activities. They are also perfect for using:

Learning Websites For Elementary Students

Whether you choose to complete the activities from these sites as a class on the Smart Board, assign students to complete them independently at home, or use them as a whole-class computer class, they are sure to engage your students!

Free Social Studies Websites For The Elementary Classroom

I love this site for reading non-fiction current affairs articles. Articles can be accessed even without a subscription. Highly engaging reading essays to share and discuss together, or have students complete independent reading reflection activities.

This is my go-to website, especially during downtime. There are many fun read-aloud videos of favorite children’s picture books that keep students engaged and read aloud by many familiar faces. Pause throughout reading to ask comprehension questions and practice the skills and strategies you teach. If you are using this site remotely, have students look at the picture book and read aloud, and complete the reader response activities. Even writing a quick summary using paper and pencil will keep their reading skills sharp!

This site has many popular books and is divided by age and grade of students. There are also various videos, quizzes and activities to go with the books.

I have been using this site for years and love the new interface. Visit this site for fiction and non-fiction essays that you can read or print, along with reading comprehension activities. There is also a play button to read passages aloud to students.

Best Educational Websites For Kids In 2022 (free)

Includes a variety of non-fiction articles on current events, social studies topics, science topics, and now social-emotional learning topics. The essays are for students of class 2-12 and include assessments. There are both free and paid versions of this site.

Have your students use a sight reading strategy while reading a passage from any of these sites with this free sight reading activity sheet. Perfect for class work or to send home to keep students’ skills sharp.

We have been using this site for years and I love it! Math activities are broken down by level and skill, making it easy to assign to students. The author interface is easy to use.

This site is all about using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication facts. Operations is a straightforward mathematical procedure. Perfect for quick practice, classwork or homework. Free and also comes in app format.

Free And Fun Elementary Reading Websites For Kids

If you use bar modeling to help students solve word problems, this site is for you! Colorful, interactive problem-solving activities keep students engaged. I like to have students work on these problems with a math partner to encourage math conversation.

Math activities are broken down by level and ability and are more engaging for students. An easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use teacher interface helps you track student progress.

Encourage your students to break down the math word problems they encounter from these sites with this free math word problem graphic organizer. Perfect for class work or to send home to keep students’ skills sharp.

One of my favorite websites for student engagement, this site will complement your curriculum and engage your students in activities and learning.

Good Educational Websites For Music Teachers

Who doesn’t love animals and learn about endangered species? You and your class can get lost reading about different critically endangered animals on these sites. In April, as students learn about Earth Day and prepare for our animal project, I like to read about an animal each day. Very attractive!

A great place for students to get answers to their science questions, explore different topics, start science units, and learn! Kids love this site.

These Earth Day videos and song videos are great instructional tools, whether you’re teaching in your classroom as part of distance education or tutoring your students at home.

Engage your students in free science fiction reading activities here. Perfect for class work or to send home to keep students’ skills sharp.

Fabulous Reading Websites

No list of classroom websites would be complete without BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. Access to all videos requires a subscription, but it’s worth it! I use them every day, multiple times a day. There are videos to introduce new units, review skills, bring holidays and current events into the classroom, and have fun. Each video contains activities, reference sheets, questions and quizzes to use. The kids love them, but I love them even more! Don’t have a subscription? Visit the site each week to watch the video of the week for free. Has your school closed due to the coronavirus? Get free access to Brainpop here.

Highly engaging talks and presentations for students to learn about trending ideas and topics that are popular across the country. Getting elementary school students to think critically is great.

This platform offers a unique platform of differentiation that spans all subjects: ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science. A must see if you are looking for a site that has it all!

There are tons of fun activities in all content areas from middle school to PreK that your students will love! Activities are divided by level, making it easy to assign or challenge students as they progress to the next grade level.

Great Websites To Help Your Children Learn

Engage your students in this free digital activity that integrates multiple disciplines and reading, writing, and informational text. Perfect for class work or to send home to keep students’ skills sharp.

It is a fun interactive art website with various activities for kids. I love guided drawing lessons!

Internal spacing? No problem! Throw one of these puzzles on a smart board and you’ll see instant communication and teamwork from your students. Choose a puzzle design, choose the number of pieces for each puzzle, and watch the kids work together to build it. Save and timer options make these puzzles even more fun.

An engaging platform that encourages creative writing from students. Use existing prompts or pictures to get your students writing fun!

Best Websites For Teaching Human Body Systems — Tarheelstate Teacher

Engage your students in a free creative poetry writing activity here. Perfect for class work or to send home to keep students’ skills sharp.

This is a growing list. Be sure to save this page for easy access to these and new sites that are added. There are thousands of educational websites and resources online, covering various subject areas, but it is impossible to know which ones are highly ranked. -Quality and fun will keep your child’s attention for a while.

Whether you need interactive games for your kids, math skills for your elementary school kids, educational videos for older kids, or tutoring for your high school students, websites are sure to help. Some websites offer lesson plans for homeschool parents and teachers.

We have updated this list for 2022 and we can confidently say that they are the best free education websites.

The Best Websites To Save For Upper Elementary Classrooms In 2022 (with Images)

Your kids can explore the world from their computer chair with National Geographic Kids, an interactive website from the National Geographic Society. The National Geographic Society is a global nonprofit organization committed to protecting our world’s wonders.

This high-quality website is a great resource for elementary and middle school kids to learn about history, science, American states, and more.

They’ll find online games, science activities, quizzes, fun fillers, awesome animal videos and fun facts, free resources about space, history, science, US states, and more.

It specializes in differentiating the teaching of math, English language arts, social studies, and science through fun games and activities.

Formative Assessment Tools For Your Classroom

It’s so easy for kids to use, and it keeps them focused so you can get your work done – guilt-free!

Perfect for kids ages 2-7, ABC Mouse offers a full online curriculum that includes reading, math, science, and art and coloring. There are over 9,000 activities.

PBS KIDS is a well-known children’s media brand that allows children ages 2-8 to explore new ideas and new worlds through digital media and popular television shows.

Your child’s experience at PBSkids.org will be high quality and educational. Your child’s favorite characters can join them in age-appropriate games, they have free access to watch videos in English or Spanish, learn songs, draw on a blank canvas, create their own scenes, and print coloring pages.

Best Free & Paid Coding Websites For Kids & Teens

People of all ages, and regardless of their skill level, will enjoy these math games, lessons and quizzes, manipulatives, and brain teasers. This highly interactive website will keep your kids entertained and learning while you gain a lot

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