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Studying medicine can lead to a sought-after career in the health sector, but sixth-year students must first be admitted to a course that can be competitive and demanding. For anyone looking to pursue a career in medicine or dentistry, competition for university places is fierce and increasing every year. Due to government quotas and higher requirements of Western Europe (Numerus Clausus), studying in Eastern Europe has become a good alternative. Through cooperation with many European universities, we can help international students to enter various programs such as general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy or veterinary medicine. “MCV.Vermittlung” is a company registered in Germany specializing in the recruitment of medical students. We are fully aware of the application process and ensure that all applications are processed quickly and successfully.

Why study medicine in the EU? Studying medicine is very competitive as there are few places available. In general, it is very difficult for non-EU students to be accepted in Western European countries. Due to the lack of study opportunities in their own countries, many German, French or English students are now “going east” to pursue their dream of studying medicine. We work with many universities with a long medical tradition (some going back 100 years) and help EU students get started quickly. We only work with universities in the European Union where all degrees are internationally recognised, regardless of which country you graduated from. Other benefits: – Low tuition costs starting at €4,500 per year – Acceptance rate higher than in other Western European countries due to absence of Numerus Clausus – Studies conducted in English – International qualifications/degrees recognized – Experience- or ‘directed learning practices are internationally popular

Study Medicine Europe English

Study Medicine Europe English

What we do for you: First, we assess your pre-academic qualifications and achievements. Based on our experience, we offer a place where you can get admission. If you are from a non-EU country, we also consider the criteria for a study visa. If we believe we can help you apply and you agree to the terms, we will send you a contract to sign with us. Once the contract is signed, we will provide you with a complete information package and manage your application.

Study Medicine In Europe

Family E. (Germany) University of Cluj, Romania”We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the perfect mediation for our son Florian as well. A successful conclusion. Florian was very happy and full of the Medical University of Cluj. learning … , even better.. We recommend your work on the Internet.”

Family B. (Germany) University of Cluj, Romania”Thank you for the support we received to place our son J. at the University of Cluj. Special thanks to B. P. for your great support and help on the site. Your service is endless. can recommend.”

Family S. (Germany) University of Cluj, Romania” We are very grateful to you! Working with you on the application was very smooth and easy, and now we are looking forward to our son David starting his studies.”

Family F. (Germany) University of Cluj, Romania” We are also grateful on behalf of son H. for your wonderful support and mediation. We are very happy and everything went smoothly. Your ma “your information is extensive, very helpful. and reassuring Mr. M, and Mr. P. is taking care of my son in Cluj – thank you very much!!! They are both very good and we are equal as parents we care to the extent.. It immediately warms our hearts for Cluj and the people there. In general, we and our son are very happy and grateful that you have helped us so much in this process.

Study Medicine In Europe In English, Doctor To Be Via Uniapp

Mrs. A. (Germany) University of Cluj, Romania. Communication with you is always quick and direct. You will always know for sure whether additional documents are required for the university or if there is doubt whether the existing documents are sufficient. We can only recommend the premium package to everyone. Because this is a good feeling for the second university. We were also delighted that Doreen was received by her colleague. at the airport so they can take us to the apartment. For the rest of the local service, we were accompanied by our colleague Bogdan, who was also very pleasant and helpful. All in all, you have provided a good service as an intermediary. We felt in good hands with you. Meanwhile, our daughter L. also settled in Cluj. Both in the city and in study. He felt very comfortable there.

Mr. B.N. (Germany) University of Cluj, Romania MCV Vermittlung team professionally helped me to get a place to study medicine in Romania. The staff I have personally met are friendly and always put the best interests of the applicant first. MCV Vermittlung reassured me with their extensive knowledge of specific regulations and registration procedures at universities in Romania and helped me get off to a good start even after I was accepted. UMF University in Cluj-Napoca has 80-90% German students in its medical education program. It’s easy to find connections and join university life. Although the curriculum is very practical and all courses have a compulsory component, there is still enough time for thorough preparation and a balanced student life. In any case, the first semester is a challenge where students can learn a foreign language without any problems. Cluj Napoca is a beautiful, modern and quiet city with many students and many recreational opportunities.

Family S. (Germany) Targu Mures University, Romania” Funding our son’s studies in Romania was the right decision. He feels very comfortable there and made many new friends. and found a good apartment. There is a good environment here. the university and he studies a lot. It can be tiring but it is important. The cost of living in Romania is cheap and so he can treat himself after a successful test . The size of the course group in the university is clear and it feels very good. well, this is also because of the good tutoring system. We are also very happy to use your service and we are very satisfied with your service and support. We will recommend you again anytime. .”

Study Medicine Europe English

Family M. (Germany) University of Cluj and University of Targu Mures, Romania We found out about MCV.Vermittlung after recommendations from a circle of acquaintances. In 2016, despite her good final grades in Germany, our daughter, who was very happy that she could not find a place to study, was successfully admitted to Cluj by MCV. The application procedures for the two universities are well prepared and complex and meticulously executed. We are happy to have professional assistance in compiling comprehensive application documents and tight deadlines. Especially since our daughter is in Africa at the time of application, it sometimes complicates everything. In addition, after settling in Cluj, assistance and support in finding housing and regulatory affairs is complete and makes the start-up easier. Inspired by his sister and his positive experience in Cluj, our son is interested in studying medicine in Romania after graduation. It was also brought to Targu Mures by MCV this year. The MCV team truly deserves our praise and thanks for this application process. He is well prepared for the various application procedures (eg entrance exams in Timisoara and Skype interview in Targu Mures). Unfortunately, they only got on the waiting list. Above all, Mr. Pislea, patient and very friendly, endured many questions over the phone and never gave up hope. For us, this process was created as a thriller, in the end, with the help of MCV, our son was admitted to an additional seat and was able to start his studies there. Here, next to Mr. Pislea, I give special thanks to Octavian. Helping them access the city and university, finding the right accommodation and all the local services is very important to us. The two students felt comfortable in their place of study, quickly found a connection and did not regret their actions. We

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