Famous Beer In Germany

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As any beer drinker knows, the birthplace of modern beer is Germany. Much of the beer we know now is not only produced in Germany, but this nation of strong brewers continues to produce the venerable Old German beer, as well as exciting new beer flavors that have delighted drinkers for centuries.

Famous Beer In Germany

Famous Beer In Germany

We’ve reviewed beers from Belgium, Japan, Italy, Poland, and Mexico, but it’s time to give credit to the homeland of all beers.

The Best German Beers To Bring The Oktoberfest Spirit Into Your Home

A list of all the great beers in Germany would run for pages. Also, choosing the best German beer will be very subjective.

The thing to keep in mind is that there are dozens of types of beer and we all have different style preferences. We wanted to focus on a wide range of beers that are available for purchase in the United States (with one exception).

This is a short list of 100 German beers that are distributed around the world. Keep in mind that taste is subjective and everyone has different tastes and preferences.

With that said, here are 11 beers from Germany that we think are worth trying. In fact, many of these beers can be ordered online at Drizly.com and delivered to your door.

The 11 Best German Beers To Drink Without Going To Germany

Weihenstephan has been a champion brewer of Hefeweizens for nearly 1,000 years, so they know what they’re doing. It is the oldest brewery in the world still in existence.

This Bavarian-style German wheat beer is among the best in the country, and dare we say it, in the world. Light, sweet and refreshing, with traditional banana and Hefeweizen cloves.

It goes well on a hot afternoon or before dinner. While this beer can rest on its laurels, it consistently wins major awards, proving its worth time and time again.

Famous Beer In Germany

As with many established breweries in Europe, Old German beer is associated with the church and monks who were almost as devoted to their beer as they were to God.

The Best Kolsch Beer, A Historic Brew That’s Gaining New Steam

Paulner was founded in 1634 in a Munich monastery and has been admired for centuries. It is currently one of six breweries offering beer for Oktoberfest, and is one of the top ten beer sellers in Germany.

This Doppel Bock, a German lager, is darker and stronger than any other variety Paulner offers. It has great flavor but is still clean. There are aromas of caramel, chocolate, sugar and toasted spices. The malt flavor comes from light barley malt and dark barley malt, called “Munich malt”.

This original Bavarian wheat beer, also known as “Tap 7”, has been brewed by George I for almost 150 years. Made from Snyder’s unaltered original recipe.

This Weissbier is low in carbonation and has a deep amber and mahogany color that looks great in a glass. It pairs well with copious meals and red meats.

Best Rated German Beers (styles And Brands)

The aroma is reminiscent of apple, cloves and nutmeg, and the taste is fresh, clean, but also full-bodied, with a slightly acid aftertaste.

The name should be a huge clue: this beer is almost always brewed in March, so it’ll be ready for the October festival. In fact, it’s the world’s first Oktoberfest beer, created in 1872 specifically for the annual celebration.

It is amber in color. This is a medium bodied beer that balances just the right amount of hops with a wonderful roasted malt flavor.

Famous Beer In Germany

It’s very crisp for a sweet beer and has a nice earthy finish. You don’t have to wait until Oktoberfest for this classic, as it usually goes on sale in August until the end of October or November.

The 11 Best German Beers To Drink In 2022

The Inselkammer family has been one of Germany’s leading beer brands for over 130 years, and Celebrator has won numerous awards. This German lager is a very dark beer with a strong malt flavor.

There is a coffee tone that becomes more dominant as the flavor lingers. It is not as sweet as most Doppelbox beers, but like most Doppelbox beers it has a higher alcohol content. It is strong but not overwhelming. Although it is rich, there is a smoky dryness.

What do the Germans and their longevity have when it comes to beer? The Augustiner-Braue brewery is the oldest independent brewery in Germany, first opened in 1328.

Nearly 700 years of brewing expertise are evident in this lightly sweet, bright and sparkling Helles (meaning pale or foamy) lager that tastes as good as it sounds.

Famous German Beer Brands

It has a golden-straw color with great clarity. The hop aroma is floral, herbaceous, earthy and with a hint of hay. The flavor is a mix of grain and bread tones. There are also hints of apple, lemon zest and spices. Another great daytime beer, and it’s perfect with a good German pretzel.

Although you may never have had this beer, you’d love the strong malt aroma and rich flavor of its relatively high alcohol content.

Added bonus: the good monks at the brewery think the perfect pairing for this beer is a bacon cracker bar, and they’ve kindly provided a recipe for this delicious treat.

Famous Beer In Germany

It is unlikely that brewer Peter Schauffer dreamed up this modern brew in the 15th century. This wheat beer is a combination of 50% Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen and 50% juice and natural ingredients.

The Kegworks Field Guide To German Beer Styles

However, his legacy of quality and flavor lives on in the world’s first Hefeweizen grapefruit beer, brewed in 2007, and claims to be the first Hefeweizen grapefruit beer.

It’s sweet but crisp, tangy but not too tart, tangy but not overpowering, and best served cold. Plus, with its low alcohol content, you can enjoy a few bottles whenever you feel like it.

A relative newcomer to the German beer scene, Bitburger was founded in 1817. Their beer is one of the most popular German brands and is available throughout the world year-round.

Bitburger Premium Pils are straw-colored, transparent, and have a mild flavor that is bright, dry, and very crisp. This beer has a medium hop character and has been called “Germany’s Number 1 Draft Beer”.

Most Popular Beer In Germany Top Sellers, 56% Off

This High Carbonation German Hefeweizen is a consistently high-quality beer that pairs well with German cuisine, fish, shellfish, or any spicy cheese.

The color is coppery and golden, it pours a white foam and has aromas of citrus fruits and a touch of banana, cloves and other spices, as well as a slight bitterness from the hops.

Well, Stone Brewery is an American company. A popular craft brewery, of course, but definitely the good stuff from America.

Famous Beer In Germany

Stone was so determined to get the flavors right and authentic that it is made in Germany. Stone has been working in Berlin since 2016 and White Ghost is one of the fruits of his labor.

German Beers You Can Sample In Petaluma This Oktoberfest

Enjoyable all year round, this refreshing beer is cloudy gold in color with white foam. The aroma is of subtle fruits like melon and peach, mixed with lemon and rhubarb. It has a tart flavor that is well balanced.

It would be foolish to choose the best German beer from this group. They are different, like all German beers, and each has a richness and depth of flavor.

Whichever German beer you choose, you’re in for a delightful journey through brewing history. This is why German beer brands are revered around the world and why many types of beer from Germany can be found in almost every beer shop.

If you want to try some of these German beers, but can’t find them locally where you live, visit Drizly.com and see if you can have them delivered to your doorstep.

Germany’s Most Popular Beer Brands

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Famous Beer In Germany

There are many different types of German beer, from German Pilsner to Hefeweizen and Kölsch, from Cologne to the top-fermented Altbier found in Düsseldorf. There really is a German beer for every palate.

Most Popular Beer Brand By German State

Berlin’s BRLO is known for its modern updates on classic German beers like Berliner Weiss and Helles (BRLO).

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