Why Is Governance Important

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Shuchi. P. Nahar The company’s failure led to interest in the relationship between corporate governance and company performance. The relationship between corporate governance and firm performance has been the subject of extensive research over the past decade. The term corporate governance has many theoretical and empirical definitions in the literature. Corporate governance can be viewed as a narrow or broad subject, so there is no universally accepted definition (Solomon, 2004). Corporate governance needs:

Corporate governance requirements arise from concerns that corporate boards and managers are not meeting financial reporting standards and are not being held accountable, causing significant harm to investors.

Why Is Governance Important

Why Is Governance Important

The collapse of large international companies such as Enron of the United States, World Com and Xerox of Japan is believed to be due to the lack of good governance and corruption of the management of these companies and the corruption of financial consulting firms.

Pdf) The Importance Of Good Governance Implementation In The Legislative Institutions

The failures of these multinational giants point to the importance of good corporate governance structures that clarify the power differential between the board of directors and management, which can lead to appropriate governance processes and procedures in which management is free to control the board. free to control and give political direction.

In India, SEBI has realized the need for good corporate governance and has appointed several committees for this purpose, such as Kumar Manglam Birla Committee, Naresh Chandra Committee and Narayana Murthy Committee.

1. Investors and shareholders of corporate companies need to protect their investments due to lack of proper financial reporting and accountability standards. In India, companies have been seen raising funds from the market by valuing their shares at a high price based on a false perception of the company’s performance and profitability.

Investors have been hit hard by the unscrupulous management of the company, which has performed far less than reported at the time of fundraising. “An example of bad governance is the allotment of promoter shares at a discount that is not in line with the market value, which affects the interests of minority shareholders.”

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There is a growing awareness and consensus among Indian investors to invest in companies with a track record of upholding good corporate governance practices. Hence, there is an urgent need to protect the interests of Indian investors from fraud by corporate boards and management to ensure proper investment in the shares of corporate companies and thereby increase the rate of economic growth.

2. Corporate governance is seen as an important tool for addressing investor grievances. Kumar Manglam Birla’s Corporate Governance Committee found that companies in India are not paying enough attention to timely dissemination of information needed by investors.

While SEBI and RBI have taken some steps, companies themselves need to take steps to protect their investments by addressing investor complaints and following good corporate governance standards.

Why Is Governance Important

3. The importance of good corporate governance is that it enables corporate firms to (1) raise capital and (2) operate efficiently. This will help gain the confidence of investors. Investors will be willing to invest in companies with good corporate governance.

The Importance Of Good Governance

The new policy of liberalization and deregulation adopted in India since 1991 has given more latitude to management, which should be judiciously used to protect the interests of investors. India has several cases of corporate dysfunction and falsification of accounts due to lack of transparency and disclosure. This makes investors reluctant to invest in companies with poor corporate governance.

The degree to which corporate enterprises adhere to the basic principles of good corporate governance has become an important factor in attracting foreign investment. The relationship between corporate governance and foreign investment flows is increasingly important in this era of globalization where quantitative restrictions and trade barriers have been removed.

Studies in India and abroad show that foreign investors notice and respond positively to well-run companies, capital flows from foreign institutional investors to invest in the stock market, and foreign direct investment (FDI) in joint ventures with Indian corporations. Companies will come if they are convinced that the basic principles of good corporate governance are followed.

Corporate governance in a business context refers to the system of rules, practices and processes that govern companies. Thus, the model of corporate governance followed by a particular company is the distribution of rights and responsibilities of all members of the organization. This ensures that everyone in the organization has appropriate and transparent decision-making processes and that the interests of all stakeholders (shareholders, managers, employees, suppliers, customers, etc.) are protected.

Value Of Good Corporate Governance

Triangular structure Good corporate governance is a management model in which the balance and equilibrium of the three groups are balanced, which creates optimal conditions for business development, achievement of strategic goals and long-term sustainable performance.

Corporate governance keeps the company honest and out of trouble. When this shared philosophy breaks down, corners are cut, products become defective, and management becomes complacent and corrupt. The end result was a debacle that would include audited financial statements, a criminal investigation, and a federal investigation that would eventually catch up and bankrupt the company overnight. Unfair and unethical deals cause shareholders to flee in fear, distrust and disgust.

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Why Is Governance Important

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Importance Of Or Need For Corporate Governance

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