Why Is Multiculturalism So Important To Early Childhood Education

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In my undergraduate studies this semester, I focused on diversity in the preschool classroom. Raising and educating my children has strengthened my commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse environment for my own children and students, in conjunction with the political environment in the United States where I live. I have these multicultural classroom materials and a variety of toys in my classroom or on my wish list. No classroom or school can be expected to make significant or costly changes right away, but these materials can be purchased over time to help any school achieve that goal.

When our children understand and appreciate the differences around them, they will more easily respect those differences and not use them to divide. My goal as a parent and teacher is to teach my children and students to be proud of who they are, where they come from, their culture and family, and to treat everyone with the same respect. With that goal in mind, these are diversified materials and toys that help standardize diversity, bring multiculturalism closer to a uniform classroom, or further diversify students, their families, and their experiences.

Why Is Multiculturalism So Important To Early Childhood Education

Why Is Multiculturalism So Important To Early Childhood Education

These toys allow adults to discuss differences and similarities when children remember them while playing, when questions arise or not. Rather than turning game time into a conference, on the contrary, it is about offering a wonderful variety of options and arousing curiosity and seeing and accepting diversity as a standard.

Six Reasons Why Multicultural Education Is Essential In Our Diverse World

Soft, inclusive dolls: These dolls include a baby in a wheelchair, a baby wearing a blind, sighted dog, a baby with a prosthetic arm, and a baby with suspenders and crutches on their legs.

Baby Box – I love these little soft dolls, I bought some for my daughter when she was little. They are perfect for the new class where kids love to hang out with the baby because they are soft and there are many in one basket. In addition, the supermarket basket is ideal for drama games.

Set of 4 multiethnic butterflies: My favorite of this set are the boy and girl butterflies. When preschoolers look for their identity, it is normal for them to focus too much on everything related to a particular gender. Having children’s dolls can help encourage many reluctant boys to explore doll games, though never force them to be careful, providing the material if needed. Puppets are a wonderful tool for finding compassion, responsibility, and caring for others.

Multicultural Duplicate People: I wish this set was a way to get a low cost. The thing is, this set will last and the students have no problem staying in the game daily year after year and year after year. Duplo is not a fad, so you know you can use these statues for many years in your block center.

Why Is It Important To Raise Our Children To Be Culturally Aware And Inclusive?

Haba Children of the World puzzles have always been popular with preschoolers and not only promote variety, but also promote fine motor skills.

Never forget that face was my favorite in my son’s classroom many years ago. The game is fun and also works on memory skills.

Children of the World Memory Not only because of visual diversity, but also because diversity is not just what we see, it is also what we hear. This game also includes linguistic diversity.

Why Is Multiculturalism So Important To Early Childhood Education

Friends and neighbors: This game is not about diversity, it is a game of emotions, but the game itself promotes the support needed for inclusion.

Multicultural Activities For Preschoolers To Help Teach The Importance Of Diversity

Multicultural handcrafted pineapples in leather tones: They are great if you are going to make nails with tweezers, even if you only have Caucasian students, I recommend you diversify your art materials to help show that not all are the same light skin tones. Only skin tone available.

Multicultural Colored Pencils: Self-portraits and the representation of your family are an important part of preschool and make these colored pencils essential for all early childhood classes.

Multicultural Paper People – I use these in my classroom when we talk about first aid and my students cover them with sales, believe me it is the classroom favorite. This is a simple way to reinforce the idea that skin color is not even.

I use these types of cards when teaching about families as a circular time activity. We counted the family members in a handful of pictures and noticed that the families are all different. You can use these cards as math mats with counters, get two games and matching games, or even as collage posters.

Key Pros & Cons Of Multiculturalism

These family counters are amazing, yes people are all primary colors, but there is a wonderful mix of shapes and sizes, so students can create their own family regardless of parents, gender or siblings.

There are many specific cooking games available, and while I think those sets are good, I’m focusing on sets that represent many cultures.

This is not a definitive list of various classroom materials or toys. I want to hear how you represent multiculturalism, ability, language, and family structure in your classroom. Multiculturalism (sometimes called ethnic pluralism) is a term that describes the presence and acceptance of many different minority cultures in addition to the main ones. Culture in specific areas.

Why Is Multiculturalism So Important To Early Childhood Education

An important benefit of multiculturalism is that it has the potential to increase general tolerance towards minorities in our society.

Pdf) Critical Multiculturalism: Supporting Early Childhood Teachers To Work With Diverse Immigrant Families

This is very important because minorities have been discriminated against for a long time and this issue needs to be addressed immediately to significantly increase the standard of living of people belonging to these minority groups.

Through the promotion of multiculturalism, we can all contribute to building a society that is welcoming, tolerant and open to all minority groups.

As a result, the image of a region around the world can be greatly improved as people in foreign lands know that they are welcome.

Therefore, multiculturalism can not only improve the level of tolerance towards minorities in our society, but it can also help in economic terms.

Ways To Show Young Children That Diversity Is A Strength

This is unfortunate, but there are still areas around the world where minorities continue to be discriminated against and many of them have been verbally or physically attacked by the local population who do not accept those minorities. Of life

As a result, it is important to recognize ethnic pluralism in our society to improve the standard of living of minorities and increase the general standard of peace in many parts of the world.

We are often proud of our cultural values ​​and social beliefs and think that they are superior to all other life forms.

Why Is Multiculturalism So Important To Early Childhood Education

However, if you travel the world and talk to many different people, you will soon realize that many people in our society have a one-sided view of life and do not understand that their cultural values ​​are just one of many ways. to live. .

Embracing Multiculturalism In The Classroom

However, it is important that we understand that our culture is not the best compared to other cultures and that we should try to learn from other cultures to broaden our horizons about how the world really works.

Thus, mixing people with very different cultural backgrounds can be very beneficial to society as people can learn other cultural values ​​and social beliefs and grow in their character.

Many people in our society only have their normal schedule from Monday to Friday, that is, they get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, come home late at night, eat, sleep and repeat.

With multiculturalism, you can feel better because people from different cultures often do not adhere to this type of lifestyle and can live in their own conditions.

Multicultural Education: Overview

Also, in areas with a high level of ethnic pluralism, you are likely to experience new hobbies.

There are games you’ve probably never heard of. However, you may be surprised at how interesting some of them really are.

For example, if you know a friend of a different ethnicity, family life at home is likely to look different from your habit.

Why Is Multiculturalism So Important To Early Childhood Education

Experiencing these different ways of life is very rewarding because only if you see so many different things, you will realize that your whole life is just a one-sided picture of reality and that there are many things to experience. And learn.

Multicultural Classroom Materials & Diverse Toys For Preschool

Also, if you are a good friend of people from different ethnic backgrounds, you can go too

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